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14 Best Free VPN Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2023

While browsing the Internet, we must be cautious of our personal information, even if we use iPhone or iPad devices. We should utilize the best VPN programs to avoid revealing vital information on websites, so we have the best free VPN apps for iPhone and iPad. Virtual Private Networks, VPNs, are helpful tools for protecting your online identity and safely accessing sites. VPNs can allow you to access blocked information on the internet and hide your identity.

There are various reasons why people use VPNs; if you’re looking for one, this article is crucial. We have compiled a list of the best VPN apps for iOS devices in this article. Take a peek at the list if you have an iPhone or iPad.

Before using free VPN software, remember that free VPN servers are sometimes overcrowded. As a result, you’ll primarily notice slower speeds. Please do not rely on any random free VPN because it may contain malware that infects your system or sells your data for a small profit. So, before you use any VPN service, be sure you’re in good hands.

What is a VPN, and How Does it Work?

A virtual private network (VPN) is a system of servers and devices that enables users to access information on the internet with more privacy and security while circumventing content limitations and censorship. A VPN is a way to go if you want to get around firewalls and geo-blocking. So, how does a virtual private network (VPN) work?

VPN acts as a connection between your device and a server on the internet. The traffic on your device is routed through the server, making it appear as if you are physically present at its location. It is because you’ll be using the server’s IP address. As a result, if you connect to a Norway server, you’ll be assigned a Norway IP address for internet access.

You can connect to any of the service’s servers worldwide after downloading a VPN on your device.

Why Do iPhone Users Need a VPN?

Compared to their competitors, iPhones are less susceptible to viruses and malware. These gadgets’ security appears to be top-notch, and in truth, it is significantly superior to that of other devices.

VPNs also enhance the device's security and grant access to banned information within a country. A VPN protects your online data by encrypting your transmission and masking your IP address from prying eyes. And if you have an iPhone that occasionally has bugs, it’s best to protect your privacy.

How Much Does a VPN Service Cost?

The pricing of a VPN subscription is roughly the same across all devices. They can be as cheap as $2 to $5 per month, but they can also be as expensive as $10 to $25 per month. More expensive service providers frequently offer more servers, functionality, cross-platform compatibility, and other supplementary services.

Many VPNs provide a good deal, usually under $3 monthly or a free trial. Additionally, the cost of lengthier subscriptions is significantly decreased.

Free VPN Vs. Paid VPN

Your choice is totally up to you and depends on how you want to use the VPN. The most significant disadvantage of a paid VPN is that you must pay for a service for which you could have acquired most of the functionality for free.

There’s no guarantee that free VPNs won’t have any of the red flags above. Furthermore, numerous accessible server IP addresses have been restricted on several websites due to spammers and hackers abusing them. Free VPNs also offer fewer servers than premium VPNs.We advocate paying for a VPN instead because of the additional features, benefits, and comparatively low cost.

Do Free VPNs Work With iPhones?

Answering with ease, most free VPNs do not operate on iPhones. When a firm label software as “free,” they usually have a backdoor plan to collect their money back. So Instead of using free VPNs for your iPhone, we advise using the inexpensive paid ones with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You’ll be getting it almost for nothing.

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Which Features you Should Look for in Free VPN Service for iPhone & iPad

Best Free VPN Apps for iPhone and iPad
Best Free VPN Apps for iPhone and iPad

When looking for a free VPN service for your iPhone, here are some features you might want to consider:

  1. Strong encryption: Look for a VPN service that uses AES-256 encryption to ensure your data remains safe in transit.
  2. No logging policy: A VPN service that doesn't keep logs will ensure that no one can track your online activities.
  3. Fast speed: Speed is essential, especially if you stream videos or download large files. Look for a VPN service that can provide high speeds without too much impact on your connection.
  4. Easy-to-use app: A VPN app that is simple to use is essential, so you don't have to spend too much time setting it up.
  5. Multiple server locations: A VPN service that offers servers in various countries will allow you to bypass geo-restrictions and access content worldwide.
  6. Unlimited data: If you use your VPN frequently, a VPN service with unlimited data usage is essential.
  7. Ad-blocking: If you want to block ads and malicious content, a VPN service that offers ad-blocking should be on your list.
  8. Customer support: Look for a VPN service with good customer support, so you can get help when needed.

