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9 Best Rated Craigslist Apps for Android and iOS

Below is a list of all the best rated Craigslist apps for Android and iOS that will help you view, post, and edit ads while on the move. After all, it is home to all sorts of advertisements like jobs, services, automotive, housing, and even a place to sell stuff.

Let’s start with the best rated craigslist apps for android and iOS.

Craigslist is one of the largest ad posting sites in the US and in worldwide. More than 67 million people are accessing the site in the US alone. No doubt, it is one of the top destinations for classified ads. That is why it is so surprising that the popular classified site has no official Android or iOS platforms.

How to Download and Install Apps on Android

Best Rated Craigslist Apps for Android and iOS

You can download free and paid apps from Google Play on your Android phone. We recommend that you get apps from Google Play, but you can also get them from other sources.

It just need: 9 minutes

  1. First, tap the Apps Icon.

    You can find it at the bottom of your home screen, but it mainly depends on your smartphone about where it is located. It usually looks like some dots or small squares inside of a circle.

  2. Tap on Play Store.

    Its icon is a multicolored triangle on a white briefcase.

  3. Type the Name or Keyword Into Search Box of Application.

    For example, you can type “online information hub” to search for the “online information hub” app.

  4. Select Your App from The Search Results Which You Want to Install.

    It will bring you to the details page, where you can read the app’s description, check out user reviews, and view screenshots.

  5. Click Install Button.

    It’s a green button just beneath the name of the app.


  • Working Internet Connection
  • An Android Smartphone
  • A Gmail ID

Craigslist has compiled an impressive amount of data that any city dweller may need, like repair or teaching services, job vacancies, items for sale, housing, etc. However, it is not convenient to go through all of that data when looking for something quite specific. For this reason, people look for the best rated craigslist apps for ease and efficiency.

More discussions and resources:

1. CPlus Craigslist App

CPlus-for-Craigslist-on-the-App-Store - Best Rated Craigslist Apps for Android and iOS
CPlus – Best Rated Craigslist Apps for Android and iOS

Most people search within a single city, but CPlus will let you search multiple cities at once. You can filter results by text, image view, and text+images depending on what you need. Also, you can save your searches for future references. Other filters include price, bundles, payment mode, and distance.

CPlus makes Craigslist easier to use. Many added features make browsing, searching, and posting on Craigslist smooth, effective, and free.

What is CPlus for Craigslist And its Features?

1. Geo-location enables you to find nearby cities automatically.
2. Multiple city searches for ads and classifieds.
3. Multiple display modes for Search Results: Photo+description view, photo grid view, photo album view, a map view, and big photo view.
4. you can save searches to start a screen and avoid repeating the exact searches.
5. Postings can be protected from your favorite list. Also, add notes to your favorite postings.
6. Great mobile optimization for easy readability and functionality.

CPlus says that Craigslist officially licenses it, and the app works flawlessly. UI and design are modern and functional.

Best Rated Craigslist Apps for Android and iOS

It’ll also allow users to create or edit ads and classifieds and post them to Craigslist. One of the best Craigslist apps.

Download CPlus: Android | iOS

2. Classified Listings Mobile

CL Mobile browse classified ads marketplace that is not limited to just Craigslist. There is also support for other classified sites like Google, Facebook, Locanto, and more. The UI is not as pleasing as CPlus but functional.

Classified Listings Mobile – Craigslist & more is a very easy-to-use application that allows users to search millions of Classified ads posted on Craigslist.org, Buy Sell Now, Hoobly, OODLE, From this application and the website. You can also apply filters to your search.

Classified Listings Mobile for Classified ads was created as a mobile solution for classified websites like Buy-Sell Now, Craigslist.org, letgo, offer up, Classifieds Marketplace, CL, and improving the user's experience, application behaves like a standard browser and does not collect any information.

Features for best rated Craigslist apps:

  • Multiple classified ads marketplaces like Hoobly, Oodle, Classified Ads, Laconto, Recycler, Kijiji, Offerup, Legtgo, CL and Gumbtree, and more.
  • Multi-City search
  • Sort results by low/high price
  • Post directly from the app
  • Share From Inside Classified Listings Mobile – for Classified ads
  • Ability to Save Favorite Ads

Because Classified Listings Mobile for Classified ads is just a browser, they can bring all the native things you love about these MarketPlaces. Classified Listings Mobile Classified ads are a highly easy-to-use app that allows users to search from millions of classified ads posted every day and post ads directly from the app.

Optimized for the mobile devices: Classified Listings Mobile for Classified ads provides the Classifieds' browser version's functionalities on mobile devices with ease and usability.

