JustHost Review With 9 Detailed JustHost Facts with Pro and Cons

JustHost Review Why There are so Mixed JustHost Reviews

This JustHost Review will see all the crucial aspects of justhost reviews from different angles. In the competitive world of the hosting web market, every company tries to prove it’s better and stand out from others.

Justhost attains this through their one-stop-shop, through which the customers can build and manage their web presence effectively.

They provide many options to drive traffic to your website. You will get a free domain transfer or new domain registration on purchasing a plan.

JustHost Review

These web hosters will propel you to the next stage, whether you plan to start a new online website or have an existing website.

In this justhost review, you can get an overview of the company and its works. You can easily compare Justhost with other web hosting providers through our information.

Get your Justhost offers now: Justhost Review

Renews at $11.99/mo
Renews at $14.99/mo
Renews at $17.99/mo
Email Accounts5UnlimitedUnlimited
Other Features+1 SpamExperts+1 SpamExperts
+1 Domain Privacy+Protection
+CodeGuard Basic
JustHost Review

What is Justhost Hosting?

Justhost was founded back in 2002 by Chris Phillips. They showed consistent growth in the hosting market.

It is considered the fastest hosting server and the only one to offer free credits in 2010.

Their headquarters are in Australia, the US, UK, and data centers in the US. These data centers are reliable and secure, according to many people. They also use UPS generators to deliver power backup. 

Justhost offers make them a cost-effective web host provider. It was sold to Endurance International Group by the founder.

endurance logo Coding Bluehost Hosting Review
Endurance International Group – JustHost Review

The EIG is the best one among the web hosting companies. They have taken over popular web hosting providers like Hostgator, Bluehost, and iPage.

If anyone starts a new business online, they will choose Just Host because of its affordability.

JustHost Web Hosting
Create an online store, start a blog or setup a photo gallery with the best apps on the web.
$3.95 $11.99
If you feel your plan isn't for you within 30 days, you'll get a refund of all your hosting fees.

JustHost Hosting Features

Justhost Web Hosting Features Review


Premium Security

You should always select a web hosting company based on the level of security they assure.

Just Host is committed to providing a secure and reliable hosting environment. Their 24/7 network monitoring ensures that they address it immediately if an issue does arise.

They always prioritize safety before anything. Justhost utilize site security techniques like secure sockets layer (SSL) and solid-state drive (SSD).

They also offer Site lock that the dashboard reports, daily vulnerability scanning, email notification, and security maintenance. It gives you an additional layer of protection.

If they find any threat, immediately, they will send you reports and alerts on your dashboard and email. Through this feature, you can take immediate action to prevent your site from blocklists. Even if you are not aware of protecting your website, Justhost will help you eliminate any threats.



In the JustHost web hosting review, we found that Justhost provides higher uptime rates to prevent you from going offline. The downtime can prevent an interested customer from purchasing your product and looking for other choices from competitors. You can avoid this with Justhost since they have better uptime results.

They offer 24/7 monitoring to detect and resolve any issues before harming your website. They also let you install any open-source app, plugins, and theme with just a single click.


Free Migration

You can quickly transfer your existing domain name to another web host. Justhost offers a free transfer or a domain registration for your first year of purchase.

After the first year, we have to renew this service by paying the fee. Justhost also integrates with other famous platforms like Google Apps and other open-source applications.

If you are looking to start an online business, you can get more profit from just half as they are providing Bing advertising credits and free Google from time to time.  So, use this Justhost coupon to get the best price on the plans.


One-Click Install

You can also get a free script library. Through a simple script, you can install any script for your site. You can choose one from scripts such as Joomla, WordPress, phpBB, or osCommerce.

JustHost Review one-click-install-cPanel
One-click Installs – JustHost Review

You can use any script without the need for coding knowledge.


5. Superb Speed

Speed is an essential factor to consider before choosing a web host. You can reduce the bounce rate and increase the conversion rate only if your site loading time is minimal.

It would be best to choose a hosting plan that offers a content delivery network to load your site fa would be best. If your site has a slow loading time, you will lose your potential customers, and your traffic rate will be below.

With Justhost, you can get a fast page loading time. This Justhost has CDN to advanced hosting plans to prevent slow loading pages. They also enable you to set up a Cloudflare account for your website.



You can get automatic site backups with the pro shared hosting plan. But you have to pay additional fees for this feature every month. This backup tool can create monthly or weekly backups for databases and website files. 

You can also backup your data manually through the control panel if you select any other plans.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

In the JustHost Web Hosting Review, I found that Justhost offers exclusive features like search engine jump start service without any extra cost. You can list your site faster on Bing, Yahoo, and Google. They also help you in achieving a high SEO ranking.