Best Free VPN Apps for iPhone and iPad

We have listed the best free VPN apps for iPhone and iPad that help you install a VPN on your iPhone or iPad.

1. Windscribe VPN

it is the best free iPhone VPN app with many reasons to be your go-to VPN on your iOS device. Windscribe employs double-hop encryption on your iPhone, which means your data is encrypted twice and passes through two servers before reaching the internet.

Windscribe VPN has a kill switch, ensuring your data never leaves your VPN tunnel. It also supports split-tunneling, connecting you to public and private networks simultaneously. It also protects your data with SHA512 encryption. Windscribe VPN additionally protects against WebRTC and DNS leakage.

Windscribe VPN’s free edition comes with 10GB of monthly data, one of the most outstanding amounts supplied by any program on this list. Additionally, it supports P2P servers and torrenting. Although Windscribe VPN claims a no-log policy, it is based in Canada, a member of the Five Eyes intelligence consortium, so it may be required to disclose whatever information it has on you to government agencies. It contains information such as the quantity of data you use each month and the timestamps for your activities.


  • It offers a kill switch feature.
  • This VPN provides 10GB of free data monthly.
  • The company offers a No-log policy.


  • Located in Canada, government agencies may force you to share your info.

2. Express VPN

As a high-end service, Although ExpressVPN is not free, you may test it out risk-free. You have 30 days to request a complete refund if you are unsatisfied. You couldn’t do much better than the ultrafast ExpressVPN for streaming in the greatest possible quality.

It now has 3,000+ servers in many places worldwide, including the United States, Japan, and Germany. It merely takes a few seconds to connect, and the large selection means you’ll have no trouble finding titles only available in other countries.

ExpressVPN’s servers are not just fast but also dependable. We consistently got through blockages when connecting to Netflix Canada or Amazon Prime Video UK.

ExpressVPN features a straightforward iOS app to ensure its service is accessible on your favorite Apple devices. Alternatively, you may use ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer to gain VPN access on any Wi-Fi-enabled device. ExpressVPN significantly reduces the risk of malware assaults thanks to its robust verification mechanism.

With its Lightway Protocol, you can feel assured that your data will remain private even if you switch servers. It also employs AES-256 encryption, like government agencies such as the US.


  • Fast and dependable.
  • It has 3000 servers all over the world.
  • If you are unsatisfied with the service, they will refund you within 30 days.


  • Cost depended.

3. Hide.me VPN

Another free VPN app for iPhone that I recommend is Hide.me VPN. Hide.me has many great features even in its free tier, making it a good choice for the best free VPN app. Even in the free tier, Hide.me does not display adverts, unlike some free VPNs. Hide.me has five distinct locations to choose from, and it follows a strict no-logs policy to protect your privacy.


  • It offers a kill switch feature.
  • Hide.me provides 10GB of free bandwidth.
  • This VPN has no ads and no logs.


  • Not compatible with Netflix.
  • The free plan allows you to use only one simultaneous connection.

4. Private VPN

PrivateVPN is a premium service with a seven-day free trial. It has a dedicated iOS app that is simple to set up and use. It has 100+ servers in more than 63+ countries, and you can move between them as much as you want. Dedicated streaming servers, such as Netflix and Hulu, are also available.

The Private VPN provides unrestricted data and capacity. During our testing, we discovered its speeds were consistent, and we could browse and stream without experiencing any buffering or lag.

Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime Video are all streamable. Torrenting is also possible.

256-bit AES encryption, an automated kill switch, a zero-logging policy, and IP leak protection are all included in Private VPN. You can also choose from various security protocols, such as OpenVPN. You can use a Private VPN on up to six devices simultaneously.

PrivateVPN provides free remote support if you need assistance with setup. You can also use their online ticketing system and receive an email response.


