WP Rocket Review with Performance Data & 12 Recommended WP Rocket Settings

Honest Wp Rocket Review Performance Data With Recommended WP Rocket Settings

Is WP Rocket the Most Powerful Caching Plugin? An Honest Wp Rocket Review Based on Real Performance Data

WP Rocket is a performance optimizer plugin for WordPress that helps make websites load fast with few clicks.
$49.00 $52.00
If you have the budget to devote to your site, we advise you to opt for WP Rocket.

Are you looking for the best WordPress cache plugin to speed up your website? Well, you’re in the right place. Because in this detailed WP rocket review shows you how you can use the WP Rocket WordPress plugin to reduce your website load time.

WP Rocket is a performance optimizer plugin for WordPress that helps make websites load fast with few clicks. It’s effortless to configure and not as complicated as other cache plugins.

We will also discuss the pros and cons of the WP rocket and see the features in this wp rocket review.

Detailed Guide

Who is WP Rocket Made For?

This plugin is suitable for all types of users:

  • Beginners will appreciate its simplicity and ease of use;
  • More experienced users will enjoy its more developer-friendly side. The plugin’s homepage explains that WP Rocket “has loads of hooks so developers can easily make advanced customizations.”

If you have the budget to devote to your site, we advise you to opt for WP Rocket.

To make your website blazing fast, WP Rocket includes options that provide immediate benefits to your website. These options apply 83% of web performance best practices so that you will benefit from better loading times immediately.

Why is WP Rocket Important?

Do We Need a Good Cache Plugin?

Almost 40% of the users abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. That’s almost 40% of the revenue loss. I know no one wants a 40% revenue loss in their business.

Page speed is also a Google ranking factor. So, to rank higher on Google, you must need a high-speed website. And, if you want to improve your website loading speed, you need a cache plugin. A good WordPress cache plugin can make your site extremely fast.

The cache plugin creates a copy of static files of your website and stores them, and when a user comes into your website, it directly serves from the cache file before reaching the database, and that’s why websites load super fast. A cache plugin is essential for any WordPress website as it helps to reduce page load time.

Very Less Chance of Site Break: Wp Rocket Review

Almost all Free Cache plugins are infamous for causing errors or breaking the site.

Don’t believe me? Just go and check out the 1-star reviews of some popular cache plugins.

WP Rocket Online Reviews
Other Plugin Reviews – WP Rocket Review

You’ll notice that most complaints are regarding some error or complete site break, but there is very little chance of any errors with the WP Rocket.

Even if you got any errors, you can always contact the support team and get their professional help. Unlike other cache plugins where support is virtually non-existent).

Features of WP Rocket

About WP Rocket Features

WP Rocket is not just a simple cache plugin. It is a speed booster loaded with all the possible features to speed up your website. Over 800,000 websites are using WP Rocket to optimize their sites.

In this WP rocket review, we will talk about features like:

  • Separate caching for mobile devices to speed up the site for mobile devices
  • Minify HTML, CSS, and Javascript files
  • Combine CSS and Javascript
  • Lazy load for images and videos
  • Disable emoji loading from WordPress
  • Database optimization and cleanup
  • If you have a CDN, then you can connect your CDN to WP Rocket
  • One-click add ons
  • You can remove query strings from static resources
  • Optimize CSS delivery to eliminate the render-blocking CSS
  • Load Javascript deferred eliminates the render-blocking javascript
  • Disable cache for a particular page
  • Disable minification of HTML, CSS, and Javascript for a particular page or post

When you install this plugin, this automatically detects and implements the optimization according to your website needs. Before installing the plugin, check your website loading speed to see the results.

You can see the image below about what we achieved on GTmetrix after using WP rocket on this website.

Gtmetrix Report Honest Wp Rocket Review Performance Data With Recommended WP Rocket Settings
GTMetrix Speed Results – WP Rocket Review

Still, you can enable more features and optimize your site according to your need in the WP Rocket settings. If you’re using Cloudflare or any CDN services, you can configure WP Rocket with Cloudflare in just one click.

And, You don’t have to install plugins for lazy load images or database cleanup, as you’ll get all of these features in WP Rocket. WP Rocket is also compatible with the WooCommerce plugin.