Your details will appear in the public database on registering your new Domain. Without privacy protection, any spammer can get your details and steal your identity, but by using Justhost, you can prevent this with WHOIS privacy protection. They give WHOIS privacy safeguards to the owners.


Support System

If you have any queries, you can contact the customer care department. They offer standard support options such as email ticketing, phone, and live chat support. As per the customer reviews, you will get instant feedback from the company’s representatives through the live chat facility.

JustHost Review Customer Support
Justhost Chat Support – JustHost Review

Through their video help tutorials, you will get easy assistance using some resources available in Justhost. They also have a fundamental essential knowledge base for new customers. They are fast in solving issues and offer excellent technical support.

If you need any further guidance, try the FAQ section. Their support portal has a blog section that has posts on various topics. They provide the customers with the secrets of running a successful website. The drawback is they don’t update the blog frequently.

Most web hosting providers use bots to assist their customers. Bots can’t solve some of the issues that the customers have.

Justhost offers real people chat support for all the users, so you will not face any difficulty in support.


 All Premium Features

Features OverviewAvailability
Disk StorageYour Choice
Number of WebsitesYour Choice
FREE Drag & Drop Site Builder
FREE Domain Name Registration for 1 Year*One Year
Support International Domain Names
POP3 / POP3 Secure eMail SupportUNLIMITED
IMAP / Secure IMAP eMail SupportUNLIMITED
3 Different Webmail Solutions
Forwarding eMail AccountsUNLIMITED
Site TransferYour Choice
Parked DomainsUNLIMITED
cPanel Account Control Panel
FTP Access
Web File Manager
Secure Shell (SSH) Access
Server Side Includes
Hotlink Protection
Override .htaccess Support
Log Files
Site Statistics
Customizable Error Pages
Custom Cron Jobs
Spam Assassin Protection
Email Autoresponder
JustHost Review

JustHost Pricing Review

Justhost Hosting Plans

1. Shared Hosting

Have you started a new online store and yet to receive high traffic? Go with the shared hosting plan because it is an inexpensive form of hosting, where your website shares resources of a single physical server.

For new entrepreneurs getting access to a shared resource is needed for the business needs. The shared hosting plan comes with unmetered bandwidth.

You can choose any of the plans from the three hosting plans, and you will get 74% off on the basic hosting plan as per the JustHost Web Hosting Review.

Web Hosting Plans and Packages Web Hosting Rates JustHost Review
Shared Web Hosting Plans – JustHost Review

While working with this web host provider, you can pick between different plans, namely the basic plan, plus plan, and choice plan.

BASIC PLAN: The basic plan is affordable at $3.95 each month. It supports a single website and has at least 50 GB of storage space. The basic plan allows you to use 5 email accounts and 25 subdomains.

PLUS PLAN: Plus plan costs $6.95/month and supports ten websites. You will get 150GB of disk space and a CDN. This plus plan will support 100 email accounts and 50 subdomains.

CHOICE PLAN: Even the cost of the Plus plan is not far away from the cost of the choice plan; selecting the choice plan gives some more freedom they can support unlimited websites.

The Plus plan has credits worth $100, while the choice plan has credits worth $200.

JustHost Review

They also allow unlimited email accounts, storage, and subdomains. Choosing this plan also gives you a high-security level as it has one SSL certificate and premium backup protection. You will also get a dedicated IP.

If your site starts expanding, you can upgrade to a hosting solution with some additional features. The upgrade is much more affordable and straightforward.

Suppose you’re ready to move your site from a shared environment to a dedicated service. It can enable your Domain and data to move to an upgraded service.

2. VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting Features JustHost JustHost Review
VPS Hosting Features JustHost – JustHost Review

If you need more resources, you can choose VPS hosting. In this hosting, everyone has access to the allocation of resources.

VPS features include:

  1. Free domain name
  2. Root access
  3. Enhanced cPanel access
  4. Guaranteed server resources
  5. Dual, Triple, or Quad-core, depending upon the package
  6. Instant provisioning to get online faster
  7. Single sign-on for multi-account management
  8. Advanced cloud technology for faster speeds
  9.  Uses CentOS 6.5 (64-bit)

When you need more control, you have full root access to CentOS. Their enhanced control panel gives you complete control and access to the server.

Justhost VPS solutions are built on powerful cloud technology that allows users to offer more features and options in the future, giving a guaranteed growth path.

JustHost Review

They offer at least four Packages on this hosting plan, including Standard, Premium, Enhanced, and Ultimate. Some VPS plans also have free domain names, enhanced cPanel access, root access, and guaranteed server resources.

Bluehost Web Hosting

$2.95 $8.99
With Bluehost Hosting, you get all the flexibility, reliability, speed to get online.
Designing a professional website has never been simpler. Now you can enjoy building your dream site in WordPress without using any code.

