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Whether you’re about to launch your first online business or look to transfer your site from one host to another, GlowHost most definitely has a web hosting solution for you. If you’re looking for a web hosting partner that your business can scale with, this might be one of the more comprehensive and reliable solutions currently available. Let's dig deep into this Glowhost review.

A Brief Introduction to GlowHost Review

GlowHost is an American web hosting company founded in 2002. They excel in customer support and offer a range of high-quality web hosting packages for businesses.

So, what exactly does GlowHost offer that other web hosting companies don’t? Well, at first glance, they look like everyone else, seeing as how they offer everything from shared to dedicated web hosting plans. But then you take a closer look and see that:

  • They offer elastic web hosting (not something you usually see).
  • They have a green web hosting initiative.

They’ve racked up an impressive list of awards that do nothing short but back up their claims that they are among the best of the best.

Awards GlowHost Review
Awards – GlowHost Review

They have an incredible lineup of partners—including Sucuri, McAfee, CloudFlare, SoftLayer, VeriSign, Amazon Web Services, and more—ensuring that every customer gets the biggest bang for their buck.

Partners GlowHost Review
Partners – GlowHost Review

There is no doubt that the GlowHost hosting plans are committed to providing high-performance and reliable connectivity and power to customers’ websites. We will cover all aspects in this Glowhost review.

Glowhost Statement
Whether you’re looking for a quick un-managed server build or a fully-managed 24/7/365 proactively monitored powerhouse, GlowHost has you covered. Need something a little more than a single box? We specialize in complex server clusters and can even set up and configure redundant points of presence for your website in geographically separated data centers so that there is no single point of failure. Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered.
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Originally launched back in 2002, GlowHost now touts companies like the United States Postal Service, PBS, and Activision among their customers.

If you are planning to incorporate Glowhost into your business, here are the numerous features you can enjoy, which we covered all in detail in this GlowHost review:

Effortless change of host – If your current web host is charging a hefty amount, it might be time to shift to a better one. Transferring your site to a new web host does not have to be as tiring as moving to a new house. It can be effortless if you switch to Glow host.

Environmentally friendly – Glow host strives hard to reduce carbon footprint and deliver green web hosting. Glow Host is currently in the US. EPA Green Power Partner.  Glow host is committed to using green alternatives. They use email services and pdfs instead of fax or postal mail to reduce wasteful manufacturing. They produce electronic receipts and invoices.

Customized solutions – Glow host prioritizes customer service. Usually, Web hosting companies provide automated and similar solutions to their customers. Their custom tailor hosting solutions fit their customer’s exact needs instead of the usual cookie-cutter hosting platforms.

Domain registration- Using Glow host, your domain registration process is as easy as pie. With selected plans, Glow host is giving away the free domain name of your choice. They also offer bulk domain name registration, bulk domain transfer, and free domain renewal options for their users.

Private SSL certificate- SSL security has been deemed a prerequisite if you want to run a safe website for the users. Security Sockets Layer provides a security layer that helps encrypt all communication between the browser and the web server currently serving the page. This security encryption helps prevent hackers from interrupting and collecting information during a web session.

SEO tools – Did you know over a third of online shoppers use Google, Bing, etc., to find products to buy? So, search engines are your website’s best friend. Glow Host offers this feature for E-Commerce Search Engine Optimization. Use descriptive, keyword-driven titles and customize your page URL’s for a better match.

1500+ professional design templates – we all love variety. You can choose from thousands of beautifully designed templates to make your journey easier. You can also select from pre-built templates and designs. Just drag and drop your favorite designs to customize your work.

GlowHost Hosting

$3.47 $4.95
GlowHost has the best web hosting around. If you disagree, use their 91 Day Guarantee and get your money back.
Glowhost offers an instant setup to be online in seconds, not days. Join the GlowHost web hosting family today!

GlowHost Web Hosting Plans

GlowHost offers six kinds of web hosting packages, each of which has at least three different plans, so to say that the options are plentiful would be a bit of an understatement.

Creating and publishing a website and choosing the perfect domain name might seem tedious. But with the result, you will be amazed to see the enormous impact it has made. It's easier than ever, especially with the help of a private web hosting service like Glow Host.

Here are the highlights from each of their web hosting packages:

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting GlowHost Review
Shared Hosting – GlowHost Review

To offer a genuinely comprehensive web hosting solution, GlowHost was, of course, going to show shared hosting plans to customers as well. The critical difference between what GlowHost offers and what the competition offers is the built-in value of their offering.

For example, each plan comes with:

  • cPanel and CloudLinux
  • Free domain registration
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free encrypted email
  • Redundant file storage (which is replicated not once, not twice, but three times)
  • Free McAfee Secure
  • Free Cloudflare CDN

Like they said on their website: “GlowHost is not the cheapest web host, but we are sure we have the best value in web hosting today.”

Elastic Web Hosting

The next step up is elastic web hosting. If you’ve never heard of this before, it’s a mix between shared hosting and VPS hosting. The amount of resources is closer to what you’d get with private server hosting, but you still have the easy server management that comes with shared.

Cloud VDS Hosting

Web hosting companies traditionally offer virtual dedicated server hosting, but GlowHost has decided to provide the cloud-based version of this service to customers.

Why? Because according to them, “Cloud VDS hosting is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses who demand the ultimate in high-performance, speed, stability and isolation from other sites not available on traditional VPS or shared hosting plans.”

Semi-Dedicated Hosting

For anyone who’s not quite ready to commit to a 100% dedicated server just yet, GlowHost offers this last intermediate step.

While this did mean that they will house websites on a server with other websites (which is why it’s not wholly “dedicated”), GlowHost guarantees at least 1/30th of the server’s capacity to be dedicated to each site, so resources are never shared, and performance never compromised.

