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5 Best SiteGround Alternatives: Ranked and Tested


SiteGround used to be one of the most popular hosting service providers. It is still popular, but Siteground's continuous price increase has made its hosting plans unaffordable for beginners. Plus strict CPU limits, people are looking for better and best Siteground alternatives because of support issues.

SiteGround offers the following shared hosting plans – StartUp ($3.99/mo), GrowBig ($6.69), and GoGeek ($10.69).

Below is a price comparison of some of the best SiteGround alternatives. It can be seen the price of SiteGround is not among the cheapest.

AlternativesStarting PriceDiscountWebsite Link
GreenGeeks$2.95/mo70% OffStart Here
DreamHost$2.59/mo63% OffStart Here
A2 Hosting$1.99/mo66% OffStart Here
FastComet$2.49/mo72% OffStart Here
InterServer$2.50/mo60% OffStart Here
Best SiteGround Alternatives

Why Should You Look for SiteGround Alternatives?

The above price comparison table shows that in terms of hosting plans, many hosting service providers are much better alternatives to SiteGround.

However, price should not be the only criterion for choosing the best hosting provider. In this article, we have tried to compare features, prices, pros and cons, and others to help you choose the best SiteGround alternatives.

1. GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks Web Hosting Services - Best SiteGround Alternatives
GreenGeeks – Best SiteGround Alternatives

Google matches 100% of the energy consumed by their operations with renewable energy. Since SiteGround has moved its hosting operations to Google Cloud, the hosting plans they offer can be considered environment-friendly.

Like SiteGround, GreenGeeks is also a pioneer in providing environment-friendly hosting solutions to its customers. It has eco-friendly data centres and servers around the world.

If you're looking for a hosting solution that also cares for the environment, then GreenGeeks can be ideally called the best SiteGround alternative.

GreenGeeks matches three times the amount of energy its consumer consume from the grid in the form of renewable energy credits.

So, if you want to contribute a little bit from your side for a better environment, you could get started with GreenGeeks hosting.

However, this should not be the only criterion for choosing GreenGeeks as a SiteGround alternative.

See below why we consider GreenGeeks the best alternative to SiteGround:

Reason 1: Excellent Migration Service (Free)

Before two months, we migrated one of our websites to GreenGeeks. Our website was massive, so we were unsure whether the migration process would pull off successfully.

But the support staff at GreenGeeks assured us they would take every care to transfer our website with all our files, images, and databases to their server, and they did it on the first attempt.

What is remarkable about the migration process is that our site was transferred the same day we made the request, and there was no downtime, which means that our readers could access the website without interruption.

Reason 2: Excellent Support

We had already mentioned how helpful the support staff was when they migrated our site.

Another thing we want to add here is that the live chat response is swift. You get to talk to one of the company executives within a few seconds.

We contacted them many times to properly set up our website after migration, and we got timely and fast help from them every time.

Reason 3: Reliable and Powerful Infrastructure

GreenGeeks understands the need for high-performance and reliable hosting solutions, and their well-planned infrastructure is one of the reasons why GreenGeeks is considered a great web hosting company. All of their servers are housed inside a state-of-the-art data centre facility.

GreenGeeks data centres are equipped with raised floors, climate control, 24/7 security, fire suppression systems, water detection systems, UPS, and generators to ensure its customer's data is safe and secure. GreenGeeks uses Intel's latest generation processors and Juniper and Cisco for network switching/routing.

Key Features of GreenGeeks:

  • Free domain name
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Integrated Cloudflare CDN
  • Free Backup
  • SSD Storage
  • Unlimited E-mail account & databases
  • LSCache to speed up your website
  • 300% green energy match
  • Multiple Data Centers around the globe
  • 30-days money-back guarantee

GreenGeeks Pricing & Plans

It has the following pricing plans – LitePro, and Premium.


Perfect for small websites or blogs that are just getting started.



Great for growing websites that need more speed and resources.



This small business plan is perfect for busy websites or online stores.


Lite Plan is the most affordable for beginners at only $2.95 per month. It gives you a massive discount of 70% on its regular price of $10.95 per month.

It is recommended to buy hosting for multiple years, like 2 or 3 years, as one would get a discount at a stretch for an extended period.