You will get a fast speed due to the inclusion of advanced Cloud Technology. The website hosted on private servers has monthly data transfer limits. The limits are between 1-4 TB.

VPS hosting provides managed services, through which you can focus more on improving your business without worrying about software upgrades and patches.

Justhost works with a dedicated team that can monitor and maintain the service frequently to ensure visitors can access your site anytime.

3. Dedicated Hosting

JustHost Review Dedicated Hosting Features
Dedicated Hosting Features – JustHost Review

A sudden increase in traffic can affect the performance of your site. If you have a website with high traffic, you need to select the best hosting plan with excellent site performance. 

This Dedicated Server Hosting plan mainly looks expensive but is worth money. It maintains the fast loading speed even in high traffic.

Here, you can host your website with dedicated server resources and get the account activated in seconds without waiting for long hours.

Hence you can get a high level of control since no other website owner demands available disk space, bandwidth, or RAM.

Justhost server management tools offer complete access and control over your CentOS operating system and server.

This plan doesn’t have software-related restrictions, so you are offered the liberty to set up the server as you need and install what you want. This premium Dedicated Server has features such as 1TB disk space, 5 dedicated IPs, and 16 GB RAM.

If you need the best performing server, you should choose this VPS hosting or dedicated hosting, as both have Dual, Quad-core, and Triple-core processors. You can also have a discount of 27% off on the Dedicated Hosting plan. If you use this Dedicated Server, you can easily design your infrastructure based on your needs.

You can also reach the company’s dedicated specialist, who will help you achieve this. They also provide access to the cached memory at a fast rate.

You can also increase the speed of your server by investing in high-performance SAN servers. 

Easily add high-performance SAN storage to your dedicated server.

  • 500 GB $50.00/mo
  • 1 TB $100.00/mo
  • 2 TB $200.00/mo

JustHost Ease of Use Review

How to Use Justhost Hosting?

Choosing the right web host can be challenging for the new website owners, but by using Justhost, you can eliminate any form of confusion by outlining all single details. We will cover these aspects also in this justhost review.

After selecting the right hosting plan, you won’t struggle to set up the website with this company. Justhost provides website building tools such as WordPress and Weebly. The Weebly website builder has a drag and drops capabilities, which is ideal for beginners. If you have e-commerce, you can find different apps like Drupal and OpenCart.

If you already have a website, the company allows you to transfer your files to its servers. Through its simplified cPanel control, it will be an ideal choice for new business owners. The available cPanel control has many easy-to-use features that will save your time.

You can utilize this section to conduct different activities like transferring files to the web server, changing billing information, and maintaining your contact details. Through cPanel, you can manage your comments and e-mail and view your website statistics. You can look at how much bandwidth you are using in this section.

If you want to increase your site security, adjust the security settings in the control panel. You can also install various software such as WordPress from the cPanel.

In this section, you can also perform database maintenance from time to time. You should conduct every activity regarding web hosting as the control panel is similar to a one-stop-shop.

This cPanel lets you manage different websites from one location as you can host numerous domains.

JustHost Payment Options

You can pay using Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, American Express, and Discover. They are popular since they offer quick payment of services. 

They also accept other payments in the form of money orders and checks. But you can use this option if you sign up for their company’s service for at least 12 months.

This web hosting stands out because of its bonuses. In addition to the free domain name, you will also get free advertising credits.

Money Back Guarantee

According to the JustHost Web Hosting Review, You will get a money-back guarantee with all their hosting plans. Through this web hosting provider, you can use the guarantee anytime. Their cancellations are straightforward.

Nestify WordPress Hosting

$9.00 $11.00
Managed WordPress hosting that fits your needs.
Businesses worldwide use Nestify to improve site speed, eliminate outages and increase conversions.

You are not happy with their hosting plan, you can claim a refund for the remaining term. It neglects the fees for domain registration and setup that you may have been paid on signing up. The refund policy applies only to the company’s hosting service. It doesn’t apply to the rest of the product-like domains.

Even if they are not offering a free trial period, you have sufficient time to test the services without risk. If services don’t fulfill your need, you could always get a refund through this money-back guarantee. 

JustHost Signup Process

Know More Regarding JustHost Review

Through Justhost’s exclusive discounts, even beginners can manage their website at an affordable price. You can get 74% off for the shared hosting plans.

To redeem the coupon code, follow the set of instructions available below. With this, you can get a maximum discount from the company. They are not too complicated to follow.

JustHost Web Hosting
Create an online store, start a blog or setup a photo gallery with the best apps on the web.
$3.95 $11.99
If you feel your plan isn't for you within 30 days, you'll get a refund of all your hosting fees.