You can also create an account and post ads or edit them. You cannot save your favorite searches; however, you can save famous advertisements, making it easy to find them later. You can search for ads and classified into multiple cities at once. But cannot search in various marketplaces.

Download CL Mobile: iOS

3. CSmart Classifieds & Feeds for iOS Platforms

CSmart-Classifieds-Feeds-on-the-App-Store - Best Rated Craigslist Apps for Android and iOS
CSmart – Best Rated Craigslist Apps for Android and iOS

You can use this app to surf Craigslist ads and classifieds on iPads and iPhones. There is support for just one classified site, but the Craigslist app works pretty well.

The amazing feature is the ability to view past searches in the history column.

Best Rated Craigslist Apps for Android and iOS

You can save and search for your favorite ads. CSmart will send you a notification the next time it becomes available in the market. You can also save your frequently used searches. Travelers will be happy because you can search multiple cities at once.

IMPORTANT: CSmart is the SMARTEST classifieds browser that unlocks the hidden potential of online classifieds. The quickest way to browse and search with excellent features like multi-city saved searches, notifications, starred/favorite listings, search history, and previously viewed listings history all in one easy-to-use screen.


  • Keep an eye on your favorite searches without all the time and effort.
  • CSmart automatically notifies you when a new item is found that you’re searching for.
  • Integrated with Notification Center.
  • Quickly see how many saved searches have new notifications from CSmart’s main menu.
  • Options to enable or disable: Automatic Sync, Notifications, and Sounds.

Finally, there is support for a filter depending on the listing category. You can filter by price, location, area, color, condition, date, and so on. There are many valuable shortcuts like color-coded city-wise listings and highlighted new listings.

Download CSmart: iOS

4. CLassify: Craigslist Local Classifieds

CLassify-Craigslist-Local-Classifieds- Best Rated Craigslist Apps for Android and iOS
CLassify – Best Rated Craigslist Apps for Android and iOS

CLassify is a simple, minimal, no-nonsense Craigslist client. It revolves around the sales section and cuts out most of the rest of the site. You can easily shop or browse for stuff in your city and nearby cities.

Classify is the best classifieds app for shopping and selling in your neighborhood via Craigslist. Whether you’re looking for a place to rent, a used car to buy, or a job in your area, you’ll find it here.

Best Rated Craigslist Apps for Android and iOS

Some of the features:

  • Get notified when new items get added to Craigslist that matches your saved searches
  • Auto location detection to display all the Craigslist listings in your area
  • Reply to ads directly and negotiate your bargain price!
  • Favorite items as you browse so you can review your options then narrow down later.

It’s simple, free (with ads), and a decent way to browse Craigslist for stuff on sale.

Download CLassify: Android

5. Postings Application App

Postings attempt to be the easiest to use and the most visually appealing Craigslist search application in the Marketplace and are written by a Craigslist addict for Craigslist addicts.

Posting is an Android app for Craigslist that shows you ads and classified postings from the popular site. There is also support for multiple layouts. For example, you can sort results in lists with just tiles, text with images, or only images.

It also supports multiple location searches with the option to save your searches or favorite ads in one place.

Best Rated Craigslist Apps for Android and iOS

You can press the start button to save or bookmark a listing, but you can’t save frequently done searches. Finally, you can sort the listings on Craigslist and filter results by name, location, type, area, price, picture only, date, etc. The app is ad-supported, which can be removed with an in-app purchase.

Download Postings: Android

6. Daily Craigslist Classifieds

Best Rated Craigslist Apps for Android and iOS
Daily Craigslist Classifieds – Best Rated Craigslist Apps for Android and iOS

This Craigslist app is more like a mobile browser with a bare-minimum UI on the inside. You can browse many cities, but there are no advanced features like night mode.

• Automatic location detection displays all classified ads available for your area
• Set your location manually or search multiple locations at once

• Save time like a pro by saving your most frequent searches for quick recall
• Filter results by price range, listings with images, and most recent posts

• Get notified when a new posting has been added that matches your Saved Searches.
• Set Daily, 3x Daily, or Hourly notifications to never miss an item for sale again!

• Save listings to your Favorites as you browse
• Recall your entire list of Favorites in just one tap

• Easily reply to ads without leaving the app
• Tap to call and connect with used goods sellers immediately (you must provide a number)

You start selecting a city manually or using GPS and search by keywords or category. You’ll see a list of your recent search history, but that’s it. However, you can save individual listings or search phrases, so there’s that. The best thing is that if you find yourself sending the same message or reply repeatedly, you can save it as a template and re-use it whenever you want.