Google page speed insights lab data for mobile device, WP Rocket review:

WP Rocket includes many advanced features that improve your website performance beyond just Caching.

WP Rocket Plugin Reviews
Google Lab Data Results for Mobile – WP Rocket Review

Google page speed insights lab data for desktop device, WP Rocket review:

Apart from just Caching, this plugin has additional features that can take your WordPress website performance to the next level.

WP Rocket Plugin Review Desktop Lab Data
Google Lab Data Results for Desktop – WP Rocket Review

WP Rocket Plugin

$49.00 $52.00
Set up WP Rocket the right way, and the best way to do it is to follow the guidelines outlined in this guide.
Page caching is one of the best things you can do to speed up your WordPress site.

47% of visitors expect to load your website in two seconds or less? Any longer and more than 40% of users will abandon the site.

Performance Data

WP Rocket Before and After Performance Data

To make it easier to see the differences, here’s a table summarizing the change before and after optimizing my test site with WP Rocket:

Speed Test Service Before WP Rocket After WP Rocket
GTmetrix Page Load2.0 s1.0 s
GTmetrix Requests5829
GTmetrix Page Size1.1 MB811 KB
Pingdom Page Load1.97 s923 ms
Pingdom Requests5126
Pingdom Page Size1.0 MB839 kB
WP Rocket Review

Wp Rocket Licence Details

What Do You Get With WP Rocket License?

  • Quick setup: 80% of web-performance best practices are automatically applied. No need to touch the code
  • The most powerful features for web performance: Page and browser caching, cache preloading, and lazy-loading, to name a few.
  • Excellent support from our friendly Rocketeers: Rely on our support service and technical documentation to solve your doubts
  • Broad compatibility with hostings, themes, and plugins: The most popular WordPress tools trust us, and this should give you peace of mind
  • eCommerce compatibility: No matter what eCommerce plugin you use for WordPress, we’ve got your back.
  • Multilingual compatibility: Customize the cache options for a specific language or all languages at the same time
  • Advanced features: Fine-tune cache rules, database optimization, CDN integration, and Rocket add-ons

Wp Rocket Settings Review

Before configuring it manually, you need to determine which options are good for your website. You also have a lookout if your site is broken while configuring it. We will cover all the aspects in this WP rocket review.

I will explain to you all the settings of WP Rocket, which will help you load your site faster. First, go to the dashboard of the WP Rocket plugin.

Wp Rocket Reviews
WP Rocket Dashboard – WP Rocket Review

Here you’ll get all the settings on the sidebar. Let’s explore these settings one by one.

Cache Options:

WP-Rocket cache Configuration Honest Wp Rocket Plugin Review
Cache Options – WP Rocket Review

Mobile Cache – Enable caching for mobile devices to make your website fast on mobile devices. You can also create separate cache files for mobile devices.

User Cache – Don’t enable the caching for logged-in WordPress users.

Cache lifespan – You can also specify the time for the cache to be cleared automatically. But, I would suggest you leave it at 10 hours and click on save changes.

Now let’s go to the second step, which is File optimization.

File Optimization:

File optimization is crucial, and you must be very careful while optimizing it, as it can also break your site. It helps to minify and combine HTML, CSS, and Javascript to reduce the size of the files and load faster.

WP Rocket file optimization settings
File Optimization – WP Rocket Review

Make Your Files Lighter

An optimal loading time also passes from the number of files uploaded to your website.

With WP Rocket, you can minify and combine your site's CSS and JS files, making them faster and lighter and reducing page size.

You can optimize CSS delivery and load JS deferred to eliminate render-blocking resources and improve load time. Besides, delaying loading JavaScript files until user interaction will reduce the initial load time.
There is no need to touch the code: it’s all done in one click.

