Download Music From TikTok Video On Computer, Android, And iPhone – 7 Easy Ways

How To Download Music From TikTok On Computer Or Phone

Today, we will cover all aspects of how to download music from TikTok on your computer or phone? In the age of android, being viral and becoming a celebrity is no longer difficult now. Thanks for the short video apps and social media sharing.

TikTok is also a short-form video sharing platform whose popularity has spread like a drug among the youth. Not only youngsters, basically a lot of Internet users from all age groups look obsessed with TikTok. Surprisingly, People who are interested in TikTok look for a useful TikTok music downloader also.

Why TikTok Music Needed To Be Download?

Sometimes, a user likes a video on TikTok, or the music of that video pleases him, and he is fascinated. So, he wants to enjoy this fascinating music again and again. He wants to download and save the video or music on his gadget, PC, or phone, instead of having difficulty listening to it again.

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In this article, we are supposed to state the best ways to Download Music from TikTok on a Computer or Phone.

1. Download TikTok Videos On Android

One way to download TikTok videos on Android is to use the official TikTok app. This method works for all the videos where the creator has enabled download.

1. Launch the TikTok app on your phone.

2. Find the video that you want to download.

3. You’ll see a few options on the right sidebar. Please tap on the option that has an arrow icon for share options.

How To Download Music From TikTok On Computer Or Phone
How To Download Music From TikTok On Computer Or Phone

4. On screen, you’ll have several ways to share the selected video, but because you want to download this TikTok video, tap the Save video option.

How To Download Music From TikTok On Computer Or Phone
How To Download Music From TikTok On Computer Or Phone

5. Wait for the video to be downloaded to your device. You’ll see the live progress on your screen.

6. You’ll get a menu that lets you share your video. Tap Cancel as your video is now downloaded on your device.

How To Download Music From TikTok On Computer Or Phone
How To Download Music From TikTok On Computer Or Phone

7. Open the Gallery app, and you’ll find your TikTok video downloaded there.

2. Download Music From TikTok With iTube Go Downloader

iTube Go Youtube downloader is a windows based application that is mostly used for grabbing videos from YouTube usually. The app is too useful for all modern platforms in which TikTok is on top of the list. It also extracts the audio from the video in high quality and can save it into your pc in just one click.

Salient Features Of iTube Go Youtube Downloader

iTube Go Youtube downloader has numerous spectacular features that are as follows:

How To Download Music From TikTok On Computer Or Phone
Download Music From TikTok On Your Computer With iTube Go Downloader
  • You can download your desired music from any TikTok video in multiple formats, including MP3, M4A, MKA, WAV, AAC, FLAC, AIFF, and OGG.
  • Can download complete playlists from the video platforms.
  • It can download subtitles of the videos in SRT format.
  • It has ten times the faster-downloading speed and takes just a few minutes to complete your task.
  • iTube Go Downloader is a free tool.
  • Procedure to download TikTok music or song in mp3

You Can Download Music From Any TikTok Video Into Your PC In Just 5 Steps

If you use an Android device, you have many ways to download TikTok videos onto your phone or tablet.

Download TikTok music video in 9 minutes

  1. Download the new version

    Download the new version of this brilliant app on your machine.

  2. Find the URL

    Find the URL of your desired TikTok Video and copy its link.

  3. Launch the app

    Launch the app and select your output video format to Mp3 or any other audio format according to your choice.

  4. Paste the copied URL

    Paste the copied URL, and boom, downloading will start automatically.

  5. Open downloads folder

    When the download process finishes, you can listen to your downloaded mp3 file in your Downloads folder.


  • iTube Go Downloader App
  • A Working Internet Connection
  • A Laptop or Computer

3. Download Music from TikTok With Kapwing

To download music from Tiktok with kapwing, you’ll need to know just 3 steps:

  1. Copy the video’s link
  2. Upload it to Kapwing’s converter
  3. Process & Download as an MP3
How To Download Music From TikTok On Computer Or Phone
Download Music from TikTok With Kapwing

While you’re watching a video on TikTok, tap the share (arrow) icon, then the “Copy Link” icon that’s available on all videos (it looks like a little chain). This way, you can download the music from any video, even if TikTok doesn’t provide a “Save Video” option. The video link will automatically copy to your clipboard, so you can put it in your notes for later, share it with others, or paste it in Kapwing’s converter tool.

