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Cloudways Web Hosting Review – 7 Latest Feature Details of High-Performance Cloud Hosting


Now that you’ve clicked on this Cloudways web hosting review, according to us, shared web hosting is not your cup of tea. Instead, you’re looking for something more, and VPS or cloud hosting seems like a pretty solid idea.  

Cloud hosting is like a virtual server located in massive servers with huge resources. The main advantage of cloud servers is high availability through redundancy

Cloudways utilizes powerful servers to provide inexpensive, feature-rich, and simple-to-use web hosting. However, it does not offer domain registration or email. They ensure your WordPress website runs at top speed and is completely secure.

This detailed Cloudways web hosting review will show you what you receive when signing up for this popular and dependable managed cloud hosting service.

What are the Advantages of Cloudways Web Hosting?

  • As a new user, you can choose a 3-day free trial offer. This way, you can use different features of this web hosting service.
  • AWS (Amazon Web Services), vultr, DigitalOcean, Linode, and GCE (Google Computing Engine) cloud infrastructure.
  • Redis, HTTP/2, PHP7, Varnish or Memcached caching support, Apache/Nginx servers, and SSD hosting.
  • Easy one-click unlimited WordPress staging and installations websites preinstalled WordPress CLI and innovative Git integration.
  • You can enjoy a free website migration solution, free of cost automated backup, CDN, SSL certificate, and dedicated IP.
  • The best part of choosing Cloudways as your best web hosting service provider is that you need to pay as you go. You just need to pay for the service or facility that you actually use.
  • Round-the-clock technical and non-technical customer support and services.
Cloudways Logo

Cloudways Hosting Best Value

Digital ocean is one of the cheaper services that cloud ways offers.
Cloudways is a managed hosting provider that emphasizes performance and simplicity.

Cloudways Hosting Overview

Overview of Cloudways Web Hosting Review

You can find many web hosting solutions here, even at a low price, but you can’t choose the best hosting provider without getting a proper review. But Cloudways will catch everyone’s attention with their unique and simplified approach to the web hosting service.

This Malta-based company works with five other top cloud providers, including DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud. The role of these five providers is to set the infrastructure, but the advantage is that you don’t need to set up an account directly with them, as Cloudways sets everything for you.

You will get flexible pricing with Cloudways. It is operated in a “pay-as-you-go” structure, which makes Cloudways an excellent choice for beginner to advanced level businesses and uses at an affordable price.

Cloudways Web Hosting Review

Cloudways will help you deploy your website with several clicks within a few minutes. It supports Joomla, Drupal, Larvel, Magento, PHP, open-source tools, and WordPress.

You will get all information about this cloud-based hosting provider in our Cloudways web hosting review. Have a look at them.

Free 3 Day Hosting Trial and Free Migration Hosting

If you want to try Cloudways first, you can sign up without paying by using a 3-day trial. If satisfied, you can upgrade your account from trial to complete afterward.

The good news is Cloudways also offers free migration from your old hosting to Cloudways for one website.

Cloudways Hosting

$10.00 $13.99
Cloudways has impressive customer support, and they are perfect service at all.
Cloudways claim to have the fastest WordPress hosting guaranteed based on industry averages.

Common Problems with Hosting Services

Dedicated Servers and Virtual Private Servers(VPS) will provide better speed and reliability when compared with shared hosting solutions. Many providers offer these dedicated servers, but only a few will give managed hosting support.

For example, going directly to a dedicated server like DigitalOcean, AWS, or Google Cloud will make you do the enormous server and application setting process.

Cloudways Web Hosting Review

Setting up a hosting environment and installing a cPanel is a manual process with the dedicated server providers. In addition to these problems, you have to maintain the day-to-day operation of your server.

The main disadvantage we found while doing a Cloudways web hosting review is that if a person without any skills takes this service for such tasks, he feels headaches whenever his website performance meets slow loading speed or downtime.

In such a situation, Cloudways do a great job. Cloudways is a fully managed hosting provider. You will get everything without hassles. They are specially designed to make everything simple without causing a high cost.

Cloudways Review

Why Choose Cloudways?

Cloudways is classified as a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service), a cloud computing service that provides customers with a platform to build on.

It is not just any platform but allows users to develop, run, and manage web applications without dealing with the complications of setting up and maintaining the website's backend infrastructure.

It is a web hosting platform that allows users to create their dedicated servers. Specifically, a WordPress server will enable you to host multiple WordPress sites on a single server.