  • It’s pretty affordable and comes with a free seven-day trial.
  • Torrenting with advanced features.


  • Inconsistent server speeds.

5. TunnelBear

TunnelBear is a well-known VPN application. The TunnelBear iOS app lets you connect to a VPN and browse safely from various places. Let the program find the best VPN location, or choose your own. TunnelBear’s free subscription includes 500 MB of monthly data, which may seem sufficient if you aren’t a heavy internet user.

Furthermore, the program uses AES-256-bit encryption and has robust servers in over 22 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, and others. In a nutshell, TunnelBear is a good candidate for your needs if you want a simple and safe free VPN for your iOS device.


  • It provides a straightforward user interface.
  • Security towards personal data.
  • AES-256 bit encryption.


  • In the Free version, you will get only 500MB of data.
  • Only 22 countries have access to the servers.

6. Trust.Zone VPN

Trust.Zone is another free VPN that you can use on your iPhone. The service is based in Seychelles, which is outside the 14-eye-zone perimeter. As a result, you can rest assured that your personal information will not get into the wrong hands. It has 156 servers spread throughout 87 zones (35 countries), a good number for a VPN service.

Trust.Zone performs an excellent job with its anonymity and privacy features. It prohibits your internet service provider (ISP) from following you across the internet while browsing. The service also employs OpenVPN and L2TP encryption to offer iPhone users the most secure connection possible. We can confirm that Trust.Zone provides good speed after conducting speed testing.

Unlike many others, this VPN service does not block P2P traffic—the sole drawback to Trust.Zone VPN is available only for three days at no cost. After this time, you must choose a subscription plan to keep using the VPN’s capabilities.


  • They provide unlimited bandwidth and speed.
  • It doesn’t block P2P traffic like others.


  • Available only for three days for free.

7. VPN by SurfEasy

VPN by SurfEasy is a good VPN software with one of the top ratings on the App Store. By default, the software selects the most optimal server location for routing your traffic through, but you may change it to a nation of your choice if you want. Your personal information is kept safe thanks to the dependable no-log policy and A-256 bank-grade security.

It also includes a proper tracker-blocking technique that keeps cookies (used by data trackers) at bay, allowing you to browse the web safely. When you add WiFi hotspot protection and support for over 28 countries, SurfEasy becomes a reasonably good VPN that can meet the demands of most individuals.

However, remember that this VPN program's freemium edition has some limitations, and you’ll need to upgrade to the premium ($5.99/month) version to get all the capabilities.


  • It provides a rapid connection.
  • No-log policy that is dependable
  • A-256 bank-grade security for WiFi hotspots


  • At times, he appears to be less responsive.
  • Occasionally disconnects from the network automatically.

8. Speedify VPN

Another excellent free VPN for iPhone is Speedify. This VPN prioritizes increasing connection performance for iPhone devices over all else, and it is generally quicker than other providers. It has servers in 35 countries and a monthly bandwidth limit of 2 GB, which is enough but may not be enough for extensive internet use.

Speedify is an excellent free VPN for iPhone users because of its modern-looking specialized iPhone app and built-in speed test tool. If you want to stream, this VPN isn’t for you. It cannot unblock any streaming service, including Netflix in the United States, BBC iPlayer, and Hulu.

This VPN often provides average speeds and combines your mobile and Wi-Fi connections to boost your speed. However, be aware that you may run out of mobile data due to this, so proceed with caution.

Speedify uses ChaCha 256-bit Encryption to ensure online anonymity, which is more challenging to crack than typical advanced AES-256-bit encryption. A kill switch and IP leak protection are among the other features. It is one of the finest free VPNs for iPhone that does not require a subscription or an account.

The VPN records IP addresses and timestamps. However, because of its US jurisdiction, this VPN is relatively unsafe to entrust with your sensitive online activity. As a result, we advise against using this VPN for any important online tasks. On the App Store, it has a 3.5 out of 5.0 rating.


  • It has increased connection performance for iPhone devices.
  • Quicker than other providers.


