How to Make Your Computer or Laptop Faster With 15 Easy Tips

The personal computer (PC) invented in the early ’90s is the most addicting invention ever made, but how to make your computer or laptop faster?

Windows users are aware that the computer system gets started slowing down over time, so they are always looking to optimize & improving Windows PC performance for faster operations.

Whether it's slow booting times or waiting for an operation timeout while working on many apps, sluggish shutdown, slowness, and poor PC performance are frustrating and disturbing to valuable work. So users ask, why is my computer going slow and how to make a computer or laptop faster.?

Many of you used to clean up your computer to make it run faster, but still, the PC lagged in quick operations. Today, we will provide updated working techniques to make your computer or laptop faster.

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You must note that; giving the time from your scheduled life to keep your computer system well organized and optimized will help you keep it running faster and cause fewer problems.

Follow the steps mentioned below, and in a short time, your computer system starts providing high but optimized performance delivering the best use of your processor. Give your PC a regular checkup with these expert tips shown below.

Best Ways to Make Your Computer or Laptop Faster

Excessive use can lead to CPU heat up since it’s the mainstay of a PC; therefore, a CPU cooler is an excellent idea to uphold its temperature. Likewise, in the subsequent article, we will be grinding small tips and techniques to boost the system and enable it to perform efficiently.

Methods to make your computer or laptop faster:

1. The Five-Minute Easy Fix

The best way to make your computer or laptop faster – Everybody can manage to spare five minutes from their busy lives to run a few necessary disk cleaning and system boosting operations.

Clean the desktop by removing unnecessary files, organizing folders, and emptying the recycle bin. These are necessary steps, but they assist in improving the system’s efficiency.

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2. Disable Background Processes

How to Make Your Computer or Laptop Faster
Background Process – How to Make Your Computer or Laptop Faster

Task manager background processes – Even though you close the app after consuming, a few apps continue running in the background. On the contrary, it facilitates opening the app hastily as obligatory, but it is unserviceable if the application is not frequently consuming.

Therefore, the possibility is to visit settings (Task manager) tracked to privacy and background apps. Close all the apps rarely operated to save the system’s RAM. Later on, you can unveil them as desired.

3. Shot Reutilizing Existing Programs

Avoid more PC software programs – Instead of downloading a new app for each purpose, try exploring the existing apps. The experts fashion these apps, and thus, they usually offer many functions besides those you know.

Consequently, the suitable option is to avoid overcrowding the system by installing many applications on the PC. For example, Dropbox claims many features monitoring the home system to downloading files besides cloud storage. Henceforth, these specially designed tools offer beyond your knowledge if you know the details of the ins and outs of the program.

4. Check the Hard Disk Space First

How to Make Your Computer or Laptop Faster
Manage Storage – How to Make Your Computer or Laptop Faster

Windows disk usage – Visit ‘My Computer'; right-click on C-drive followed by hard disk check; a pie chart seems to display the details regarding the space occupied in the hard disk.

Remove the undesiring files and programs; your hard disk should now be 15 percent free. A Solid State Driver (i.e., an external hard) ropes the hard to provide extra space, enabling the system to slog efficiently.

5. Analyze the Resource Usage

How to Make Your Computer or Laptop Faster
Resources – How to Make Your Computer or Laptop Faster

Windows network performance monitor – People, by and large, bounce to the resource monitor to detect the root cause of the issue; nevertheless, few charts and digits won’t solve the problem you are encrusted. An over-occupied CPU is generally the reason for apps and systems sluggish. However, the accuracy varies.

A high RAM is not crummy with a close internet connection or RAM overburden. The personal computer’s speed emphasizes the RAM and its practice. Consequently, a quality system monitor can relieve you in keeping an eye on the resources and their application.

6. Prevent Programs from Start When you Boot up the Computer

How to fix a pc that won't start – Everybody braces for the situation of unnecessary programs beginning soon after the system starts. It aims to open an application as desired quickly, but what if they are not frequently consumed?

In this case, it lodges RAM. Therefore a sensible option is to turn them off through the task manager and open them manually as desired.

7. Manage the ‘Display Settings'

How to Make Your Computer or Laptop Faster With 15 Easy Tips
Display Settings – How to Make Your Computer or Laptop Faster

Win 10 display settings – Nowadays, systems emanate with built-in display settings. The general recommended one demands power while the alternative option, i.e., power saver, boosts the speed and consumes lesser energy. Hence it is recommendable to alter the display setting accordingly.

Disable Background Apps

Another factor that impacts a PC's performance is the number of Windows applications running in the background.

How to Make Your Computer or Laptop Faster

In this way, whenever the operating system is initialized, a series of software also starts to operate, impacting the startup time and the equipment's performance during use.

Make your computer or laptop faster in: 29 minutes

  1. The First Step is to Open the Main Menu

    To do this, click on the Windows icon on the lower left side of the computer.  It is also possible to access the menu by pressing the corresponding key on the keyboard.