These platforms provide platform-as-a-service solutions ideal for bloggers, designers, and developers who want to host their websites on their servers.

Cloudways is a service that allows you to deploy, configure, and manage multiple applications across multiple cloud servers from a single dashboard.

Cloudways Web Hosting Review

It protects your cloud server by preventing it from being compromised by malicious attempts. Your cloud server is backed up regularly, and it is configured with advanced caching tools to speed up your website's loading times.

Many real-world servers collaborate as a single system to provide stable and secure virtual server hosting. It translates into improved performance at a lower cost and increased web hosting flexibility.

What is Special about Cloudways?

Let's Have a Look at the Specialty of Cloudways

Regular backups allow Cloudways to reserve your website on multiple servers. In contrast, other similar platforms will only backup, and if you lose your website due to a technical error or if the server goes down, your customers will not be able to access your website. This loss will never occur with the outstanding and perfectly prepared for any disaster.

It is also possible to migrate your website to a new platform using Cloudways because they keep duplicates of your website on different servers, making the migration process very simple.

Cloudways Web Hosting Review

Because you can use any one of the duplicated websites on any server in various disaster scenarios, the cloud hosting system increases uptime.

The processing and speed of Cloudways are significantly faster than those of its competitors because the duplicate websites on the different servers will track the location of the customer and then use the server that is the most convenient for them, thereby avoiding any unnecessary delays.

In most cases, managed cloud-based solutions offer a higher security level than other types of managed hosting solutions.

This fantastic platform uses a variety of techniques to ensure the security of your WordPress website while it is being processed. And security is a critical component; you must guard anything and everything we do against unauthorized access.

Cloudways, like the police, will keep you secure while also assuring that you obtain all to which you are entitled.

The cloudways infrastructure is capable of scaling at lightning speed and will take immediate action to ensure that the speed of the servers remains balanced in the event of high traffic on your website.

Using cloudways gives you a great deal and more control over the process when it comes to pricing.

Cloudways Web Hosting Review

With cloudways, all of the reserves that your company requires are readily available and ready to be utilized.

CloudwaysBot Feature

Cloudways Bot Settings Cloudways Web Hosting Review
Cloudways Bot Settings – Cloudways Web Hosting Review

The CloudwaysBot is an AI solution offering real-time insights into your website performance and valuable notifications.

You can integrate this bot with your email and Slack account to get alerts about your apps and servers.

Free Site Migrations

Here are a few prerequisites before migrating your application to Cloudways:

  1. You should have a Cloudways account.
  2. Admin access to your current WordPress website.
Free Site Migrations Cloudways Web Hosting Review
Free Site Migrations – Cloudways Web Hosting Review

If you already have your website hosted on another site, you can easily choose Cloudways to handle the migration for you. It can save you a lot of time collecting all the information required from one server to move to another.

Globally Distributed Datacenters

If you leverage the Stackpath CDN (content delivery network), you’ll benefit from a global network of PoPs (points-of-presence) datacenter notes. These nodes can store copies of your website, automatically detect the geographical location of visitors, and deliver your content to them from the nearest node available.

Alternatively, you can use CloudwaysCDN. Cloudways lists step-by-step instructions on how to configure this so you can benefit from Cloudways’ vast network of 150+ servers globally.

Cloudways Hosting
Cloudways claim to have the fastest WordPress hosting guaranteed based on industry averages.
$10.00 $13.99
Cloudways has amazing customer support, and they are perfect service at all.

Cloudways Web Hosting Pricing

Cloudways Pricing Review

Cloudways is named as a WordPress hosting platform. You can get everything from Cloudways to your WordPress sites like SSL installations, HTTPS redirects, backups, and other tricky tasks for beginners, as per our Cloudways review.

You can get flexible pricing plans with Cloudways, and it operates on a “pay-as-you-go” model. However, you feel it is complicated at first, as they have several managed cloud hosting plans based on their five different partners—DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, AWS, and Google Cloud.

Pricing Cloudways Web Hosting Review
Digital Ocean Pricing – Cloudways Web Hosting Review

It is suggested to go with the basic plans under DigitalOcean and Linode for beginners. If you know well and want more, you should go for AWS or Google Cloud plans. You won’t get complicated as Cloudways is working with five providers.

If you want to make a try, you can take advantage of the Cloudways 3-days Free trial.