If you buy hosting for only one year, you would have to renew hosting at the regular price.

Best SiteGround Alternatives

People looking for options to create unlimited websites and other premium features like 2X performance, dedicated IP address, and free premium SSL certificate can consider buying the Pro plan ($4.95/month) or the Premium plan ($8.95/month).

GreenGeeks Logo

GreenGeeks Hosting Best Value

They will refund your money if you are unsatisfied with GreenGeek's service. There's no risk to you.
Manage your website and e-mail with cPanel and install over 250+ scripts with one click using Softaculous.

2. DreamHost

Dreamhost Web Hosting - Best SiteGround Alternatives
DreamHost – Best SiteGround Alternatives

DreamHost is another top-rated web hosting service provider with millions of customers worldwide.

Like SiteGround, it is also one of the oldest hosting service providers, launched in the year 1997, and is currently hosting over 1.7+ million websites on its servers.

DreamHost has grown so much in popularity that you can find its mention in almost all web hosting guides that compare top hosting providers worldwide.

Even WordPress.org has mentioned DreamHost as the preferred hosting provider, along with SiteGround and Bluehost. While it is known that SiteGround is a quality service provider, we are not sure how seriously we can trust this recommendation. They have also recommended Bluehost, which is a questionable choice.

wordpress.org hosting
wordpress.org Hosting – Best SiteGround Alternatives

Check out why we consider DreamHost one of the best SiteGround alternatives.

Reason 1: Affordable Price

The cheapest hosting plan offered by SiteGround is its StartUp Plan which costs $3.99 per month.

Whereas DreamHost offers its Shared Starter Plan, which will cost you $2.95 per month. The plan includes a free domain name, free SSL certificate, unlimited traffic, free site migration, fast SSD storage, and other features.

In terms of price point, DreamHost is the perfect alternative to SiteGround.

Reason 2: Independently Owned

Like GreenGeeks, DreamHost is an independently owned company built on a passion for open-source technologies. 

Being employed-owned helps them focus on their customers' needs and provide customer-centric solutions.

Their developers also contribute with custom codes to communities like WordPress and OpenStack.

Reason 3: Good Customer Support

DreamHost’s primary support channels are chatbot support, ticket support, and live chat support. Phone support is also available to users in the US and Canada; for users outside those areas, the knowledge base and community forum are excellent avenues to seek answers.

The Knowledge Base is a page that provides detailed answers to familiar topics, like the DreamHost cloud storage feature and different hosting plans.  If you are not in a hurry to find answers, you can opt for ticket support.

Since the company is headquartered in the US, its support team is most active during Pacific working hours (5:30 AM – 9.30 PM). It is a disadvantage for customers in different time zones because they’ll be forced to use other channels that may not provide answers as quickly as they want.

That is why you can see that we have not rated the customer support at DreamHost as ‘Excellent‘; instead, we have kept it at ‘Good.'

We think DreamHost needs to improve customer service for customers outside the US time zone.

Reason 4: 97-day Money-back Guarantee

DreamHost beats SiteGround quite comfortably in this segment, also. While SiteGround offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, DreamHost offers a whopping 97-day guarantee which is the longest in the hosting industry.

So, you get ample time to try every feature and service of DreamHost to find whether it is the perfect hosting solution for your needs.

You can ask for a refund during the guarantee period if you feel that DreamHost is not the right host.

Reason 5: Extreme Speed and Reliability Standard

DreamHost holds itself to the highest standard so your website can reach its full, top-performing potential. That means lightning-fast speeds and reliability, and top-level tech.

From their servers to database software, all DreamHost tech is built to run WordPress like a dream, meaning you get the best configurations for your website. Plus, automatic updates and one-click installs makes integration seamless.

Key Features of DreamHost:

  • Free domain name
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Free site migration
  • Fast SSD Storage
  • Unlimited E-mail account & databases
  • Multiple Data Centers around the globe
  • 97-days money-back guarantee


A great place to start a website. Website hosting with an entry-level price for new sites, including WordPress.



Great for multiple websites, including WordPress, and anyone who wants email hosting @ your domain.


If you're looking to create your first website, get started with the Shared Starter Plan, which will cost you only $2.95 per month, a 63% discount on its regular price.

