Hostwinds Hosting Review | Latest Hostwinds Pros and 3 Cons with Pricing Details

Hostwinds is a web hosting company dedicated to providing precise and cautious web hosting services to small and medium-sized businesses. This Hostwinds hosting review will see all aspects of Hostwind web hosting and pros and cons with pricing details.

When you consider that a hosting provider will include a cPanel license at the regular rate and that customer support is accessible 24 hours a day, it's clear that this host is a winner in the eyes of WordPress users.

Hostwinds is an excellent hosting solution for clients who want to launch their first web page to give their new company the boost it requires to get off the ground. If you're going to start a website or are looking for a new hosting provider for your domain, hostwinds is the place to go.

More businesses opt to jump on board the information superhighway and launch their website every day. However, many of them would instead use a hosting provider then go through the time-consuming start from scratch.

This service will give you a domain name and storage space on the server for your files and documents. In addition, as is common among modern hosting providers these days, the webmail option is available.

  • Quick cloud hosting deployment
  • Free website builder
  • Free SSL certificate & cPanel
  • Limited server locations
  • Prorated refund policy

Why Choose Hostwinds Hosting?

Hostwinds Hosting Review Hostwinds Pros and Cons with Pricing
Best Features of Hostwinds – Hostwinds Hosting Review

You should choose this service if you are in the process of opening your website from scratch or if you want to transfer your domain from another server.

Hostwinds offers fast, reliable, and affordable hosting options for various needs. 

Hostwinds Hosting Review

But why choose Hostwinds over the other accommodations reviewed by HostingVictory? The answer is simple, and opinions are often unanimous that they feel more secure.

It is because most of the services coincide with specific characteristics. Almost all of them have cPanel as a management tool, support WordPress and offer storage space and webmail included in the original price.

Fast and Reliable web hosting for personal or business use to get your website online.
$6.74 $8.00
All Hostwinds hosting plans come with an abundance of tools that will make your life easier.

Hostwinds Web Hosting Features

Best Features of Hoswinds Hosting

Hostwinds web hosting company has many valuable features categorized into Management, Infrastructure, Hosting plans, Hosting management, and Customization.

The best feature here is the operating systems that the hosting company can support, such as the Linux Webhosting and the CentOs 7 operating system.

Hostwinds also uses the latest versions of MySQL and PHP for its hosting services. Under the Management feature, Hostwinds allows data transfer and virtual machines in adoption and maintenance under cloud migration.

Also, under storage management, the Hosting Company provides management tools for database configuration, scaling, and data storage.

Database Management is a critical feature in Hostwinds. They offer support for managing different types of databases and integration methods. They also let the users analyze their site's connectivity, storage, and performance.

Multiple Data Centers

Data Centres - Hostwinds Hosting Review
Data Centres – Hostwinds Hosting Review

Hostwinds also provides multiple server locations to boost website loading speed like other hosting companies. At the time of registration, choose your nearest server location.

Data Centres of Hostwinds Hosting Review
Network Providers – Hostwinds Hosting Review
  • Automatic Network Failover: Resolving network failures instantly with built in redundancy.
  • Multi-Path Redundancy: Multiple layers of redundancy are built in at every level to guarantee higher uptime and increased reliability.
  • Redundant Power feeds from multiple power substations: N+1 Generator Backed Power

Free Website Migration

Free Website Migration Hostwinds Hosting Review
Free Website Migration – Hostwinds Hosting Review

If you are a beginner or don’t know how to move your files and Database to Hostwinds, the company plays here. At Hostwind, the experts will transfer your website from another server to Hostwind’s server.

Hostwinds offers complimentary website transfers upon request. From file uploading to database transfers, hostwinds free site migration service takes care of everything. Companies understand the ins and outs of transferring websites, so rest assured that your site is in good hands.

Hostwinds take appropriate precautions to ensure that your website stays online as it is being transferred.

Hostwinds Hosting Review

Hostwinds team of experts takes extensive measures when migrating your website to ensure it is working correctly on your new server. They then have you verify that everything is working as intended before considering the migration complete.

One Click Installs

Hosting Quick Install - Hostwinds Hosting Review
One-Click Install – Hostwinds Hosting Review

Regardless of your technical knowledge, cPanel provides everything you need to manage your website like a pro.

Other essential features include the Softaculous AutoInstall for the cPanel. The industry-leading platform and 1-step installations.

The feature will help you install all your scripts in just one step. It contains several different applications such as forums, CMS, e-commerce solutions, and blogs, making your business website run seamlessly.

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Go annual and enjoy 2 months free, or try out with a 60-day money-back guaranteed monthly plan.

