How to Remove Phone Number from TrueCaller

How to Remove Phone Number from TrueCaller

If you have ever registered your mobile number with TrueCaller and you want to remove that number, then how to remove the phone number from truecaller.?

How to Remove Phone Number from TrueCaller

Truecaller is a popular app. It can find all the globally registered usernames and numbers. True Software also released the TrueDialer app, which is the best dialer in our view. Both apps work on several platforms like Android, iOS, Symbian s60, Windows Phone, and Blackberry OS.

Steps To Deactivate Your Truecaller Account

On Android
Open the app > tap the people icon in the upper left corner > Settings > About > Deactivate account.

On iPhone
Open the app > tap the gear icon in the top right corner > About Truecaller > Scroll down > Deactivate Truecaller.

On Windows Mobile
Open the app and tap the three dots in the bottom right corner > Settings > Help > Deactivate account.

Once you have deactivated your Truecaller account, you can proceed to remove your number from the service. Here’s how.

Remove Phone Number from TrueCaller

TrueCaller app works by a simple system. Whenever the app installed on a device, it stores the number and name of the user on its common database, named TrueCaller directory, which is controlled by Truecaller.

When the command of finding a number given to the app, it extracts the results from its database. After that, it shows the name associated with the number, according to the database of the application. But sometimes, the same number is stored by multiple names, which creates confusion. The user can only fix this by removing his/her number from the Truecaller app directory.

Steps To Be Follow To Remove Phone Number From TrueCaller

  1. Go to the true caller unlist page, link:
  2. Enter the phone number that you want to remove from this app.
  3. Provide a reason for the same, and enter the given verification CAPTCHA.
  4. Click on the unlist button and you are done with the removing of your number from Truecaller.

Statement By Truecaller Remove Phone Number

By following the given steps and unlisting the Truecaller number, the app will not show your name or number. But think twice before doing so, because if the number removed once, it could not be re-added to the list.

Truecaller currently does not have a customer care number. Any accounts stating to be Truecaller’s customer care number is purely a scam. We urge all users to refrain from calling numbers or interacting with accounts that are not associated with our official support website.
Source: Link

Customer Care Lines For Truecaller:

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