Download Daily Craigslist Classifieds: Android

7. cPro: Used and Free Stuff

Best Rated Craigslist Apps for Android and iOS
cPro – Best Rated Craigslist Apps for Android and iOS

cPro takes things to the next level. Apart from all the features discussed in the previous apps, cPro offers a 110% guarantee on items purchased through their app. But how?

They offer coins using your real money. Now, if you pay for services and products using your cash, you’ll receive a guarantee. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Best Rated Craigslist Apps for Android and iOS


  • Millions of unique items available from sellers nearby.
  • Preloved items, brands, and garage sales.



  • Free job posting for employers.
  • Free CV posting for job seekers.


  • Apartment and housing listings.
  • Renting and buying.

Besides this, you can create new ads or edit existing ones. The layout is minimalist and straightforward, works well. cPro is free to use but comes with in-app purchases that you will need to buy coins. The app serves no ads.

Download cPro: Android | iOS

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8. Letgo: Buy and Sell Used Stuff, Cars, Furniture

Best Rated Craigslist Apps for Android and iOS
Letgo – Best Rated Craigslist Apps for Android and iOS

There are fewer and fewer traditional craigslist apps as technologies evolve, and the classifieds and second-hand apps are slowly replacing them. And those are pretty good, actually, and don’t differ that much from the craigslist apps, like this one.


USED CARS – Whether you are looking for a used Toyota, a pre-owned ford, or an old Chevrolet, they will help you find the best-used car for you. Explore used cars for sale, used trucks used SUVs, used motorcycles, dirt bikes, and many more.

HOUSING – Looking to sell your property or into real estate investing? Find and list properties like apartments, houses for sale, studios, and other real estates.

SELL ELECTRONICS – Used PS4 and other used video games, used electronics, laptops, computers, smartphones, and much more.

letgo is a go-to marketplace app to sell your stuff and find the best offers on secondhand finds like used cars, secondary electronics, and used video games! It is also the place for sellers to declutter your home and make money selling used items that no longer serve you!

It is an excellent classifieds app where people can sell their old stuff, and other people can find rare things that they have been looking for for a long time before. Just install letgo and see which offers you have in your living area. You can contact any seller in seconds, ask questions about the product, and negotiate the price.

Download letgo and start selling your stuff, shopping for the best brands, and finding discount deals on anything from fashion, electronics, and used cars!

Download: AndroidiOS

9. Craigsafe for Craigslist

Craigsafe is the only ANONYMOUS Craigslist browser on the market! Buy and sell in total safety and security. Only reveal sensitive info as necessary.

On the other side, the person could be a bad person, a government, or even a robot. Don't take any chances with raw communications. Instead, shield yourself with Craigsafe.

Best Rated Craigslist Apps for Android and iOS

Free to download, Craigsafe provides a beautifully designed, intuitive interface, allowing you to browse conveniently, search, sort, and favorite advertisements. You can also post and manage your classified ads in just a few taps.


  • Unique Design – Optimized for both iPhone and iPad
  • All of Craigslist at your fingertips
  • Browse through ads in multiple locations at the same time
  • More than 700 locations with each more than 100 (sub)categories
  • View full screen and zoom images. Like what you see? Save images directly to your device

Browse effortlessly through ads by scrolling up or down from one ad to another

Download Craigsafe for Craigslist: iOS

FAQs About Best Rated Craigslist Apps

  1. How to Choose the Best Craigslist App?

    There are quite a few apps available that give you easy access to craigslist on the go. They can send you notifications, keep you in contact, and help you find just what you’re looking for.

  2. How Does Craigslist Work?

    Craigslist is an online classified ad website divided into different city areas. Users post ads in categories including Services, For Sale, Jobs, Housing, Community, and Personal. Basic knowledge of Craigslist allows users to interact with one another safely.

  3. How Easy is to Use Craigslist Apps?

    It’s simple and easy to use. Mobile use is extended for all activities. It also serves as the platform for buying and selling things. Craigslist app serves as the platform for connecting sellers and buyers through an online medium. With the app’s help, there can be more accessible communication, and the apps help in the process.

Final Words Best Rated Craigslist Apps for Android and iOS

All these best rated Craigslist apps provide you with all the essential information from searching different websites. When looking for the products, please do not wait for them anymore. Make a move by downloading one of the best rated Craigslist apps (Android/ iPhone) and looking for the products to sell or buy quickly.

These best rated Craigslist apps are available in the App Store and the Play Store for iOS and Android platforms. Most features are common, with some UI differences and handling the presentation and layout.

As mentioned above, you can choose any of those best rated Craigslist apps to either create your listing or edit them. If you found the information helpful, then please do share and comment.

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