  • Minify HTML – You should enable this option to minimize the HTML files of your website and reduce the size of your HTML files.
  • Remove query strings from static resources – This will help you improve the score in GTMetrix by removing the version query string from static files.
  • Minify CSS files – It will minify all the CSS files and reduce the size of those files.
  • Combining CSS files – It will merge all the CSS files into one, reducing the HTTP request.
  • Optimize CSS delivery – It will eliminate the render-blocking CSS for faster website speed.
  • Minify Javascript files – This option will minify the javascript files and compress the size of the files.
  • Combining Javascript files  – It will combine the javascript files into one file and reduce the HTTP request.
  • Exclude inline Javascript – You can do it to exclude any inline javascript from minification and combine.
  • Excluded Javascript files – If you want to disable javascript optimization for a particular page, paste the URL of the page, and that page will be excluded from optimization.
  • Load Javascript deferred – It will eliminate the render-blocking javascript on your website.
NOTICE: Remember to check if your site is broken while performing the file optimization. If any optimization has broken your site, try disabling those options.

Now move into the next setting, which is Media.

Media Optimization:

Most of the time, a site loads slowly because of images or videos. You must optimize your images and videos to load your website faster.

No other cache plugin gives a media optimization option, which is why I said earlier in the article, “It is not just a cache plugin. It is an overall speed booster.”

Media Settings Wp Rocket Review
Media Optimization – WP Rocket Review

Media Files Loaded Only When Needed

WP Rocket includes a smart set of options to tweak the display of images and iframes on your site. With LazyLoad, you can defer the loading of images or iframes, leaving them ”off-screen” until they need them. 

Lazy-loading is a brilliant way of optimizing both perceived and real performance. It also saves the users bandwidth because they won’t have to download all your images.

If your site uses WebP images, WP Rocket can also create a separate cache file to serve those, if needed.

WP Rocket Review
  • Lazyload for images, iframes, and videos – It will improve the loading time as the image will be loaded when the user scrolls down to the image point.
  • Disable Emoji – Disable emojis to reduce the HTTP requests.
  • Disable WordPress embeds – If you want to disable WordPress embeds, you can do it by ticking the marking on that box.

After you enable all the options now, click on save changes.

You’ll assume that your site will load much faster when you enable the media option.

Now let’s dive into the fourth option


Wp Rocket Preload Option
Preload Feature – WP Rocket Review
  • Active preloading – You can enable preloading for better performance.
  • Prefetch DNS requests – It will make external files load fast. You can skip this part as it is not that much important.

Let’s jump to the fifth option, which is Advance rules.

Advanced Rules:

Advanced Rules Wp Rocket Review
Advanced Rules – WP Rocket Review
  • Never cache URL(s) – If you don’t want to create a cache for any particular page, just put the URL of that page here, and that particular page will be excluded from your cache file.
  • Never Cache cookies – If you want to exclude any cookies from the cache, specify the Id of that cookies.
  • Never cache user agent – You can also disable cache for a specific user agent.
  • Always purge URL(s) – Put any specific URL you want to purge when updating any page or post on your website.
  • Cache query strings – You can specify any query strings for caching. You can avoid this as it's not that much important.

Advanced rules are not that important, so you can skip this part if you don’t want to.


Database Wp Rocket Review
Database Features – WP Rocket Review
  • Post cleanup – Cleanup your revisions, auto drafts, and trashed posts. But before clearing auto-draft, ensure you don’t have any important posts in the draft.
  • Comment Cleanup – Clean up the spam and trashed comments on your site.
  • Transients Cleanup – You can remove the temporary transients, but they will automatically generate again as your plugins require them.
  • Optimize table – Optimize the tables in your database.
  • Schedule automatic cleanup – You can schedule an automatic cleanup for your database. But, I would recommend you to do it manually.

CDN (Content delivery network):

CDN Wp Rocket Review
CDN – WP Rocket Review
  • Enable content delivery network – If you’re using any content delivery network, enable the content delivery network and connect your CDN with WP Rocket.
  • Exclude files from CDN – You can also exclude any file from CDN.


Heartbeat Wp Rocket Review
Heartbeat – WP Rocket Review
  • Control heartbeat – If your admin dashboard is slowing, you can enable this option to make your admin panel faster.
  • Reduce or disable heartbeat activity – You can reduce heartbeat frequency here. Avoid this setting if you don’t need this.

Built-in add-ons

Finally, the Add-ons tab houses several WP Rocket’s built-in integrations.

