7 Web Hosts With Free Website Migration for WordPress

Migrating from one web hosting to another is a considerable task and risky enough for beginners and intermediates. This article has included the best web hosts with free website migration services for WordPress. The best part is that all companies are industry experts hosting and trusted by WordPress community people like us.

Finding and choosing the host that offers utterly free WordPress or any website migrations is a brilliant choice, and doing it yourself can also break the site and may take more time.

What Are Migrations?

A website migration involves the whole or partial migration of your website. It might result from a host relocation or an upgrade/downgrade. With all hosting solutions, some web hosting provides free site migrations.

When relocating endlessly from a web hosting company, you should always select a host that offers a free website migration service with every plan, which can save your bucks.

This article will share the leading best web hosting companies that offer free website migration services for their clients, even on cheap plans.

Why Look for Web Hosts with Free Website Migration Services?

There are still hosting companies that do not offer free website migrations, and website transfers come with many hurdles such as downtime, loss of revenue, SEO issues, etc.

At Fiverr, we found there is more than 2580+ freelancer who is offering website migrations at costs of $5 to $25, depending on the platform. There are still some hosting companies that charge inbuilt website migrations fees.

We must save your every hard-earned money with the help of this article. Let's find out the leading best web hosting companies that offer entirely free websites migrations from their clients even on their cheap plans.

Best Web Hosts With Free Website Migration Service

When moving away from a web hosting company, you should always select a host that offers a free migration service with every plan. It will help you save your money and give you complete peace of mind.



DreamHost's Free Website Migration Service
Dreamhost Website Migration Web Hosts With Free Website Migration
Dreamhost Website Migration – Web Hosts With Free Website Migration

Dreamhost offers free automated website migrations by their highly trained support staff, and with every plan from a shared host to VPS, you will get this offer. The WordPress community officially recommends the best part of this web hosting.

Dreamhost plans are very affordable as they offer month-to-month go website hosting, which means you can use this web hosting for only one month. If you're not ready to invest in a long-term contract hosting or prefer a plan that lets you pay as you go. (monthly billing system)

It is a very cost-effective website hosting without losing the performance; with just paying cheap bucks, you get the hosting with top-notch performance. 

DreamHost Web Hosting Editor Choice

DreamHost is a web hosting company providing affordable solutions for businesses ranging from individual users to …
With Shared WordPress Hosting from DreamHost, you’ll get access to exceptional resources that will keep your site humming along at top speed.

Dreamhost basic plans start from only $2.49/month with yearly-based plans. If you go more, upper years plans will cost you low.

Dreamhost is our number 1 web hosting for beginners, online woocommerce stores users, and bloggers. They have been in this hosting industry for more than 20+ years now.

We have recommended Dreamhost in every part of hosting articles for small businesses, shared hosting plans for designers, etc.



Cloudways Free Website Migration Service
Cloudways Web Hosts With Free Website Migration
Cloudways – Web Hosts With Free Website Migration

Cloudways is reasonably the best-managed hosting where you buy cloud servers and manage by cloudways at very affordable prices and offer completely free website migrations.

It is the wildly most famous cloud web hosting service for WordPress websites that got sky-high ratings from users, bloggers, woocommerce stores, and experts.

With cloudways, you can choose to host your websites on the six most popular cloud providers, digital ocean, AWS, Linode, Google Cloud, and vultr, on the same platform.

Cloudways has a complete detailed guide on deploying a server and installing WordPress on cloudways, but we recommend you taste their free website migrations.

Cloudways Hosting Trending

Now that you’ve clicked on this Cloudways web hosting review, according to us, shared web hosting is not …
Cloudways has amazing customer support, and they are perfect service at all.

The basic plans start from only $10/month, and the good part about this host is that you can choose to pay monthly or hourly wise to upgrade and downgrade your host anytime, anywhere you want with one single click.

Get a 3-day free trial to cloudways managed hosting without limitations and enjoy the free website migration service without paying them. No credit card is required to get free 3 days trial.



BlueHost Free Website Migration Service
Bluehost Free Website Migration Service Web Hosts With Free Website Migration
Bluehost Website Migration – Web Hosts With Free Website Migration

Bluehost is another best web hosting that offers utterly free website migrations for clients from the lowest plan. Bluehost is officially recommended by the WordPress community, bloggers, and internet experts.

This free website migrations feature applies to all their plans, such as shared, WordPress, VPS, etc. This web hosting has great packages for every web hosting solution.

Bluehost has been in this industry for a decade and is one of the top best web hosting companies started in 2003. They have record of millions of domains records and customers with high experience.

Bluehost Web Hosting Latest

In this article, we have shared a detailed Bluehost hosting review which will cover all the aspects of Bluehost with …
With Bluehost Hosting, you get all the flexibility, reliability, speed to get online.

Bluehost's well-trained experts will migrate your website once you purchase any plan.

Bluehost pricing starts from only $3.95/mo from their basic plans, where you can get free one domain for a year with 50GB SSD storage and host only one website with this pricing with free SSL.



HostGator Free Website Migration Service
HostGator Web Hosts With Free Website Migration
Hostgator – Web Hosts With Free Website Migration

Hostgator is a cheap alternative to everyone on this page. We have been with HostGator for some time, and we can proudly tell you that if you are looking for a Budget-friendly host as a beginner to handle close to 50,000 visitors a month, then Hostgator is for you.

Hostgator WordPress Hosting Review With 7 Simple Hostgator Pro and Cons

HostGator Web Hosting

HostGator is one of the most well-known brands in the hosting world. They are one of the two flagship brands of …
Claim your name and get yourself online.

