2 Easy Ways to Remove Phone Number from TrueCaller

If you have ever registered your mobile number with TrueCaller and want to remove phone number from Truecaller, how do you remove your phone number from truecaller?

Truecaller is the most used genuine search service worldwide and is the best caller id app for android and ios. We will discuss the Truecaller unlist feature and unlist numbers and delete the Truecaller accounts. Every smartphone user, either an Android or IOS device, uses the Truecaller application on their mobile. But, nowadays, it is more beneficial to filter unknown calls and even block spam calls that might disturb users all the time.

Truecaller is a popular app that gives you the contact information of unknown numbers calling you. It gets contact details from the address books of all its users.

Therefore, even if you have never used the service, your name and number may be on Truecaller’s database, thanks to someone who saved your contact details and allowed the application to access them.

Not everyone knows this, but the Truecaller also lists the landline’s address for some fixed-line phones. It does not mean when calls or spammers call from an office address, but ideally, you would not want strangers to know your home address because you called them from your landline.

Of course, Truecaller sources use this information from public data sources. It is because if someone knows your landline number, they can easily find the registered address through any publicly available phonebook (in many telescopes, this information is public) or even just Google By searching for your landline number.

Note that you cannot remove your number from the service if you are using the app. To remove your number, you must deactivate your account.

Remove Phone Number from TrueCaller

For this reason, you should consider deleting your number from Truecaller’s database.

If you were only hoping to delete your number, you are out of luck after seeing the contact details of all the other people who called.

Truecaller is a famous global phone directory and spam blocker app with a massive database of contact details worldwide. It helps identify the Caller details of unknown numbers worldwide, but how to unlist number and delete truecaller account if you don't want to use their service?

If you are ready to delete the Truecaller account once and for all, here’s what you require to do. If you are using the app on iPhone, Android, or Windows Mobile, we explain how to unlist number and delete the truecaller account.

How Truecaller Works?

Most people didn’t know how the Truecaller works and how it gives the details of unknown callers. There are many rumors regarding this. Truecaller work is just simple. Whenever you download the Truecaller app and set it for the first time, it asks for permission, which says, “Allow Access to Contacts.”

Once you allow this permission, they will sync all your contacts with the Truecaller server. And that’s how Truecaller gathers many details like images, contacts, etc. Even if you don’t have a Truecaller app installed on your smartphone, your name is displayed on the Trucaller while calling. As your friend who has saved your number and might have installed the Trucaller app on their phone.

How to Remove Phone Number from TrueCaller

Truecaller is a popular app. It can find all the globally registered usernames and numbers. True Software also released the TrueDialer app, which is the best dialer in our view. Both apps work on Android, iOS, Symbian s60, Windows Phone, and Blackberry OS.

Truecaller has some good features listed below:

Powerful Dialer & Caller ID:

  • The world’s best Caller ID will identify anyone calling you
  • See who is calling even before they call
  • Use Voice calling to talk to your friends on Truecaller for free
  • Backup call history, contacts, messages, and settings to Google Drive

World Class Blocking and Spam Detection:

  • Block calls and SMS – Identify and auto-block telemarketers, robot callers, scammers, fraud, sales, and more
  • Community-based spam reporting in real-time
  • Blocking regions, similar digit sequences, and other advanced options are available.

Steps to Deactivate Your Truecaller Account

On Android
Open the app > tap the people icon in the upper left corner > Settings > About > Deactivate account.

On iPhone
Open the app > tap the gear icon in the top right corner > About Truecaller > Scroll down > Deactivate Truecaller.

On Windows Mobile
Open the app and tap the three dots in the bottom right corner > Settings > Help > Deactivate the account.

Once you have deactivated your Truecaller account, you can remove your phone number from truecaller, which means removing your number from the service.
Here’s how.

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Remove Phone Number from TrueCaller Easily

Ways to Remove Phone Number from TrueCaller
TrueCaller's Statement – Ways to Remove Phone Number from TrueCaller

TrueCaller is built around a straightforward algorithm. Truecaller manages a standard database called TrueCaller, and you install software on a device that keeps phone numbers and names in it.

Nothing will happen if you pick up a call from an unknown number. Sometimes it might be an emergency call. The database in the Truecaller database is not accurate, though. 

How to Remove Phone Number from TrueCaller

When finding a number given to the app, it extracts the results from its database. After that, it shows the name associated with the number, according to the application's database. But sometimes, the same number is stored by multiple names, which creates confusion. The user can only fix this by removing their number from the Truecaller app directory.