Guarantee on Multiple Services

Hostwinds provide guarantees on multiple services like Excellence, Uptime & Customer Satisfaction. So you can choose Hostwinds as your host and enjoy their benefits at the best price.

Hostwinds Infrastructure

Users can provision networks when networking, manage their traffic, balance loads, and deliver content.

The availability of Virtual Machines offered by Hostwinds enables multiple operating systems to run on a single computer. They also provide disaster recovery options, not to mention application provisioning.

The existing Virtual machines are carefully maintained as part of the infrastructure maintenance to increase their functionality and security.

Hostwinds Hosting Review

Furthermore, Hostwinds included some Security apps with this functionality. Hostwinds use these to encrypt data and manage identities.

The hosting management features include Content Management Support (CMS), allowing users to use different CMS when managing their websites.

Hosting account holders can install shopping carts, among other tools, but they need to be wary as they may have to pay extra for some e-commerce integrations.

Some of the Email hosting solutions provided include the support of POP3 and IMAP email systems. Therefore, users can manage the email accounts associated with web domains via a third-party interface or built-in within the system.

Hostwinds Security

Third-party interference and hacking issues are significant concerns for e-commerce site owners. You, therefore, want to make sure your hosting provider caters to your site security or opt to purchase the service if not provided.

Hostwinds protect people running e-commerce and business sites; they even have tailor-made security features such as the Nightly backups.

Another feature is Website Monitoring. However, it is your responsibility to include the monitoring service on your website, and hostwinds will monitor your site for you.

If they detect a problem, your site will automatically generate a support ticket on your behalf.

Running e-commerce or business hosting account attracts some technicalities in management. You will, therefore, need prompt assistance from time to time, be it day or night.

To this end, hostwinds has a skilled support team standby to cater to you.

Nightly Backups

Nightly backups are an essential part of hosting services, ensuring your data is ready for you at any time. Hostwinds nightly backups are easy to set up and perform automatically. So rest easy knowing your information will remain safe at Hostwinds and available to you when you ultimately require it.

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Hostwinds Performance

Hostwinds will provide you with a site that operates well in speed, but there is a better catch; it will cost you money, but the rewards are incomparable.

On Hostwinds’s official website, they told 99.99% Uptime Guarantee.

Let’s get into the details, Hostwinds hosting review:

Month & YearServer UptimeServer Response TimeResult
July99.98%689 msExcellent
June100%785 msExcellent
May99.97%588 msGood
April100%614 msExcellent
March99.99%562 msExcellent
February99.95%578 msGood
January99.99%499 msExcellent
December100%854 msExcellent
November100%691 msExcellent
October99.92%776 msOk
September100%591 msExcellent
August99.98%748 msExcellent
Hostwinds Hosting Review

Hostwinds Support

Hostwinds Support Hosting Hosting Review Hostwinds Pros and Cons
Support – Hostwinds Hosting Review

Hostwinds offers a solid support system, especially for users under Reseller; their team handles the support needs of users' clients as they build their Webhosting company.

A user has four methods for contacting their support, the first of which is chat support, which allows customers who don't want to make phone calls to talk with one of their support personnel.

The second option is the ticket system, where users who need in-depth help or need assistance with issues concerning their accounts can open the ticket.

They also have a responsive Phone support service, where users get help with their technical issues.

Lastly, we have the Knowledgebase, and here Hostwinds has provided users with articles that contain helpful information about site management.

Weebly Site Builder

Hostwinds Hosting Review Hostwinds Website Builder
Weebly Site Builder – Hostwinds Hosting Review

Hostwinds Weebly site builder is only available to users under the Shared and Business Hosting plan.

The site builder is pretty easy to use. First, it will allow you to log into the Client Area find the manage button next to your Shared Hosting Web Hosting service.

And on the left side, under the Actions section, you will log in to the cPanel, and in the files section, you will click on the Weebly icon.

You will present a drop-down menu, and from there, you can choose your domain and add the site. You will then select a theme that aligns with your brand.

Building your site with hostwinds allows you to add text and images, among other elements. It’s a simple, intuitive process.

The drag and drop builder lets you arrange elements in the best way possible. It also enables you to customize your site for compatibility with both the desktop and the smartphone such that when you publish, your users will get a perfect view of both gadgets.

Fast and Reliable web hosting for personal or business use to get your website online.
$6.74 $8.00
All Hostwinds hosting plans come with an abundance of tools that will make your life easier.

Pricing of Hostwind

Hostwinds Pricing Details

If you are looking for a web hosting service that is both powerful and flexible, Hostwinds should be at the top of your list. Hostwinds provides a variety of shared, virtual private server (VPS), dedicated, cloud, WordPress, and reseller hosting packages aimed at both small and medium-sized businesses and giant corporations.