Cloudways Web Hosting Review

Though it is short, you can build and test your site. Hence, you can check whether this is the right choice for you. The trial is only available for DigitalOcean, Linode, and Vultr plans.

Unlike traditional hosting, Cloudways offers a Pay-As-You-Go payment model, which means they will charge you only for the server resources that you will consume. And most importantly, they don't bound anyone with the yearly packages or any contracts, and a customer can control their hosting expenses.

Cloudways Pricing Plans Cloudways Web Hosting Review
Cloudways AWS Pricing Plans – Cloudways Web Hosting Review

It's a common misconception that managed cloud hosting is very expensive. That's not the case with Cloudways since it offers budget-friendly plans starting from $10 (DO server). It is a good fit for projects, individuals, and companies.

1. DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean’s starter plan is CloudWays’ cheapest offering. You can get this package for only $10 per month or $.0139 per hour. It comes with 1GB RAM, a 1-core processor, 25GB storage space, and 1TB bandwidth.

2. Linode

You can get the Linode package for $22 per month or $0.0306 per hour. The plan includes 2GB of RAM, a 1-core processor, 50GB storage space, and 2TB bandwidth. It’s CloudWays’ second-cheapest plan. You’ll observe that most of its features are double what DigitalOcean has to offer, but their price is also double.

3. Vultr

For $42 per month or 0.0583 per hour, you can get Vultr’s startup plan. You’ll get 4GB RAM with it and a 2-core processor. It also comes with 80GB of storage space and 4TB of bandwidth.

4. AWS

You can get Amazon’s starter plan for $42 per month or 0.0583 per month. Its main features are precisely the same as that of Vultr’s – so you’ll also get 4GB of RAM with it and a 2-core processor. Like Vultr, the package includes 80GB storage space and 4TB bandwidth.

5. Google Cloud

Google’s starter package is CloudWays’ most expensive and most powerful plan.

It will cost you $80 per month or 0.1111 per hour. You’ll get 8GB RAM and a 4-core processor with it. Also, the package comes with 160GB of storage space and 5TB of bandwidth.

The flexibility and price range are great with Cloudways. You can save yourself from paying the costly plan with the feature “pay-as-you-go.”

Cloudways Web Hosting Review

You can upgrade your plan with Vertical Scaling. You can make the payment via major credit cards and PayPal. Interestingly they will refund the unused funds if any request is raised within 3 months from the purchase date.

Notable Cloudways Top Features

Cloudways Features

Cloudways is one of the few providers that strikes a good mix between price and functionality when it comes to cloud-based managed WordPress hosting.

Custom Control Panel

When you create your account with Cloudways, you can control everything on your site with the simple control panel. This control panel is not like other hosting providers’ cPanel, but this control panel is modern by itself.

You can access the Servers, Applications, Teams, and Projects in a single control panel menu.

Application Management

Let’s look at the settings under the application. When you set up your server, you can add applications like WordPress at any time.

Application Management Cloudways Web Hosting Review
Application Management – Cloudways Web Hosting Review

Now you will land on the Applications page. Here, you can set up everything with the tabs. You can find one relevant tab for domain mapping.

Domain Management Cloudways Web Hosting Review
Domain Management – Cloudways Web Hosting Review

If you don’t have a domain name already, you will get a temporary URL from Cloudways. Now you can start making your website and get access to the control panel.

You can also find a separate page for the one-click SSL installation. In that place, you can install your free SSL certificate to encrypt your website.

SSL Management - Cloudways Web Hosting Review
SSL Management – Cloudways Web Hosting Review

Cloudways gives you control to manage various configurations on your server. In addition, you have access to processes such as backups where you can set the backup frequency and other backup preferences for your server.

Backup and Restore Cloudways Web Hosting Review
Backup and Restore – Cloudways Web Hosting Review

You can take backup and recover your data with a single click. You can find this option located under the Backup and Restore tab.

Cloudways Server Management

Server Management Panel Details

When you finish your application settings, you can start running the usual aspects of your website under Servers. Under Server Management, you can find the login credentials.

Server Management Cloudways Web Hosting Review
Server Management – Cloudways Web Hosting Review

You can monitor your CPU usage from a separate page available there. It is an essential factor as the high usage will affect your website’s performance.

Server Details Cloudways Web Hosting Review
Server Details – Cloudways Web Hosting Review

You can find the services running on your server under Manage Services. You can start, stop, and restart one or many services simultaneously.

