15 Amazing Computer Tricks And Tips Everyone Should Know

Here we are with the top best amazing computer tricks you should try right now. We all know about the computer systems that there are lots of ways to make our work easy. When we do our work, we should apply computer tricks to make our work easy and faster.

So here we have some computer tricks which can help you map your work easier and faster.

1. Use Microsoft Office Without Instal

We need to use Microsoft Office instantly. Then we have to install Microsoft Office, and we have to activate it. But if you want to work which Microsoft Office immediately, then installing and activation takes too much time to complete this process, so we have not any way to use Microsoft Office. We have to use other software which is installed in our computer system.


We have one way to use Microsoft Office without installing and activation. So if you want to know how to use Microsoft Office without activation and installing, then follow this process.

Total Time: 26 minutes

  1. Open Your Browser

    First of all, open your browser. Search here Microsoft Office online.

  2. Office For Web

    Now here you get the option of free Microsoft Office for the web. Click on it.

  3. Click on Button

    You will get the option of using free at office.com. Click on it.

  4. Sign In

    You will get the sign-in option you have to sign in here. Sign in.

  5. Select Application

    Here You have to select the application which you want to use. After that, you can save your project into your computer system.

  6. All Done

    So in this way, you can work on Microsoft Office without installation and activation. It is the best method to use Microsoft Office immediately.

2. See Wi-fi Password With CMD

In this modern era, everyone uses different Wi-Fi, then you should know how we can see the Wi-Fi password, which is connected to our computer system. If you want to know how we can know connected Wi-Fi passwords, then follow this process.

  1. First of all, open CMD by search in the start menu.
  2. And Write here, “netsh wlan show profiles
  3. You will get all the names of connected Wi-Fi.
  4. Then write here “netsh wlan show profiles key=clear“.
  5. Then you will get the Wi-Fi password in the security key.

So By this the way, you can get the connected Wi-Fi password.

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3. Remove Temp Files in our Computer System

Amazing Computer Tricks And Tips Everyone Should Know
Free Storage – Amazing Computer Tricks And Tips

If your computer system becomes slow and not working properly, then you have to remove temporary data into your computer system. Because it takes too much space into your hard drive, so you have to remove it to speed up your computer system. In Windows 10 you have the option to remove temporary files from storage, so you can directly remove temporary files from there.

If you are using Windows 10, then remove the temporary file in this way.

  • Open setting.
  • Go to the system.
  • Here you will get the option of storage, Click on it.
  • You will get a temporary file option by click on it you will able to remove temporary files.

If you are using Windows 7 or another Windows, then remove the temporary files in this way.

  • Open Run by pressing Windows + R.
  • Write here “temp” then Press Enter.
  • You will get the New window to delete all the files.
  • Now open Rerun by pressing Windows + R.
  • Write here “%temp%” then Press Enter.
  • You will get the New window to delete this all the files.
  • Now open Rerun by pressing Windows + R.
  • Write here “prefetch” then Press Enter.
  • You will get the New window to delete all the files.

When using YouTube then it will create the temporary files of YouTube then it will store to temp folder that we have to remove.

Amazing Computer Tricks And Tips Everyone Should Know

By this way, you can remove temporary files into your computer system, and speed of your computer system and even you will not lose your important data with removing these file. It creates when you work on your computer.

4. Use Mouse Wheel to Open New Tab And Close The Tab

In this modern era, everyone uses Google Chrome. Still, only some people are known about the mouse wheel to open any link in a new tab and also close any tab with the mouse wheel. We can use the mouse wheel to open a new tab and close it.
So how to use that is given below.

When you are working on any website then you need to open any link with a new tab, you have to set mouse control on that link and then press the mouse wheel button. This way, you can use the mouse wheel button to open any tab into the new tab.

And when you want to close this tab, then you have to set your mouse control on that tab and then press the mouse wheel button. So in this way, you can close any tab with a single mouse wheel button.

5. Problem Steps Recorder

In Windows 10, you have the option of problem steps recorder (PSR), which is used to record the steps which you are following. Like when you start to record your steps, it will record all the steps which you have done with some identification also.
To use these features, follow the below steps.

Amazing Computer Tricks And Tips Everyone Should Know
PSR – Amazing Computer Tricks And Tips

  • Just open Ran by pressing Windows + R.
  • Now Write here “PSR.”
  • Then you will get a small window like it.
  • Now click on start recording.
  • And now whatever you are doing with your computer system it will record and convert into photos with each step.
  • When you stop recording you will get save option so you can save it.

So By this way you can record your work with some identification.

6. Using Sticky Keys

Sticky keys used for Stick the Key. When you are unable to press 2 Key at a time, then you can use the sticky key. By this key, you can stick SHIFT, CTRL, ALT and WINDOWS logo Key for one time only when you are unable to press two key at a time. Then if you want to press Windows + R then after enabling sticky key, you have to press Windows key for one time and then press R Key.
To Enable Sticky Key, follow these steps.

  • Press shift key 5 times.
  • Now you will get Windows like it.
  • Then click on, yes.
  • Now you can enable Sticky Key.

7. God Mode of Windows

You can enable god mode for your Windows. Normally it is used to change settings with one folder. When you will open the folder then you will get all the options to change the settings of your computer system.