Steps to be Follow to Remove Phone Number from TrueCaller

Important: It can take up to 24 hours before your number gets removed. Numbers marked as spam cannot be unlisted.
Ways to Remove Phone Number from TrueCaller

Truecaller doesn’t depend on any mobile service operators to identify the numbers. Just upload your contact list while installing the app, and it will retrieve the information previously stored in their server while you search for unknown numbers.

Remove phone number from TrueCaller in: 9 minutes

  1. Go to unlist page.

    Go to the truecaller unlist page, link:

  2. Enter a phone number.

    Enter the phone number that you want to remove from this app

  3. Provide reason.

    Provide a reason for the same, and enter the given verification CAPTCHA.

  4. Click on the unlist button.

    How to Unlist Number and Delete Truecaller Account

    You can now remove your phone number from Truecaller by clicking the unlist option.

  5. Get confirmation

    Easy Ways to Remove Phone Number from TrueCaller

    Now, your phone number was unlisted from the truecaller search. It will show a Confirmation Message below. Please note that it will take 24 hours before the number gets removed.


  • Android or iOS Smartphone
  • A Working Internet Connection

All done: Once you have done the above steps, you can no longer use the app on your smartphone with that number.

You can avail of this service on various mobile platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, and Online. The users can share their contact list with the truecaller database to make the contact details visible to anybody, but how can you unlist the number and delete the truecaller account?

Statement By Truecaller About Remove Phone Number

By following the given steps and unlisting the Truecaller number, you can easily remove the phone number from truecaller. After that, the app will not show your name or number. But think twice before doing so because it could not be re-added to the list if you removed the number once.

Truecaller currently does not have a customer care number. Any accounts stating Truecaller’s customer care number are purely a scam. We urge all users to refrain from calling numbers or interacting with accounts not associated with our official support website.
Source: Link

How to Hide Your Identity On Truecaller?

Do you want to hide your identity without de-activating your profile on Truecaller and don't want to remove your phone number from truecaller? Well, it’s pretty easy. Notably, while signing up on Truecaller, choose to manually enter your details instead of logging in via Google/ Facebook. Now, skip the e-mail ID and put anything you’d like to appear in search results in place of your name.

Ways to Remove Phone Number from TrueCaller
Anonymous – Ways to Remove Phone Number from TrueCaller

For instance, we entered our name as ‘No Name.’ As a result, whenever someone tries searching for me on the Truecaller app using our number, the name will be displayed as ‘No Name.’ And since we haven’t entered any other personal details like email-ID or address, they’ll appear blank.

You can try the same and verify using your friends’ phones. It’s pretty handy and helps secure your privacy without leaving the platform.

Customer Care Options For Truecaller:

This Swedish caller identification app TrueCaller is used by millions of people around the world.

Ways to Remove Phone Number from TrueCaller

Peoples use TrueCaller for spam detection, fraud prevention, SMS filtering, and caller ID. In simple language, whenever someone calls you from an unknown number, it gives you some clues about the unknown caller's identity in the incoming call on your phone. 

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FAQs About Remove Phone Number from TrueCaller

  1. How to remove your name from Truecaller?

    1. Open up the Truecaller app.
    2. Log in to your Truecaller account if you have not already.
    3. Tap on the People icon present at the corner and go to settings.
    Select about.
    4. Tap on the Deactivate option.

  2. How to revoke Google account permission given to the Truecaller app?

    Go to Google Permissions and log in with your Google account to sign up to Truecaller. You will see a list of all the apps you’ve permitted to access your details. Find the ‘Truecaller’ app from the list.
    [Quick tip: Use Ctrl+F(on Windows) or CMD+F(on Mac) to find it easily]. 

  3. How to hide your identity without de-activating your account on Truecaller?

    While signing up on Truecaller, choose to manually enter your details instead of logging in via Google/ Facebook. Skip the e-mail ID and put anything you’d like to appear in search results in place of your name.

Final Words on How to Remove Phone Number from TrueCaller

So this was all about how to remove your phone number from Truecaller. While following the method above will completely erase your data from the database, we recommend asking your friends to have a periodic check. Anyways, make sure not to register on Truecaller using the same number again.

Which method are you going to follow? Are you permanently unlisting your account or planning to use it with an obscure name? Let us know in the comments below. Also, feel free to reach us in case of any doubts or queries.

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