Manage Services Cloudways Web Hosting Review
Manage Services – Cloudways Web Hosting Review

Under the Settings & Packages page, you can manage the PHP settings, PHP and MySQL versions, and other server-level settings.

You can also block some IP addresses by restricting the access under the Security section.

Expert users can log into the server through SSH and tweak the settings. They also offer cloud-based firewalls to protect your site from cyber attacks. It will do the backup daily, and you can change this setting too.

Backup Settings Cloudways Web Hosting Review
Backup Settings – Cloudways Web Hosting Review

And the last one is the SMTP tab. It is for setting up the outbound emails from your server.

Cloudways SMTP Service Cloudways Web Hosting Review
Cloudways SMTP Service – Cloudways Web Hosting Review
To use SMTP services first, you need to subscribe to elastic email service from the cloudways addons section.

Team Management

It is one of the best features available in Cloudways. You can create a team and provide them full or limited access to your website.

Team Management Cloudways Web Hosting Review
Team Management – Cloudways Web Hosting Review

Staging and Cloning

Cloudways staging feature is convenient. You can experiment with plugins or extra features of your website in the backend without touching your main site.

Once you are satisfied with the result, you can Deploy a staging website to your actual website. With the Staging feature, you won’t need to worry about harmful changes on your actual website, which you can’t reverse.

Staging and Cloning Cloudways Web Hosting Review
Staging and Cloning – Cloudways Web Hosting Review

Staging is almost similar to cloning. You can create multiple clone sites when shifting to a new server or showcasing your website to your users.

Advanced Caching

As mentioned above, Cloudways is getting the server infrastructure from five cloud providers like DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, AWS, and Google Cloud. These providers give SSD-based VPS and dedicated servers for fast server performance.

You may take use of several caching technologies to optimize servers in addition to the cloud infrastructure.

Cloudways Web Hosting Review

Cloudways utilizes an in-house caching plug-in called Breeze. You can easily set up this plugin and enable or disable it. Breeze plugin supports Cloudways own content delivery network Cloudways CDN. This Cloudways CDN gives more speed and reliability.

This feature is not available for the free trial account, but you can get this feature with Cloudways’ paid plan at a low cost. You can access this feature under the Application Management, and you can add this with a single click.

Vertical Scaling Feature

If you want to upgrade your website, you can increase your server resources with a few clicks through vertical scaling. You can find it below the Server Management.

Vertical Scaling Cloudways Web Hosting Review
Vertical Scaling – Cloudways Web Hosting Review

It is a good thing that you can downgrade or upgrade your hosting plan anytime as per your requirement.

Customer Support

Cloudways offer 24×7 customer support for instant assistance via live chat, phone call, or email. They have a wide range of knowledge base on blogs and community forums.

We feel that Cloudways customer support is not fast, but I’ll still recommend this hosting because of its fantastic performance.

Cloudways also uses CloudwaysBot to send notifications whenever any update comes or any issue arises.

Is Cloudways Good for E-commerce Hosting?

Cloudways Hosting has many e-commerce-friendly features. They are specially designed to make an easy selling online store. At present, they are hosting over 10,000 e-commerce stores.

Cloudways give 100% reliability and quick loading times within a couple of seconds. This is achieved because of the combo of Memcached, Apache, Varnish, and Nginx.

Cloudways Web Hosting Review

The e-commerce options also include a user-friendly console, unlimited storage, managed security, and backups, with 24-7 support.

Supported E-Commerce Platforms

Cloudways supports popular e-commerce platforms, including Magento, WooCommerce, and Prestashop, which you can use to sell your goods and services online.

Magento: With Cloudways, you can install Magento with a single click. The hosting provider also has the optimized technology to run the Magento stores at high speed, and hence, you will get a higher conversion for your company.

They also have a multi-SSL deployment with built-in SSH and Git Environments. You will get a free migration service offered for your online store.

WooCommerce: This is also the popular e-commerce platform supported by Cloudways hosting. The installation is quick and straightforward with the one-click install and free automatic migration service.

The hosting plans also have features including WP-CLI support and one-click server scaling.

Performance and Uptime

Cloudways have a partnership with top cloud providers in the industry. You will get a 99% uptime while hosting your site in the WordPress cloud servers.

The WordPress site hosted on the Cloudways will have 40-50% better load times. They achieved this by VMAN technology which has Varnish, Memcached, Apache, and Nginx to optimize site speed.