Shared Hosting: Hostwinds Hosting Review

Hostwinds shared web hosting is a perfect place to start your web hosting. It is the most affordable option and has many features to help you build and manage a website.

Hostwinds Hosting Review Shared Hosting
Shared Hosting – Hostwinds Hosting Review

Hostwinds Shared Web Hosting servers come with SSDs (Solid State Drives). They are ideal if you need fast, secure, and affordable web hosting for your portfolio, personal site, or small business website.

Hostwinds shared hosting plans come with various tools to make your life easier. Technical knowledge is not required to use Shared Web Hosting. As soon as you order your service, Hostwinds will send you your login details and information about beginning your web hosting journey.

Regardless of your technical knowledge, cPanel provides everything you need to manage your website like a pro.

Hostwinds Hosting Review

With solid uptime, multiple plans to choose from, and all server maintenance performed by Hostwinds Systems Administrators, Shared Web Hosting is an excellent choice for many different types of websites.

Business Hosting: Hostwinds Hosting Review

Hosting companies nowadays know that speed is critical for your business website, so hostwinds have put far fewer sites per server. The company also runs a highly tuned enterprise web server to ensure your website will load faster than on standard shared hosting.

Business Web Hosting Hostwinds Hosting Review
Business Hosting – Hostwinds Hosting Review

Hostwinds provides the best, most reliable services because they continuously monitor every aspect of their network and infrastructure, resolving issues immediately and expediently.

Although Business Web Hosting is ideal for businesses, it is certainly not exclusively for business owners.

Hostwinds Hosting Review

Business Web Hosting is a perfect web hosting solution for businesses. Hostwinds host Business Hosting packages on Solid State Drives (SSDs) for optimum performance. Hostwinds additionally increase Business Hosting performance further by utilizing LiteSpeed Web Server.

Reseller Web Hosting: Hostwinds Hosting Review

Reseller Web Hosting is a service that allows you to act as a web hosting provider without handling server management procedures. It is similar to Shared Web Hosting. However, there are no references to the Hostwinds brand, allowing you to offer a fully customized experience for your brand.

Hostwinds Reseller Hosting Hostwinds Hosting Review
Reseller Web Hosting – Hostwinds Hosting Review

Reseller Web Hosting is perfect for entrepreneurs and website designers who want to offer web hosting to their clients. With hostwinds reseller hosting, you can easily do this, and hostwinds will take care of all the heavy lifting on the back-end for you.

The More You Buy the More You Save:

  • 6-15 Products Purchased = 5% Discount
  • 16-20 Products Purchased = 8% Discount
  • 21-30 Products Purchased = 10% Discount
  • 31-40 Products Purchased = 15% Discount
  • 41-50 Products Purchased = 17.5% Discount
  • 51+ Products Purchased = 20% Discount

Linux VPS: Hostwinds Hosting Review

Hostwinds VPS Hosting Fully Managed Linux Hostwinds Hosting Review
Linux VPS – Hostwinds Hosting Review

Increase your server resources instantly by upgrading to the next tier of your Linux VPS plan! Upgrading is simple with Hostwinds, allowing you to scale your server based on your needs. Learn more.

Windows VPS: Hostwinds Hosting Review

Hostwinds Windows VPS Managed Hosting Hostwinds Hosting Review
Windows VPS – Hostwinds Hosting Review

Get started with a Windows VPS today to receive dedicated resources exclusively for you. What's more? It takes mere minutes for us to get your VPS up and run!

Deploy Your Windows Server Instantly: Launch your server with the version of Windows you need. Learn more.

Cloud Servers: Hostwinds Hosting Review

Cloud Server Hosting Hostwinds Hosting Review
Cloud Servers – Hostwinds Hosting Review

Get started with a Cloud Server today to receive dedicated resources exclusively for you. What's more? It takes mere minutes for hostwinds to get your Cloud Server up and running!

Deploy Instantly: Creating your cloud server is the first step on your journey. You can have your server up and running in seconds.

Hourly Billing: Pay for the resources you use at your rate. Efficiently, effectively, and economically, deploy and curate your servers. Learn more.

Dedicated Servers: Hostwinds Hosting Review

Unlike a VPS, which uses portions of the resources to run virtualization software and they hosted on a VPS node shared with other virtual servers, a dedicated server is all yours, meaning you have exclusive access to all of its physical resources.

Hostwinds Dedicated Servers Hostwinds Hosting Review
Dedicated Servers – Hostwinds Hosting Review

A Dedicated Server gives you the complete resources of the machine's available storage, computing power, RAM, and network connection.

