How to Download Videos from Discord – 4 Easy Ways

What is Discord, and how to download videos from Discord? Discord is the most popular chat application among gamers and corporate professionals. Gamers love this app as it gives them the feature to chat while playing games, which adds more fun to their gameplay experience. Not all games come with the feature of live chat; therefore, gamers opt for Discord.

Why Use Discord?

A group of people playing the same game can quickly build groups or rooms and play together. For professionals, Discord works as a medium to connect and distribute work with employees of an organization and members of the room.

Well, apart from creating rooms and chatting, you can also download videos from Discord. Moreover, you can download & upload videos, images, and other media files from Discord.

How to Download Videos from Discord

Discord is too a social media platform, after all. However, there is a limit to the size of the file you are uploading or downloading, 8 MB. You cannot share movies or long videos over this platform. As for HD content, you can only get a few seconds of it.

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Discord is very straightforward to set up and use. It would be best to have the app, a login, a camera, and a mic, and you’re ready to go. There is a Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux version of the app, so you’ll be able to use it on nearly any device. You can also run it purely in your browser if you don’t want to install it.

The main question here is: How can you download videos from Discord? This article will tell you how to download videos from discord.
Let us get started then.

Is it Safe to Download Files from Discord?

Usually, it’s pretty safe, but sometimes people will add malicious spyware or a virus to their files. Either the person has to know how to do that (which is unlikely), or they downloaded a file somewhere else that already had a virus.

As downloading a video or image from any other social media website is secure, downloading from Discord is safe.

While it is typically safe to download files through Discord, you should be cautious while downloading files from people you do not know. You should also consider scanning files with a virus scanner before opening them.

How to Upload or Download Videos from Discord

If you have used Discord, you must know that it is tricky at some level. It has so many features, and the setup is complicated. However, uploading and downloading videos is not much work. Moreover, it is straightforward. Just follow the steps given below and set up your Discord account first.

Set up Discord Account

1. First, download and install the Discord application on your device if you haven’t already.

2. If this is your first time using Discord, press Register to create your account! You’ll need to enter:

  1. username
  2. email address 
  3. password

3. Once you’ve finished entering this account information, you can press “Create an account” to start using Discord! 

How to Download Videos From Discord
Create Account – How to Download Videos from Discord
Note: Ensure to head into your e-mail to verify your e-mail address! By confirming your e-mail address, you’ll be able to recover your account if you ever forget your password! 

4. The last step here is to join a chat server. If you are unsure about it, you can search for any game server or open community server.

Now that you are all set up with your Discord application downloading a video is all left.

IMPORTANT: Before getting on to the download and upload guide, you must consider an 8 MB file limit. You cannot use media files over the limit; you will be accepted within the 8 MB mark.

Now, let us first see how to upload or send a video on Discord.

Upload Videos on Discord

1. First, open the server or room or the personal chat section where you want to send a video.

2. At the bottom, you will see a camera and an image logo beside the type section. Click on the camera button if you want to record a video. Else you can click on the image icon to upload a pre-recorded video.

3. Once you have selected the video, click on the send button. The video will be uploaded and sent within a few seconds.

The steps are similar to that of other social media platforms. However, with the 8 MB file limit on Discord, you can’t share videos above that limit. But what if you have to? You can use cloud storage platforms to upload your video and then share the link on Discord. You can use Google Drive, OneDrive, Streamable, Dropbox, etc.

1. Download Videos from Discord

Downloading a video from Discord is more comfortable than uploading the same. All that you need to do is:

1. Tap on the video, and it will expand the video thumbnail to a full screen.

2. On the top panel, you will find three options. Click on the first icon (down arrow button) from the left, i.e., the Download button.

How to Download Videos From Discord
Click the Download Button – How to Download Videos from Discord

3. Your video will start downloading as soon as you click on the Download button.

4. If you are using Discord on a computer, right-click on the video and click Download.

2. How to Download Third Party Videos from Discord

If anyone uploaded the video to a third-party service, you need to follow some extra steps. Follow the text link provided in Discord chat to the video's hosting.

There should be an option somewhere to download. Either a button or right-click dialogue lets you save the video for later. As long as the uploader permits downloading, this should be enough to get you that video.

3. How to Download Videos from Discord on Android

Download the Snaptube app to your Android. It is a straightforward app and easy to use. Follow these steps, and you will download the videos in no time.

1. Once you’ve downloaded the app open it. Now select the video site. For example, if your friend on Discord sent you a YouTube video, press the “YouTube” icon. 

How to Download Videos From Discord
Choose Platform – How to Download Videos from Discord

2. Copy the link from the video in your Discord chat and paste that link into the app.  Press Download the video Button.

How to Download Videos From Discord
Select Quality – How to Download Videos from Discord

3. Select the quality of the video you want to download. Once you do that, the download will automatically start. The app will directly save the video in your download section. 

4. How to Download Videos from Discord Via Bots?

NOTE: Discord Bots are automated modules that can task with many different functions, and they represent a great way to customize your experience on this platform.

You can use various bots for this purpose, and most of them are free to use! You can get it here.

Before you try this option, read the Bot's detailed specification and check whether it’s well suited for the type of action you need to perform.

FAQs About How to Download Videos from Discord

  1. How do I transfer videos from discord to my computer?

    Make sure your video is the correct file type. Discord supports mp4, WebM, and mov file types. After that, in the Discord app on your Mac or PC, click the “+” icon in the Discord messaging bar for the channel you're looking to send the video to and find the video you want to send.

  2. Is downloading videos from discord safe?

    It is generally safe to download files from Discord. Be cautious about downloading files from people you do not know. And consider using a virus scanner to scan files before opening them.

  3. Why is discord only for 13+?

    When you create an account on Discord, they probably save your name, age, e-mail address, etc. It would violate COPPA and get them into trouble if the user is under 13. Hence they added the clause to their Terms of Service: all users have to be 13+.

Final Words on Download Videos from Discord

Video downloading and uploading on Discord is as easy as any other platform. Discord's only downside is the 8 MB limit; however, you can always use cloud storage and links to share videos.

Although Discord is not explicitly designed for sharing media files, you can still send and receive short videos.

How to Download Videos from Discord

Some people have doubts about whether Discord is safe for sharing media files. We must clarify that sharing videos/images on Discord is as safe as any other platform.

We all share files over other social media platforms, then what’s the harm in sharing them on Discord? Nothing! Discord is very secure, and you do not need to worry about anything.

Now that everything is clear, you can freely upload and download videos from Discord. Do you know any other ways to download videos from Discord, or do you have other favourite third-party services for sharing media through the app? Kindly tell us about it by using the comment box below.

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