Shared Unlimited Plan is perfect for those wanting to create multiple websites. The plan will also cost $2.95 per month (a 67% discount on its regular price).

DreamHost Logo

DreamHost Hosting Popular

DreamHost shared web hosting solutions are an easy-as-pie way to get a great website up and running.
DreamHost makes it easy to start your online journey on the right foot.

3. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting - Best SiteGround Alternatives
A2 Hosting – Best SiteGround Alternatives

A2 Hosting was launched in 2001 by its CEO Bryan Muthig and has been independently owned. It means that EIG does not own it.

Earlier A2 Hosting started by offering only the shared hosting plan, which has now expanded into a fully scalable product featuring Reseller, VPS, and Dedicated Server solutions.

A2 Hosting is known for providing one of the fastest hosting solutions thanks to its:

  • Turbo servers that offer up to 20X faster page loads
  • Fine-tuned SwiftServer platform
  • Tools like a free CDN 
  • Solid-state drives (SSDs)

The above features will ensure that your site always remains one of the fastest among your competitors. Faster website loading speed means better SEO rankings, lower bounce rates, and higher conversion rates.

Thus, if you aim to have one of the fastest websites at an affordable price, A2 Hosting could be the right choice.

See below why we're betting on A2 Hosting as one of the best SiteGround alternatives:

Reason 1: Turbo Servers for Faster Page Loads

A2 Hosting market its hosting solutions worldwide, providing the fastest website loading speed. Your site will be hosted on its SwiftServer platform, which comes bundled with integrated CDN and SSDs.

Apart from the above features, your site boosts speed because A2 Hosting has servers worldwide. Plus, you also get speed-optimized WordPress.

Reason 2: Datacenters Around the World

A2 Hosting offers data centres around the globe so that you can create websites to target traffic from any part of the world.

  1. USA – Michigan
  2. USA – Arizona
  3. Europe – Amsterdam
  4. Asia – Singapore

Data Centers allow you to host your site closest to your users. Let's say you're targeting traffic from the United States of America; then you can easily choose the USA – Michigan data centre. 

By choosing data centres closest to your audience, your website will load fast, resulting in an excellent user experience, an essential SEO metric nowadays.

Reason 3: Perpetual Security with free HackScan

A2 Hosting offers free HackScan protection to block hacking attempts that can harm your site.

HackScan is just one of the features that come with Perpetual Security which includes some other useful features like:

  • Reinforced DDOS protection
  • Dual Web Hosting Firewall
  • Brute Force Defense
  • Virus Scanning
  • Server Hardening and other features

Reason 4: Excellent Customer Support

Customer support is one of the ways A2 Hosting has improved its service.

Earlier users had to wait a few minutes before talking with one of their support staff. However, users can now speak with them within a minute.

Key Features of A2 Hosting:

  • Free SSL certificate
  • Integrated Cloudflare CDN
  • SSD Storage
  • Unlimited E-mail account & databases
  • Free automatic backup
  • Traffic spike protection
  • Multiple Data Centers around the globe
  • 30-days money-back guarantee
  • 24/7/365 support over the phone, live chat, and email

One thing you would have to find missing in A2 Hosting hosting plans is a free domain name. Many popular hosting companies offer free domain names to lure customers.

However, it would be best to remember that these companies offer free domain names only for the first year. After the first year, you would have to pay the renewal fee every year.

So don't let it influence your decision to buy hosting from A2 Hosting. You can easily buy a domain name from A2 Hosting or other popular domain registrars like Namecheap or GoDaddy.

If you buy a domain name from Namecheap, you must update your nameservers to point your domain to the hosting server.

A2 Hosting Pricing and Plans

A2 Hosting offers the following hosting plans – StartUpDriveTurbo Boost, and Turbo Max.

We recommend beginners start their first website with StartUp Plan, which will cost them only $1.99 per month.


  • 1 Website 
  • 100 GB SSD Storage
  • Free & Easy Site Migration
  • Money-Back Guarantee



  • Unlimited Websites
  • Free Automatic Backups
  • Turbo (Up To 20X Faster)
  • 5X More Resources



  • Unlimited Websites 
  • Unlimited SSD Storage
  • Free & Easy Site Migration
  • Free Automatic Backups



  • Unlimited NVMe SSD Storage
  • Free & Easy Site Migration
  • Free Automatic Backups
  • Turbo (Up To 20X Faster)


It is also recommended to buy the plan for a longer tenure to lock the discount for the entire stretch.