The price starts at $2.75, and you don't have to pay for site migrations. They offer free migrations for C-panel hosting with every plan, and all you have to do is fill out the request ticket once you signup for a hosting account but make sure you do it before 30 days pass.



GreenGeeks Free Website Migration Service
GreenGeeks Website Migration Web Hosts With Free Website Migration
GreenGeeks Website Migration – Web Hosts With Free Website Migration

GreenGeeks is yet another great web hosting that offers a free migration service.

Once you select your plan, you can request free website transfer by providing them with your current web hosting details. The expert team will then migrate the site for you without doing anything. It will also help you transfer your domain name for free. However, GreenGeeks doesn't offer free migration for its dedicated servers.

GreenGeeks Web Hosting Popular

This Greengeeks review will discuss GreenGeeks hosting detailed features, price, pros, and cons. We hope these key …
Completely risk-free with GreenGeek's 30-day money-back guarantee.

GreenGeeks is not similar to the other web hosting service providers because they depend on green energy to run the backend server and are taking a step forward to reduce carbon footprint.



Nexcess Free Website Migration Service
Nexcess Website Migration Web Hosts With Free Website Migration
Nexcess Website Migration – Web Hosts With Free Website Migration

Nexcess has a unique plan and pricing structure to make managed hosting reachable for businesses. It justifies why businesses need the WordPress Engine hosting environment. Nexcess is a managed WordPress web hosting platform with a specific plan for everyone.

It takes care of repetitive maintenance with 30-day backups and plugin upgrades. Other benefits include unlimited emails, Free CDN, free SSL certificate, visual regression tests, iThemes security pro, and support.

You qualify for a free migration when you sign up for a paid plan with Nexcess. They do not provide free migration with free trials. With Nexcess, any number of websites can be migrated for free.

How does a Website Migration work with Nexcess?

  1. Request a migration in the portal.
  2. Provide your current host account information. Either:
    • SSH access — preferred and will be the fastest
    • FTP
    • Hosting Control Panel
  3. Nexcess migration specialists will schedule a time to begin the data transfer of your website.
  4. They will set up your website on a temporary domain for you and your team to test.
  5. Schedule a time to point your domain name at your Nexcess service and go live.

Nexcess migration experts waste no time helping you transfer your site and get online.

Nexcess migration involves minimal downtime, making your switch seamless.

Web Hosts With Free Website Migration

If you have an existing account with Nexcess, you go to this page https://www.nexcess.net/support/migration/ and click on ‘Submit Migration


A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting Free Website Migration Service
A2 Hosting Free Site Transfer Web Hosts With Free Website Migration
A2 Hosting Free Site Transfer – Web Hosts With Free Website Migration

A2 Hosting is one the best web hosting which offer the fastest shared WordPress host that offers scalable and affordable hosting services available on the market today with entirely made on cloud infrastructure.

A2 Hosting offers free website migrations for their clients on every plan, from cheapest to expensive. This web hosting is most trusted and used by bloggers,eCommerce stores users and is officially recommended by large brands.

A2 Web Hosting

Founded back in 2003, A2 Hosting is one of the few independently owned companies that offer web hosting services. They …
Blazing Fast, Low-Cost Web Hosting! You can choose to host on Turbo Servers for page load speeds up to 20X faster.

This hosting focuses more on speed, performance, and support than pricing. The a2 hosting tagline brand is “Our Speed, Your Success.”

The basic hosting plans start from $2.99 only with no setup fee charges with free website migrations this plans only support 1 website with 100 GB SSD Storage, which is enough for new sites.

FAQS About Web Hosts With Free Website Migration Services

  1. What is website migration?

    You can break down website migration into two categories. 1st one is moving a website from one domain to another, generally involving changes to the site's URL, hosting platform, and design. 2nd one is moving a website from one web host to another.

  2. How much does it cost to transfer a website to a new web host?

    Free to around $250 based on the complexity of your website. This article mentions that many web hosts provide free site migration services to their new customers.

  3. Can you transfer a domain name to another hosting site?

    It is not necessary to register domain names with your hosting provider. You can host your domain name with one service provider and link it to another service provider's hosting services simultaneously.

  4. Does changing web host affect SEO?

    Generally speaking, no – switching web hosts will not affect your website's search engine optimization, provided that the site's structure and content remain unchanged. However, the quality of your hosting (uptime, speed, and so on) has a long-term impact on your search rankings, so I strongly advise you to use the best web host possible.

Final Words on Web Hosts With Free Website Migration

If you are suffering from website downtime issues, internal server errors, or database connectivity issues, you should consider moving your website. These WordPress website hosting transfers are usually done with zero downtime, and you don't have to do much apart from providing your old hosting information.

All listed web hosting is best and officially recommended by the WordPress community and large brands with completely free website migrations from emails to everything.

If your website suffers from hosting downtimes and internal servers, we highly recommend you go with Cloudways.

Many bloggers and digital marketers are often afraid to move their site to a new host because of the hassle. These non-techy people will find it hard to migrate and troubleshoot to ensure everything works smoothly on their new host.

But thanks to a handful of top WordPress web hosts with free website migration. We can now put all of our focus on what it is we do best – running our websites.

Thank you for reading the article. We hope this guide helped you at some point.

Which web hosting will you pick, and how are you doing? Do you know any other top WordPress hosting companies that offer free website migration? Let us know in the comments section below.

Cloudways Free Website Migration Service
Enjoy the free website migration service without paying them.
Get a 3-day free trial to cloudways managed hosting without limitations.
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