8 Tips to Engage Customers On Social Media Easily

Social media has completely changed the business world by high engagement level with people, not only customers and media but competitors too.

If you are still wondering how to go about engaging your customers in social media, rely on approaches like how to check Facebook shares among others, and slowly identify what your customers enjoy sharing among their circles.

Are you satisfied with the level of engagement with your customers? Do you feel like they understand the course of your business?


Here are practical tips on how you can better engage your customers on social media:

1. Make Your Content More Interesting

The kind of messages you want to pass across may be nice, but with a little more deliberate effort, those messages could be the key to high engagement with your customer.

Everyone including yourself is drawn towards interesting content.

Tips to Engage Customers on Social Media

Let your audience feel needed and represented in your content through the use of conversational tones and key markers like questions that poke them to give feedback.

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How to increase social media engagement?

Engaging customers on social media is not an easy task. It takes the right strategy, a deep understanding of your audience, and commitment to be able to get your customers to interact with your brand.

Engage Customers on Social Media in: 59 days

  1. Write catchy headlines.

    The headline of your social post needs to catch the user's eye. Posing a question also encourages a response, helping you build up a dialogue.

  2. Post quality visual media.

    When you post photos and videos, you're more likely to grab customers attention. Posts with photos are typically more appealing to users than text-only articles.

  3. Share brand stories.

    Social platforms are a great place to share brand stories. Through photos and videos, you can tell your customers the story of how your brand originated.

  4. Use different social networks.

    Not all social media platforms serve the same purpose. If you understand each channel’s unique functions, you can optimize your practices to engage more customers on social media.

  5. Join question & answer sessions.

    Joining questions and answers sessions is a great way to provide users with value and gets you seen as a helpful brand.

2. Go All Out in Your Communication Strategy

Sometimes things do not work out to our advantage because we have a reservation that is all about anxiety and fear.

Social media doesn’t have to be that serious for you, because it is just a virtual strategy to communicate with your customers.

Please do not shy away from trying out different formats for the content you share with them like incorporating images, GIFs or even humour and augmented reality. Remind yourself that your audience is humans who are just looking to be informed in the most interesting ways.

Be the solution to their problems.
Post content that solves your audience’s problems engages directly via comments and direct messages to build a community, be interested in others, and always provide value to people. Brand loyalty is a two-way street based on attention and consideration. If you carefully engage your community and pay attention to their comments and concerns, they will pay attention to you, your brand, and your business. —Matthew CapalaAlphametic

3. Use Social Media Features Skilfully

Technology today is so advanced so that there are so many features at your disposal to make work easier and more fun.

Tips to Engage Customers on Social Media
Business Growth Graph – Tips to Engage Customers on Social Media

With this knowledge and the fact that your customers as a diverse ever-changing group of people, consider integrating the skilful use of social media features like ask me anything, Twitter Chats and Chatbots, which will push your customers to be active in engaging with you on social media.

4. Share More Than Just Your Content

People appreciate when they feel they are looked out for. Consistency in sharing your own content is good but might be sending out a message to the audience that you only care about your needs and pushing your products.

Would you rather people brush you off as selfish, or can you adjust to tactfully providing more value to your customers?

Tips to Engage Customers on Social Media

A highly intrigued audience is an actively involved people, therefore, consider sharing more than just your content on social media, which is variety and value for your audience and is a good way to keep your audience interested in your posts.

5. Build a Group or Community for Your Customers

Although social media consolidates all your niche audience in one platform, categorizing them further cannot do you damage.

Instead of randomly sharing content on the internet for anyone to find, create a grouping that brings them all together, for example, a Facebook page is more specified than a general Facebook account.

This kind of specialization could also benefit you in research on how much your customers share your content with others outside of the group.

6. Be Selective and Consistent

Instead of spreading yourself thin, be selective in which social network accounts you want to use. While Facebook and Twitter may seem like must-have social media accounts for business, they might not be the best place for you to reach your audience. So, be choosy and smart about the social media networks you invest time in.

7. Be Visible and Available on Social Media

The higher your online visibility, greater are the chances for your audience to look out for your products and services. In simple terms, online visibility refers to the easiness with which consumers can find your company and its products in online locations.

8. Make Sure Your Content Is Mobile-Friendly

Tips to Engage Customers On Social Media Easily
Be Mobile Friendly – Tips to Engage Customers On Social Media

Don’t ignore mobile-friendly social media content. It is no surprise that the demand for mobile-friendly social media content is increasing. People are using an increasingly high amount of time on their mobile devices.

Allow people to share content across different platforms easily. Make sure the content is optimized for mobile.

Why is social media engagement is important?

Social media engagement is more than just the accumulation of followers across social platforms. Brands can no longer live in a world where they hide behind a wall of private communication and push inquiries, concerns or problems aside. So this is the main reason that social media engagement is must nowadays.

What are the benefits of a business using social media for engagement?

Social media management can increase your business exposure by posting interesting content. Social media can attract more visitors when done consistently and intentionally.

How can social media be used to interact with customers?

Social media is an essential marketing tool for modern businesses. If you are handling customer complaints and concerns on social media, you'll show other customers how dedicated you are to keeping them satisfied.

These tips are a guarantee to higher result in engagement matters of social media. Your customers are waiting for you to take the lead and they sure will engage with you overwhelmingly, and now you have a fair shot at it.

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