Dedicated Hosting

The final rung of the ladder here is GlowHost Dedicated Hosting services, which also comes with managed servers. It means that customers receive a totally affordable and fully customizable dedicated server to host their website from without the hassle of managing it.

GlowHost also has a dedicated team helping dedicated hosting clients with migrations, setup, and setting up redundancy.

Reseller Hosting

In addition to the standard web hosting packages noted above, GlowHost also offers reseller hosting. However, unlike other companies that push this option onto web hosting companies, GlowHost understands that there are other reasons why someone may find that reseller hosting packages are more suitable for them.

In their own words: “You may simply want to consolidate accounts. You do not have to resell anything if you have a reseller hosting plan. Many people use reseller hosting packages to consolidate web sites that are spread out across multiple hosting providers or multiple servers.”

Then again, if you are looking to make money by reselling web hosting, this is a great solution to do that as it comes with cPanel, WHM, unlimited technical support, billing software, and safe listing capabilities.

Web Hosting Extras

And, of course, GlowHost offers traditional (as well as some non-traditional) web hosting add-ons for companies that need some extra assistance. These extras include:

  • SSL certificates
  • Trustmarks and badges from their partner providers
  • Hack prevention and repair services from Sucuri
  • Toll-free phone numbers
  • Email hosting
  • Domain name registration services
  • Hundreds of apps, including content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal

Data Centers

Glowhost currently has 18 data centers across the globe, including in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia, Japan, and Hong Kong. Also, the company’s Global CDN has more than 77 points of presence worldwide.

The company encourages users to select the closest data center to ensure fast content delivery to visitors. Glowhost also offers the option to set up a geographically dispersed server cluster which further enhances the website's performance. This service is crucially essential for websites with high traffic from across the globe.

All the company’s shared servers are located in Salt Lake City, Phoenix, or Montreal, while the Managed Cloud Servers are only in Salt Lake City.

The locations for data centers include:

  • Atlanta, Georgia,
  • Chicago, Illinois,
  • Dallas, Texas,
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Miami, Florida
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Mexico City, MX
  • Toronto, ON
  • Montreal, QC
  • Sao Paulo, BR
  • London, UK
  • Nottingham, UK
  • Amsterdam, NL
  • Hong Kong, CN
  • Tokyo, JP
  • Sydney, AU
  • Melbourne, AU

Money-back Guarantee

If customers are unsatisfied with their service within the first 91 days, they’ll receive their money back.

24/7/365 Support

Strong customer support ensures that the client stays with the company in every possible scenario. Web hosting is a field where a few seconds of downtime can cause significant losses to the website owners.

If you need to contact customer support, you can do it via email, online chat, and social media platforms. The company often encourages the users to join their Social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook, asking them questions for a quick response.

The support team is available 24x7x365. Glowhost has a dedicated support team for WordPress-based websites as well.

100% Uptime Guarantee

With a data center and CDN network as extensive as GlowHost has, it’s no surprise they can make this sort of offer. They promise a 100% uptime guarantee for every single hosting plan. They guarantee 99.95% overall uptime within a year, even with issues related to hardware or maintenance (which is something you don’t typically find).

9.1Expert Score
GlowHost Review with Expert Opinion

GlowHost provides expert web hosting solutions with shared, dedicated, managed, and reseller servers and services.

Speed and Performance
Customer Support
Pross of Glowhost
  • Glow host is known for its strong customer support. It provides 24x7x365 support to all its customers before and after the sale.
  • The company is hyperactive on social media accounts, making it easier for you to support.
  • A wide range of packages ensures you have ample choices for your websites.
  • With 18 data centers and 77+ CDN points, speed and performance are hard to match.
  • Email service is fast and reliable.
  • Website builder with free templates.
  • 91-day money-back guarantee.
  • Free domain name for the life of the account (1- and 2-year plans only)
Cons of Glowhost
  • There have been some complaints about the speed, but the company keeps on upgrading the enhanced user experience.
  • Conditional resource usage
  • Price increases on renewal

FAQs about GlowHost Review

Is GlowHost A Good Host?

GlowHost might be the best web hosting provider that you’ll ever work with. For nearly two decades, GlowHost's unique approach to web hosting has allowed them to become the trusted solutions provider for hundreds of thousands of domains worldwide. GlowHost’s in-house technical team shares hundreds of years of combined hosting expertise, and their customers immediately gain access to highly qualified senior support staff available to help you 24/7/365.

Is GlowHost an Environmentally Friendly Web Hosting?

GlowHost is proud to be recognized as an EPA Certified Green Power Partner. Learn more about our Green Web Hosting Initiative and how they help protect our environment for the future.

Is GlowHost Provide Free WebSite Transfer Service?

Changing hosts can be challenging for many site owners. With GlowHost, they take care of the entire process for you. They’ll coordinate with you before the transfer, copy all of your files, emails, and databases to the new server, and assist you with pointing your domain to GlowHost from your previous provider. The best part is they do this free of charge.

Summary of GlowHost Review

In conclusion, it may not be as popular as other giant hosting providers in the market. Still, GlowHost offers competitive prices for their services, and they are very dedicated to providing world-class web hosting services to all their clients.

So, there you have it. Whether you’re just about to launch your website and need affordable but reliable shared web hosting, your business will go ballistic. It would be best to have a dedicated server handle it all; GlowHost should have you covered. Would you mind letting us know what your think of our Glowhost review?

Glowhost offers an instant setup to be online in seconds, not days. Join the GlowHost web hosting today!
$3.47 $4.95
GlowHost has the best web hosting around. If you disagree, use their 91 Day Guarantee and get your money back.
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