  2. Type “background applications”

    Then, type “background applications” in the Windows search box with the menu open. 
    In the list of functions, click on the corresponding one, which will take you to the system settings.

  3. Select Programs

    The open screen will show you which programs are active or not, according to the side of the switch. If you want to close all background software simultaneously, change the button at the top of the screen to “allow applications to run in the background.”  If not, select from the list which you want should deactivate ones.

  4. Done

    Okay, the operation is done. 

However, it is essential to note that all background applications can be disabled, but you will no longer receive notifications from email, social networks, or messaging apps. If you want to continue receiving information from them, leave them activated in the list.

8. Restart the Computer

Reboot computer services – The computer teachers from school and all the IT professionals enlighten us to restart the system immediately in case of a problem, ever thought why? The logical explanation is a few apps have memory leakage ability, i.e., Diminish the entire work.

Consequently, rebooting the system enables a fresh start, moreover, omitting memory leakage issue.

Make Your Computer or Laptop Faster

9. Spyware

Use safe anti-spyware programs – Beyond question, spyware aid you in discarding any virus or suspensions files from the system. But it kills the speed of the system.

Too much anti-spyware and Antiguard software are serving as the shield between their system and virus; ad-aware and SUPERAntiSpyware are worth mentioning on the list.

10. Update, Download and Review the Latest Software

Update pc software to make your computer or laptop faster – The pop-up notifications on the home screen featuring software update reminders sound irritating. Still, they play a vital role in maintaining the personal computer's efficiency.

The updated version of any software is modified and caters to all the issues you face while working with the previous one. That's why IT companies launch updates for the customers. It is significant to upgrade the software each time it pops on the screen. The latest variation of any operating system, Windows or IOS, features efficient working of the system.

11. Install a Quality CPU Cooler

Use of most effective air cooler – Overburden leads to disaster; this rule caters to each aspect of life. High files and excessive system consumption lead to rising temperatures, stuck and turned off.

According to IT masterminds, a CPU cooler is at service to rescue. A whole range is available in the market; select the suitable one by installing it in the system. It not only stabilizes the system but alerts in case of a problem.

12. Be Sure System is Cool

System fan speed – Furthermore, the software boosts the fan's speed to regulate the temperature and improve efficiency. SMC Fan Control for Mac and SpeedFan for Windows is mention-worthy software to stabilize the system.

PC Maintenance – Also, cleaning at regular intervals is a brilliant idea; dirt can cause blockage and reduce CPU performance. Since the CPU is the backbone of the personal computer, it matters.

13. Manage Browsers Tabs

How to Make Your Computer or Laptop Faster
Browsers Tabs – How to Make Your Computer or Laptop Faster

Control tabbed browsing – Excessive tabs while browsing guide to slow speed of the system, and it is suggested to manage the browser's tab and try to work successively on the search engine.

Likewise, the tab manager extension is accessible to the public, such as one tab and tab man; their function is to avoid overcrowding. A system cat he cleanup dramatically improves the system's performance.

14. Antivirus to Make Your Computer or Laptop Faster

How to Make Your Computer or Laptop Faster
Antivirus – How to Make Your Computer or Laptop Faster

Get computer virus protection software – It hacks the system, then kills the speed.

Software programmers present a solution to the problem, fashioning antivirus software for people's convenient use.

They save the system from any virus leading to smooth functioning. Acura and Firefox are some celebrated antiviruses.

15. Compress large files

Compress LARGE files into a minimal size to save disk space – A file occupying more significant space has adverse effects on the processor. Crowded RAM and hard disk lead to severe consequences.

A preferable option is deleting or compressing the large files from the system. Select the file holding the ‘cltr' button; now select compress; the data is shrunken; however, the option of decompression is also available.

Warnings Before Make Your Computer or Laptop Faster

Don't delete unknown files: Do not delete unknown types of files because they may be System Programming Files.

Beware of using MSConfig: Using MSConfig as anything but a troubleshooting tool is considered dangerous by many in the IT field to long-term computer stability. Autoruns will allow you to do the same and much more, including permanently removing unneeded/unwanted entries.

Since it can do more, it can be just as or more dangerous than using MSConfig. If you're unsure of something, do your research and don't remove it until you know you don't need it. You can always uncheck it and come back later.

Download files from trustworthy sources: The developer's page is best; P2P, newsgroups, and anonymous file-hosting sites are more likely to be infected with a virus.

Shut down your computer and disconnect all the cables before opening the case: This eliminates the chances of electrocution or damage to system components.

Don't download everything: Do not download any software which says that it will speed up your computer. More downloads can also cause your computer to slow down as they(software) put more load on your PC's processor and eat up its RAM.

Do not use registry cleaners: Registry cleaners can be dangerous. They may seem legitimate, but they can fragment your registry after some usage. Leave them alone. If you must clean it up, make a backup and defragment afterward. The registry does not need to be cleaned, so cleaning it can only result in nothing or damage.

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