WP Rocket includes integrations for Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel that lets you host those tracking scripts locally with the click of a button:

Addons Wp Rocket Review Honest Wp Rocket Plugin Review with Real Data
Add-ons – WP Rocket Review

WP Rocket also includes other built-in add-ons for:

  • Varnish
  • Cloudflare
  • Sucuri

For example, if you enable the Cloudflare integration, you’ll get a new Cloudflare area where you can connect your site to Cloudflare and control some basic settings from your WordPress dashboard. You’ll also be able to clear the Cloudflare cache:

Cloudflare Wp Rocket Review Honest Wp Rocket Plugin Review with Real Data
Cloudflare Integration – WP Rocket Review

You can also import and export settings from other plugins. So, now you’ve understood all the important WP Rocket settings and learned how to configure it with your website.

You don’t have to enable all the features. You need to enable the features which are important for your website.

Wp Rocket Price Review

Pricing of WP Rocket Plugin

Let’s talk about the Cost of WP Rocket.

WP Rocket Price Wp Rocket Review
WP Rocket Price – WP Rocket Review

WP Rocket has three types of licenses Single, plus, and Infinite.

  • SINGLE for $49 (for 1 year for 1 website)
  • PLUS for $99 (for 1 year for 3 websites)
  • INFINITE for $249 (for 1 year for unlimited websites) 

If you run a web development company or create websites for clients, you can buy the infinity version for $249, which you can use on unlimited websites. Without buying a single license for each client, you can buy the infinity license, which will save you lots of money.

Plus, you’ll get 1 year of free support and updates with each license.

The prices of this plugin are quite reasonable if you are serious about your website loading speed. This plugin is far better than the free cache plugins out there.

If you don’t like the plugin after purchasing it, you’ll get a 100% refund within 14 days of purchasing. Trust me. It’s worth spending money to improve website speed. 

Support and Documentation

Fast Support with Full Documentation

Are you getting problems with the plugin? Don’t worry. You don’t have to waste time looking for solutions on videos and blogs.

WP Rocket's support team is always there to help you with your problems. You have to submit your ticket and describe your problem; they will reach out to you to solve your problem.

Remember that they only operate on weekdays, and the support system is closed on Sundays. Still, they have created full documentation of the WP Rocket plugin to help you install other common problems.

Cache Plugins Pricing Comparison
If you have 49$ to invest in plugins, WP Rocket is the one you should be putting your money on. 
WP Rocket
$49.00 – WP Rocket is a premium plugin that makes it possible to accelerate the loading of the pages of your website right upon activation and without complicated configuration headaches.
W3 Total Cache
PRICE: $99.00 – W3 Total Cache improves your site's user experience by improving your server performance, caching every aspect of your site, reducing the download times, and providing transparent content delivery network (CDN) integration.
WP Fastest Cache
PRICE: $49.99 – WP Fastest Cache is one of several WordPress plugins designed to accelerate your website's performance. It aims to optimize page load times by creating and storing a static copy of your posts and pages, reducing the number of database queries required to render your site and associated server load.
PRICE: $49.00 – Hummingbird makes your website faster and optimizes site performance by adding new ways. It boosts Google PageSpeed Insights with fine-tuned controls over file compression, deferring CSS and JavaScript styles and scripts, minify for CSS and JS, Lazy Load integration, and world-class caching.
Comet Cache
PRICE: $39.00 – If you care about the speed of your site, Comet Cache is one of those plugins you must have installed. Comet Cache takes a real-time snapshot (building a cache) of every Page, Post, Category, Link, etc. The Comet Cache plugin uses configuration options that you select from the options panel.
PRICE: $30.00 – WP-Optimize is a WordPress site optimization plugin built to help clean up your WordPress database for maximized efficiency. The plugin works to de-fragment MySQL tables and remove data like pingbacks, trashed comments, expired transient options, post revisions, and so on.

Positives: WP Rocket Review

  • It’s super easy to Configure
  • Amazing Support system
  • Besides cache, it has all the features which can speed up your websites, like lazy load and database optimization.
  • One of the most famous cache plugin
  • It automatically detects and applies the best settings when you install the plugin.
  • It has a 14-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like the product.

Negatives: WP Rocket Review

  • It’s a paid plugin.
  • Features like advanced rules and prefetch DNS requests can be a little overwhelming for you if you’re not a developer. Still, your site speed doesn’t make a difference if you don’t enable this.