For Enable God Mode in Computer System Follows these steps

  • Create a new folder on your desktop.
  • Write here “God Mode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}”.
  • Then press enters here, and you will get folder icon like the control panel.
  • By open this folder you can see all the advance settings of your computer systems.

By this way, you can enable God Mode of your computer and change setting within one folder.

8. Lock The Computer System

Amazing Computer Tricks And Tips Everyone Should Know
Lock System – Amazing Computer Tricks And Tips

When you leave the computer system, you have to lock your computer system because someone can use and access your private data and information so that you need to lock your computer system. for that you have to shut down your computer system. You have not another way to lock your computer system; otherwise, you will be lost your data.
You can lock your computer system without any external software and its not a long process.
For lock, your computer system follows these steps.

  • Just Press Windows + L.
  • Now Your Computer System is locked.

By this way, you can lock your computer system without any external software and long Process for security purpose.

9. Silence Notifications With Focus Assist

Amazing Computer Tricks And Tips Everyone Should Know
Focus Assist – Amazing Computer Tricks And Tips

Formerly known as Quiet Hours, Focus Assist is a redesigned April 2018 Update feature that gives you greater control over the notifications that pop up on your PC. Go to Settings > System > Focus Assist and then follow the steps shown in the image above.

10. Set Shortcut Key of Any Software

You can set Shortcut Key for any Software without any external software with a straightforward trick. But If you want to open any software with shortcut key then you will don't have shortcut key for that particular software. So we have to set a shortcut key to open this software with the shortcut key.
So if you want to know how to set shortcut keys for any software, follow these steps.

  • Open Properties of any software which you want to set a shortcut key.
  • You will get options for shortcut Key.
  • Write the shortcut here.
  • Now click on Apply and then click on Ok.
  • Now you can open any folder with the shortcut key.

By this way, you can set shortcut keys for any software.

11. Undo Anywhere

Sometimes you have deleted any important file or have deleted a few words in the doc file, you can use Ctrl+Z to recover the file and words. This short cut key works almost everywhere.

12. Tricks for Easy Typings

  • Move the cursor quicker to the beginning of the previous word by pressing CTRL+Left Arrow, instead of doing it manually.
  • To get the cursor to the beginning of the next word, use CTRL+Right Arrow.
  • Recover a deleted item with ALT+Backspace.
  • Delete an entire word by pressing CTRL+Backspace.
  • Highlight a whole paragraph by triple-clicking on it.

13. Hide Any Folder

When you have any secrete data, then you have to hide that folder like payment and important documents data, but you have not any way to hide the data and folder so that you have to take backup for your data items.

Follow these steps to hide your folder on desktop.

  • Create a new folder.
  • Rename by Alt + 160.
  • Press enter then you will get a folder without any name.
  • Then right-click on this folder and go to properties of this folder.
  • Go to customize options.
  • Click on change icon and select the transparent icon and click on Apply and Ok.
  • Now the folder disappears.

In this way, you can hide the folder on desktop and subfolder also.

Easy Computer Tricks And Tips

  1. How to minimize all windows?

    Suppose you are working on PC and multiple windows are open and want to minimize it all sudden. You can use windows key+D to minimize all windows in one short and vice-versa.

  2. How to show or hide the bookmark bar?

    Sometimes you have bookmarked some important site and not able to see the bookmark bar. To show and hide the bookmark bar you can use Ctrl+Shif+B it works vice-versa.

  3. How to increase or decrease the text size?

    Sometimes while browsing the internet, you need to increase & decrease the text size in the browser. You can change your font size bigger and smaller by using Ctrl+ or + and Ctrl+, or-, and Ctrl+0 will reset the text size in the current window.

  4. How to jump to address bar?

    Sometimes you want to jump to the address bar of the browser directly. You can use Alt+D and Ctrl+L also F6 to do so. All these keys do the same work while browsing the internet.

  5. How to open CMD directly?

    If you want to use CMD (Command prompt) directly on your PC, you can type ‘cmd’ in the File Explorer address bar, and the CMD will open directly.

14. Re-open Closed Tab

Sometimes while using the internet, this happened that the tab got closed accidentally. You can bring back the closed tab by using the Ctrl+Shift+T and do the work where you were left.

15. Enable Slide to Shutdown

This trick is complicated. Right-click on the desktop and select New > Shortcut. In the ensuing pop-up window, paste the following line of code:


This creates a clickable icon on your desktop, which you can rename. Right-click the file and enter Properties to add a shortcut key or double-click the file to run the program. This prompts a pull-down shade to appear, which you can drag with the mouse down to the bottom of the screen. Keep in mind; this is shut down, not sleep.

Insert Current Time and Auto-Record The Last Open Time in Notepad

In this part, we will show you two computer tricks of Notepad: including how to insert current time and auto-record the last open time.

Type .LOG in the first row of the text document and save it. The next time you open the text, it will show you the last open time if you want to insert the current time, press F5 or Fn + F5 on the keyboard.

Finally, that’s the end of some of the uncommon computer tricks and tweaks. If you already knew them, you’re awesome. If You like this post then share with your friends and if you have any doubt about it comment below. We will give a response to you as soon as possible.

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