Cloudways Pros and Cons Review

Here you can find all Cloudways Pros and Cons in the review.

Pros: Cloudways Web Hosting Review

  • Cloudways offers a 3-day free trial offer.
  • Irrespective of choosing a web hosting plan for Cloudways, you can still be able to install unlimited websites. So, you can go beyond your limit.
  • If you are going to add lots of websites, you don’t need to pay extra charges. Instead, you need to pay for services or facilities that you may use.
  • There is no problem installing content management systems as well as apps. Whether it’s about installing PHP or CMS-based systems, Cloudways makes things easier than ever before.
  • When it comes to unlocking new updates incorporated with innovative technologies, you don’t need to pay extra bucks to Cloudways for the same.
  • Migration of websites is completely free.

Cons: Cloudways Web Hosting Review

  • Since Cloudways provides its own console, you won’t be able to have a cPanel. So, you host everything on their server – from website to applications.
  • Using Cloudways web hosting requires technical expertise. So, it’s not for novice players.
  • There is no facility for domain registrations and email accounts.

Cloudways Web Hosting Review

Frequently asked questions about Cloudways
  1. How secure is Cloudways?

    End-to-end encryption on the Cloudways platform ensures that all data in transit is secured and encrypted using the HTTPS protocol, preventing data from being accessed while being transferred from one system to another.

  2.  Is Cloudways really a fast hosting provider?

    Cloudways' uptime as a cloud-based web hosting company is 99.99 percent, with 400–600 milliseconds loading times. The key reason for this is that the organization works with some of the greatest cloud providers, including Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, Vultr, Linode, and AWS.

  3. What Payment Methods Does Cloudways Accept?

    Cloudways accept various payment methods, including Visa, Credit Card, and Debit Card. It also includes PayPal after signing up for their service.

  4. How long is Cloudways free trial?

    At Cloudways, you can sign up for a free trial of three days without a credit card and experience the best hosting platform, which offers countless features to ensure that nothing stops you from achieving your goals and staying focused on your business growth.

  5. Is Cloudways good for WordPress websites?

    Cloudways is tailor-made for WordPress users because it offers comprehensive functionalities and fast servers, quick backups, and CDN caching.

Final Words on Cloudways Web Hosting Review

Now that you know how Cloudways works, you'll understand how other hosting companies work as well, and you'll know how to make a good web hosting selection.

Cloudways earned a reputation for hassle-free hosting service, and therefore it is safe to say that you won't go wrong if you choose it.

CloudWays is a fully managed, scalable cloud hosting provider. On CloudWays, you can choose the right plan to meet your requirements as all the plans offer high flexibility on their price. Even if you have a limited budget for hosting your website, CloudWays will help you with the pay-as-you-go solution. Hence you need not worry about the risk of locking up inexpensive and lengthy plans.

Even a beginner and a user unaware of website building can use the custom Control Panel of the CloudWays through their easy integrations. Though this CloudWays have many plugins and one-click integrations, it remains behind some largest hosting providers.

When speaking about the overall performance of this CloudWays, it stands best in one of the cloud-based hosting companies which offer the best features in affordable packages. CloudWays integrates with five of the top cloud providers, and it provides a cloud-based hosting service with excellent performance, reliability, and speed.

If you are not sure about them, you can always avail of the free three-day trial to check out their service.

Cloudways Logo

Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting Worry-Free Experience

Focus on your business and avoid all the web hosting hassles.
Managed hosting that helps businesses unleash the full potential of their websites.

Expert Score on Cloudways Web Hosting Review

9.4Expert Score
Cloudways Web Hosting Review

Here are some Cloudways advantages and disadvantages in our opinion:

Server features
Ease of Use
Server Speed & Performance
Free Backups
  • Magento, WordPress, WooCommerce, Drupal, Joomla, and Prestashop friendly
  • High-performance servers
  • Varnish and Memcached pre-installed
  • Managed app with database backups and restore function
  • Pay As You Go pricing plan
  • Free daily backups
  • 3 days Free Trial without credit card
  • Not for beginners
  • No root access, no server modifications
  • You cannot use Plesk or cPanel
  • Paid email hosting
  • No domain registration
Cloudways Hosting
Cloudways claim to have the fastest WordPress hosting guaranteed based on industry averages.
$10.00 $13.99
Cloudways has amazing customer support, and they are perfect service at all.
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