Final Words on WP Rocket Review

Overall, WP Rocket is not just a cache plugin. It’s a speed booster loaded with options to speed up your site. If you compare WP-Rocket with other free cache plugins, you’ll see that WP Rocket is way better than other free cache plugins.

Website speed is essential in terms of search engine ranking and user experience. So, making your site faster is worth spending a few dollars. I’ve been using this plugin, and I’m impressed with the support and performance.

WP Rocket Logo

WP Rocket Review 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Speed is an official Google ranking factor becoming more important than ever.
WP Rocket also offers a 14-day refund policy if you’re unhappy with the plugin.

It’s not only a cache plugin but much more than that: it combines several options (caching, minification, database optimization, CDN, etc.) in one to improve the performance of your site. No need to use multiple plugins to do it all.

Simplicity and ease of use: “Minimal configuration, immediate results,” claims the plugin’s homepage. We confirm.

This plugin is accessible to everyone, even beginners who know nothing about the code.

WP Rocket Review

Documentation. It’s evident and addresses a wide range of subjects. To help you, WP Rocket also offers tutorial videos directly on the plugin's dashboard.

WP Rocket uses a clean code that respects WordPress standards;

There is no risk of incompatibility because all the functionalities are included within a single plugin.

It’s a plugin that works upon activation: you don’t even have to configure it if you don’t want to.

Regular updates: you can find the explanations directly on their changelog page, which lists the changes included in the new versions of the plugin.

Transparency policy. WP Rocket doesn’t hide anything from you. Income generated, team members, growth prospects: the team is happy to reveal all of this to you, as was the case during the retrospective of their seven years of existence. It reassures and gives trust, especially when you know the number of unscrupulous developers who create plugins to get rich before dropping the project overnight.


Frequently Asked Questions about WP Rocket Review.

Is WP Rocket compatible with other popular plugins?

Yes, there was no issue regarding the Plugin conflict as far as I have seen. Almost all the Popular WordPress Plugins are compatible with WP Rocket.

Is WP Rocket compatible with Cloudflare?

Yes, the WP rocket plugin is fully compatible with Cloudflare CDN. They also have a dedicated Cloudflare tab to provide a convenient integration with your Cloudflare account.

Can I use Autoptimize with WP Rocket?

Short Answer: Yes, you can use WP Rocket and Autoptimize simultaneously. WP Rocket has built-in compatibility for Autoptimize to ensure smooth sailing.

Does WP Rocket minify?

WP Rocket plugin automatically applies GZIP compression and includes several features to minify, combine, and optimize your CSS and JavaScript.

Honest WP Rocket Plugin Review

Wp Rocket Review Summary

WP Rocket implements the best optimization options for your site when installing the plugin. Still, if you want to make your site load faster, you can configure it manually.

9.4Expert Score
Honest WP Rocket Plugin Review

Anyone with a WordPress website should use WP Rocket. From a simple blog to an online store, WP Rocket will accelerate the loading time. WP Rocket is easy enough for non-technical WordPress users.

Optimization Features
Ease of Use
Support and Updates
Dashboard Area Design
  • Reduced Page Load Times by 50%+
  • Performance Optimization Features
  • Database Cleanup Features
  • Tons of Optimization Features
  • Advanced Rules Options
  • Cloudflare Integration
  • Don't Have a Free Version
  • Advanced Options Can be a Little Overwhelming for Beginners

Don’t hesitate to try out WP Rocket if you have some money to invest in your website. In our experience, it is the only premium caching plugin you will ever require. 

We highly recommend this one and would love to see how awesome it works. 

Please ask in the comment section below if you have questions regarding the WP-Rocket plugin.

Sofia Smith
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  1. Great service. I had an issue with the plugin, which was beyond my experience to resolve. Thankfully, the staff at WP Rocket got in touch when they saw I disabled the plugin and resolved the issue for me thoroughly and exceptionally quickly. Satisfied. Thanks, guys!

  2. WP Rocket is the best in business among all the available caching plugins. I’ve been using WP Rocket for a while now, and it’s worked excellent for me.

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