Step 2. Upload It to Kapwing’s Converter

Head over to, tap the dropdown menu (three lines) from the top of the window, and select “Tools.” Scroll down and choose “Convert Video.” On the video converter page, tap twice where it says “Paste a URL and hit Paste.” Kapwing will automatically import the TikTok video you’re using.

If you’re using an iPhone or iPad running iOS 12 or earlier, you’ll need to download the Kapwing app from the App Store to save your music. It’s minimal and only meant to help you download your content – it doesn’t even require a sign-in.

How To Download Music From TikTok On Computer Or Phone

Now, all you have to do is choose “MP3” from the options above the video! If you only want to save a portion of the audio, scroll down and choose “Trim Video” and select the part you want to download.

Step 3. Process & Download as an MP3

Once you’ve selected “MP3” and trimmed your video the way you want, tap “Create” at the bottom of the screen, and Kapwing will immediately begin to process your audio track. Since TikTok videos can’t be any longer than 60 seconds, your file should be ready in just a few seconds. Once it’s ready, choose “Download” from under your video, and your MP3 file will be saved to your device.

4. Download Music From TikTok With Online Tool

In case you are against installing any applications in your Computer or notebook, however, you do not afford to lose your favorite audio to store. The best solution to your problem is to download TikTok videos into pc with the aid of an online tool site, just like Thanks to this website, now you never require to put in any program on your pc.

How To Download Music From TikTok On Computer Or Phone
Download Music From TikTok On Your Computer With Online Tool can be considered the best online TikTok videos downloader due to its multi functionalities and user-friendly way of downloading. You can download a video up to 720p in mp4 and several other formats and resolutions. Moreover, can also download only audio in mp3 format. Its notable feature is its compatibility with almost all web browsers.

The Process To Download Video From TikTok

Downloading music from any TikTok video with ttdown is as easy.

  1. In the first step, you will browse the TikTok website and choose your liked video.
  2. Copy the link of the TikTok video by just right-clicking on the video.
  3. Now, go to and paste the copied video link into the search box and click on the “GO” button.
  4. Complete video information will be shown in front of you, this is the most crucial part, and you will see a green button with the words “download mp3” on the screen. Right-click on that and click “save link as.”
  5. Bingo, your audio in mp3 format has been download.

5. Download Music From Tiktok On Android, By iTube Go Android App

There are very massive requirements for downloading videos or extracting audios from the TikTok videos nowadays. To this end, several types of solutions have been providing for different Internet users. For Android users, iTube’s Android app is also available on the Playstore, which is as useful as Windows.

How To Download Music From TikTok On Computer Or Phone
Download Music From Tiktok On Android, By iTube Go Android App

The manufacturer has not made any distinction between the two interface apps. This app is also fast and easy. Same as the Windows app, you can directly download TikTok music into your android phone effortlessly. Its procedure is also the same as the Windows version.

  1. Download the iTubeGo YouTube Downloader for Android from its official website on your android device.
  2. Open your chosen video on TikTok App and copy that link.
  3. Launch the iTube Go downloader and select your output video format for your desired audio format.
  4. Paste the copied URL so that the app will download the audio.

6. Download Music From TikTok On iPhone With Documents By Readdle

The way to download TikTok videos is a little different for iPhone users. But how can we ignore our readers who want to download their favorite videos from TikTok? So the step by step procedure for downloading TikTok music on iPhone is listed below.

  1. In the first step, download the “Documents by Readdle” from the app store and install it into your device.
  2. With the help of an internet browser, visit the website.
  3. Same as before, copy and paste the TikTok video link in the websites link here.
  4. Now come again to Documents by Readdle and click on Download Now button.
  5. After completion of the download, move your downloaded mp4 video to your Camera Roll.
  6. Now, you are able to watch your liked video on your iPhone offline.

7. How To Download TikTok Video Without Watermark On iPhone

How to download no watermark TikTok videos on your iPhone:

  • Get your TikTok video download link.
  • Go to with your Safari application on your iPhone.
  • Paste the download link and click download.

Click to WITHOUT WATERMARK VIDEO or DOWNLOAD VIDEO. Hold your hand to the video; a menu will appear. Click on the Share button. Find the Save Video option, then click save the video. Your video is now ready to use in your library.

Conclusion – Download Music From TikTok

In summary, It’s your choice to choose the best option for downloading videos or music from TikTok. Always try to select the software, which is faster and also better than any video downloader in terms of features.

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