Select the best hosting plan for you and consider the need for your business and the brand's score. Also, view the number of websites you would like to host under the storage space you need. After getting the right plan, select your domain name.

You can get a free domain name with Justhost. After selecting your domain name, enter your account information like your name, address, phone number, and email address.

Before submitting, go to the terms of service given. If everything is good for you, submit your request. You can also get 46% off for professional web hosting.

justhost review checkout
Checkout – Justhost Review

So utilize these discount opportunities before they end. Go ahead by choosing a monthly subscription if you require short-term hosting. If you have to save more and wish to work with the company for a long, then go with the annual subscription.

You can save more by choosing an extended period. Aside from this month's billing cycle, Justhost would allow you to pay for 36 months upfront.

JustHost Pro and Cons

Good and Bad About Justhost

What are Some Good Features About JustHost? JustHost Review

  • Users have access to a free script library.
  • There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee if users aren’t happy with the service.
  • A wide variety of integrations and add-ons are available.
  • Every user receives a free domain name regardless of the plan they pick.
  • Instant provisioning is available.
  • The security features are high-quality.

What Should Users be Worry About Regarding JustHost? JustHost Review

  • Despite many months of use, the page loads remain inconsistent.
  • The customer support is lacking and needs significant improvement.
  • Users must make a three-year commitment and pay upfront to receive the best pricing.
  • JustHost doesn’t stand behind the backups they perform every week.
  • Users are overwhelmed by the amount of upsells that occur.

JustHost Knowledgebase Review

What About KnowledgeBase?

JustHost-Web Hosting Help Center
Justhost Help Centre – JustHost Review

For less experienced web admins, Just Host has ensured that the management of each site is as simple as possible by enlisting the web friendliest control panel, cPanel. By placing features such as Fantastico, a library of leading open-source scripts including Word Press, Joomla, and osCommerce, directly in the users' hands, they can create their site precisely as they had envisaged.

MySQL, CGI, and PHP services are also built-in for more advanced users. Articles and video tutorials focused on the vast array of services available with Just Host have been added to Just Host's Help Center to ensure every user knows the full potential.

Final Words on JustHost Review

JustHost Review Conclusion

You can get affordable web hosting at Justhost, as per our Justhost review. It is suitable for all website owners and bloggers within the budget. It may not be a performance-oriented web host, but it comes with numerous features that you may not get from other hosting companies.

Many people like Justhost because they are not only affordable but also easy to use. Their intuitive cPanel allows you to perform various activities from one place. It also offers Free domain registration and will enable you to host many domains.

This money-back guarantee to not go into the risk of losing your cash since you can always claim a refund. Justhost also offers safety to protect your website from cybercriminals and hackers by using the Site lock lite scanner.

By utilizing the Justhost coupon, you can get the most affordable and convenient web hosting solution to host your website.

JustHost provides unlimited data transfer and has different customer support options. They also offer competitive hosting plans to increase your conversion rates and drive traffic to your website. Finding reliable and affordable web hosting is very hard. So don’t overlook Justhost, as it will improve your web hosting experience.

Select Your JustHost Plan Most popular

Guarantees include 30 days of your money back, 99.9% uptime, and 24/7 technical support.
$3.95$11.99 Activate Offer
Reveal Coupon
2361 days left
Read All Details Here
If you’re unhappy with your hosting service, JustHost offers a standard 30-day money-back guarantee.
8.7Expert Score
JustHost Review

Justhost is a low-cost web hosting provider offering many free exclusive features for $3.95 per month.

  • Solid Uptime of 99.96%
  • Reliable Customer Support
  • Instant Server Provisioning
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Free Domain Name
  • Free Script Library and Addons
  • Slow Page Loading Times
  • Cheapest Price Only With 3 Year
  • No Frequent Site Backup
  • Lack of Reseller Hosting

JustHost Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are Bluehost and JustHost the same company?

    JustHost and Bluehost are sibling companies with comparable services, price structures, and features, but there are a few essential differences. We like that JustHost provides a money-back guarantee at any time, whereas Bluehost users may only request a refund for 30 days.

  2. Where is JustHost located?

    JustHost is a shared hosting provider owned and operated by Endurance International Group's parent company. They have a single data center located in Utah, United States.

  3. What is Eig JustHost com?

    Endurance International Group currently owns JustHost, which was launched in 2002. (EIG). JustHost isn't as well-known as some other hosting giants, but it claims to host over a million websites.

  4. How do I contact Just Host?

    Contact JustHost via Chat or Phone:
    Chat Support – helpdesk.Justhost.com.
    Phone Support – 888-755-7585.

JustHost Web Hosting
Create an online store, start a blog or setup a photo gallery with the best apps on the web.
$3.95 $11.99
If you feel your plan isn't for you within 30 days, you'll get a refund of all your hosting fees.
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