Those looking to create multiple websites can choose Drive ($4.99/mo), Turbo Boost ($5.99/mo), and Turbo Max ($10.99/mo)

a2 logo

A2 Web Hosting Editor Choice

Whether you're looking to add a forum or eCommerce solution to your site, you can do it all at A2 WordPress Hosting.
A2 Hosting strives to offer the fastest, easiest, and most reliable WordPress hosting.

4. FastComet

FastComet - Best SiteGround Alternatives
FastComet – Best SiteGround Alternatives

Established in 2013, FastComet is a privately owned, independent web hosting company.

More than 50,000+ personal and small-business website owners are using FastComet as their preferred hosting service provider.

FastComet is relatively new compared to its competitors, but it has become quite popular for its affordable and performance-packed hosting solution.

Good uptime, fast customer support, free daily backup, free CDN, and free SSL certificate make it one of the best alternatives to SiteGround.

Let's check out why FastComet can be considered a perfect SiteGround alternative.

Reason 1: SSD Servers with Rocket Booster

SSD servers ensure you won't face failed hard drives and data loss. It has been studied that websites hosted on SSD servers are 300% faster than sites hosted on a standard HDD.

Your sites at FastComet would be hosted on SSD servers, providing incredible fast-loading speed.

Rocket Booster gives you 3x more resources per account with a high-performance with the latest PHP hosting environment.

Reason 2: WAF and Malware Scanner

Almost all popular hosting provider, including SiteGround, charges extra for security services like web application firewall and malware scanner.

However, at FastComet, your site will always remain safe from external threats like hackers and malware injection, thanks to its free security features like a web application firewall and malware scanner.

At FastComet, Malicious attacks like SQL injection, Cross-site Scripting, and DDoS attacks will always remain at bay.

Thus, you can easily save hundreds of dollars on security features by hosting your site on FastComet.

Reason 3: Free Daily Backup

Each hosting plan at FastComet comes with a free daily backup solution. If anything goes wrong with your site, you can quickly restore it with the 1-click restore manager.

Every backup is kept offsite and includes backup from the past 7/30 days.

Reason 4: Multiple Server Locations

Unlike SiteGround, which has only 6 data centres, FastComet has 11+ data centres worldwide, including countries like the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, India, Japan, and Australia.

Thus, FastComet allows you to choose a data centre for your website close to your target country.

Reason 5: Always Free 24/7 Premium Support

FastComet provides hosting-related technical support and full support for your services, websites, and apps.

Free support includes services like handling application installations, site optimization, configurations, custom software setups and deployments, website transfers, etc.

Key Features of FastComet:

  • SSD Storage
  • Free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate
  • Free Domain & Website Transfer
  • Free automatic backup
  • 11+ server locations around the world
  • Web Application Firewall, Brute-force protection, and other security features
  • Five Layers of Caching & Speed Optimizations
  • 24-by-7 customer support over the phone, chat, and email
  • Multiple Data Centers around the globe
  • 45-days money-back guarantee

FastComet Pricing and Plans

It has the following hosting plans – FastCloud, FastCloud Plus, and FastCloud Extra.

FastCloud, at $2.49 per month, is perfect for beginners. You can create a single website under this plan that includes free website transfer, free domain transfer, cPanel, free SSL certificate, and SSD storage.


Everything you need to start an online venture in just a few minutes.



The right solution that supports and drives your website growth.



The advanced power, flexibility, and performance on a budget.


If you have more budget, you can opt for FastCloud Plus Plan ($3.70/month) or FastCloud Extra Plan ($4.99/month), which includes premium features like 2x CPU & RAM, free private DNS, free dynamic SSL seal, and others.

FastComet Logo - best siteground alternatives - 5 Best SiteGround Alternatives: Ranked and Tested

FastComet Hosting Top Rated

You can upgrade or downgrade your hosting plan anytime without downtime or service interruption.
If you are unsure which plan will be most suitable, we recommend starting small and scaling your way up.