Nearly all Hostwinds Dedicated Servers, except a select few, have full IPMI access to VNC KVM controls, power controls, and ISO mounting available.

It means it will give you complete control to manage your server whenever you want from your Client Area. Learn more.

Hostwinds Web Hosting Pros:

Here are some of the pros of Hostwinds web hosting service:

  • Free domain: You get a free domain name included with your purchase for a year.
  • Affordable hosting plan: for only $3.74 monthly, you will get a hosting plan that includes all the necessary features to start and run a successful small website.
  • Drag & Drop site builder: this tool is perfect for newbies looking to build a website but has no experience. The site builder allows you to create a custom webpage quickly, publish content, upload images, create slideshows and galleries, create a contact form, and post it online without writing a single line of code.
  • Security: The security features on Hostwinds are just excellent.
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction: With the 60-Day money-back guarantee offered by Hostwinds, you have enough time to test and have a good view of their service and support. Please note that hostwinds will deduct domain price from the amount of refund. Check Hostwinds’s terms to see how how the refund works.
  • Free marketing credits: each new hosting plan includes $100 Google Adwords credits and $100 Yahoo/Bing network advertising credits that you can spend driving traffic to your newly created website. It will be a good boost for building up your brand and making your first sales.
  • cPanel: The enhanced cPanel is easy to use and offers fast access to features.
  • Database options: Numerous databases are available, including MySQL, PostgreSQLCGI-BIN, PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby on Rails, etc.
  • Tons of free website scripts are available, including social networking scripts, blog support, mailing lists, message forums, Joomla and Drupal, and Tikiwiki.
  • Fast hosting: Most customers report that Hostwind servers are fast. Integrate with Cloudflare, and you’ll get even better performance.
  • Reasonable prices: Hostwinds is a hosting that boasts about offering enterprise solutions at small business prices. It provides dedicated server hosting, virtual private networks, on top of the cloud hosting, and regular hosting, which hostwinds advertise as its main selling point.

Hostwinds Cons or Disadvantages:

Here are some of the cons of Hostwinds web hosting service:

  • Limited dedicated server plans: While having a dedicated server option is an excellent advantage for a website host to have, Hostwinds, unfortunately, does not offer a limited choice on top of that. It means that you are limited in the number of sites and pages you can host on the server, despite being dedicated, which is very annoying.
  • No free SEO: Hostwinds does not offer a free SEO option. It is in line with many other web hosting sites available to you, but it would have been nice to have it there. More and more website hosts are offering free search engine optimization, and it would be nice to see Hostwinds follow suit.
  • Below average shared server specs: Unfortunately, when it comes to the shared servers that Hostwinds offers, it falls just below the industry standard line. The specifications shown are slower and of a lesser quality than its competitors, which makes sense given the service's affordability.
9.1Expert Score
Hostwinds Review Summary

Hostwinds claims to provide fast web hosting with a lower price guaranteed.

Customer support
Weebly site builder
Uptime and performance
Website setup process
  • Personalized service
  • cPanel included as a site management tool
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Costs according to the characteristics of each plan
  • Storage space included within the service’s server
  • No money-back guarantee for VPS
  • Refunds have strict conditions
  • You have to pay extra for SSL certificates

FAQS About Hostwinds Hosting Review

  1. Do I get a site builder with my hosting plan?

    While Hostwinds does not have its website builder, the company has collaborated with Weebly to provide website-building capabilities to all of its shared hosting customers.

  2. Does Hostwinds offer any refund or money-back guarantee?

    Yes, Hostwinds offers a 60-day money-back promise that has some conditions. It is possible to cancel your subscription within the first 30 days of purchase. If you cancel after this period, they will issue a prorated refund to your credit card.

  3. Is Hostwinds’ VPS hosting any good?

    Well, it’s almost guaranteed to be better than the shared hosting, as VPS hosting usually is. One thing’s for sure: Hostwinds VPS plans are relatively inexpensive compared to many other companies.

Final Words on Hostwinds Hosting Review

As a result, no one web hosting service is the ideal choice for everyone; however, Hostwinds is a robust and all-around web hosting provider that offers full-featured, entry-level alternatives that are not prohibitively expensive.

It is simple to change from your current hosting plan to one of the company's more premium offerings if you ever feel that you have outgrown it.

If you’re looking for a fast and affordable web hosting solution, consider choosing Hostwinds.

Fast and Reliable web hosting for personal or business use to get your website online.
$6.74 $8.00
All Hostwinds hosting plans come with an abundance of tools that will make your life easier.
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