5. Interserver.net

Interserver.net - Best SiteGround Alternatives
Interserver.net – Best SiteGround Alternatives

Michael Lavrik and John Quaglieri founded InterServer in the year 1999. The product includes Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Quick Servers, and Dedicated Servers.

It would seem that most of the interserver’s solutions are meant for advanced users. However, shared hosting is by far the most used option as it can support both websites that are just launched and medium-sized businesses.

Though InterServer is not a big name like some of the hosting companies we have covered in this article, it is popularly known as a company specialising in shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting solutions.

InterServer has only one unlimited shared hosting plan, including the number of websites, email accounts, storage, and bandwidth.

*Keep in mind that the server capacity is unlimitedly limited.

InterServer now has a standard hosting package to serve more people. It comes with the features like free domain registration, unlimited storage space, bandwidth, and email accounts, as well as the possibility to connect unlimited domains.

Let's look at some of the features that make InterServer a perfect alternative to SiteGround:

Reason 1: InterShield Security – Included for Free

Unlike SiteGround, which charges separately for security services, you get InterShield Security from InterServer to protect your site from external threats.

  • Block web attacks
  • Automatic virus scanner
  • Machine Learning Firewall
  • In-House Malware Database

It is the interserver's in-house developed security solution. Interserver uses the data from thousands of servers and websites, and interserver detects attacks and replicates protection rules across other servers to stop attacks before they start. It is the single best advantage of using InterServer over SiteGround.

Reason 2: 99.9% Uptime

If you are concerned about server uptime at your current web host, it's time you look upon InterServer, as it has an average hosting uptime of 99.9%.

It also has TTFB below 220ms and global content caching, which makes your site load incredibly fast.

Reason 3: Inter-Insurance

Interserver will clean up compromised, hacked or exploited accounts. They also offer this service to new customers. During the migration process, Interserver will clean up your account. Interserver's speciality is securely getting WordPress websites back online and preventing future issues.

Under this service, you get the following:

  • Restoration: Restore to its original state
  • Investigation: Determine why the problem occurred
  • Prevention: Fixing the underlying cause of the problem

Reason 4: Inter-Proxy Caching

Website contents with heavy request loads are automatically cached using Interserver's proprietary caching mechanisms, which we call Inter-Proxy.

Raid Level: LSI MegaRaid SSD caching. Sector-level hot spot caching on the storage device.

Hardware Level: Files under 2MB in size are stored in RAM. A typical web hosting node has 256GB of memory.

Software Level: You will get a Light Speed Cache for dynamic content caching.

Packet Level: QUIC – Developed by Google for reduced connection times.

Key Features of Interserver:

  • Unlimited ULTRA SSD Storage
  • Global Content Caching
  • Free Website Migration
  • Intershield Protection to protect your site from hackers and malware
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Unlimited E-Mail Accounts
  • Clean up Compromised, Hacked Or Exploited Accounts for free
  • Weekly backups
  • 30-days money-back guarantee

InterServer Pricing and Plans

InterServer has the following shared hosting plans – Standard Web Hosting.


Put your business or blog online with the latest technology. This one-size-fits web hosting package is the perfect place to start.


65% off Standard Web Hosting
Interserver 65% off Standard Web Hosting

Standard Web Hosting will cost you only $2.50 per month and include features like unlimited ULTRA SSD Storage, email accounts, caching, free website migration, a free SSL certificate, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Interserver Logo

Interserver Hosting Popular

Interserver offers easy-to-use, low-cost eCommerce hosting solutions that allow you to build an eCommerce.
You can choose from Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, and OpenCart.

Conclusion on Best SiteGround Alternatives

SiteGround is no doubt one of the most popular hosting companies around. However, costlier pricing plans, a limit on CPU usage, and high renewal prices are why you may want to try some of its cheaper alternatives.

We recommend going with GreenGeeks as the price is quite affordable, with excellent features and customer support. Get started with GreenGeeks at only $2.95 per month below.

Start hosting your website with the leading eco-friendly web hosting provider and make a positive impact on the environment.
$2.95 $10.99
No matter your hosting requirements, the GreenGeeks platform will fit your needs.

Which is your favourite hosting provider? What is your experience of using SiteGround? Please offer your comments below.

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