  • A monthly bandwidth limit of 2GB may not be sufficient for extensive internet use.
  • Not that safe for online activity.

9. Betternet VPN

Betternet is a simple, easy-to-use VPN program that received excellent App Store feedback. The app’s freemium version is limited and includes advertising, which you may remove with in-app payments ($35.99/year). It encrypts all of your data to protect it from data trackers. It would be best if you weren’t concerned about your sensitive information because of the trustworthy no-log policy.

However, it’s worth noting that Betternet does keep track of the domain names of the websites you visit. However, this information is anonymized, so it can’t be linked to you. The VPN program also uses your IP address to estimate your location, despite Betternet’s assertion that it doesn’t keep track of your IP addresses.

Aside from that, the program provides servers in various locations and instantly connects to the fastest VPN server so you can browse at your preferred speed. Overall, Betternet is the most user-friendly VPN program available on the App Store as far as VPN apps go.


  • This VPN encrypts all of your data.
  • It connects to the fastest VPN server automatically.
  • No-log policy that may be trusted.


  • The freemium version is somewhat limited.

10. VPN in Touch

VPN in Touch is another VPN app for the iPhone that you can test. While it may be lacking in some features, it can provide the necessary safety for your data. One of our favorite features of this software is the data compression technique, which can be helpful for people continually looking for ways to reduce data usage beyond merely turning on low data mode on their iPhones.

It also has a solid ad blocker, ensuring you can browse the web without becoming caught in advertisements. Although this VPN app is free, you will have to pay some money ($71.99/year) to get full access to all of the features. Overall, VPN in Touch is one of the most dependable VPN apps for iOS, and it’s well worth checking out.


  • It provides your data with the necessary protection.
  • The data compression algorithm works well.
  • Ad blocker built-in.


  • The user interface appears to be outdated.
  • Those looking for a more personalized experience may be disappointed.

11. Proton VPN

Proton VPN is, without a doubt, the finest free VPN app for iPhone. Proton VPN has many excellent aspects, not least because the free tier is fully functional. You get unlimited bandwidth for free with Proton VPN. You can also select the servers in the United States, Japan, and the Netherlands.

Proton VPN supports a more significant number of servers. It has over 1260+ servers in 60 locations, but accessing them requires a paid subscription. On the other hand, Proton VPN has a slew of handy VPN capabilities. You receive Always-on VPN, P2P servers, and torrent support, among other things. Proton VPN uses AES-256, 4096-bit RSA, and HMAC with SHA384 encryption.

While Proton VPN has a Kill Switch feature for Windows and Mac, it is unavailable on the iPhone app. Because Proton VPN offers a no-log policy, you can be confident that it will not store your browsing history and activities. Furthermore, because it is based in Geneva, Switzerland, it is not obligated to comply with international surveillance requests, ensuring that your data is always safe.


  • Free and unlimited bandwidth.
  • It provides a No-log policy.
  • AES-256 encryption.


  • Expensive paid plans.
  • Unavailability of features like a kill switch in the iPhone app.

12. Daily VPN

This type of VPN app may appeal to many users because of its versatility. First and foremost, unlike many competitors, the program includes a decent freemium version. Second, it allows you to surf the web anonymously without consuming a lot of data. In terms of the worldwide network, it has more than 100+ servers spread over more than 20 countries.

Like the other applications on this list of the top VPN apps for iPhone, Daily VPN encrypts your data with 256-bit encryption. It can also unblock content on YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and other popular streaming services. On top of everything, if the free version does not satisfy your needs, you may upgrade to the pro version to access more servers and even remove advertisements.

Free Trial- 3 days free, then:

  • One week- $7.99
  • One month- $12.99
  • 12 months- $69.99

Daily VPN records your IP address, which is rapidly anonymized and obscured. Additionally, the company only records your IP address in its logs when connected to VPN. When you finish your session, they destroy the logs. Even though Daily VPN does not link your IP address to your online activities, it isn’t as good as some of the other top VPN apps on this list, such as Proton VPN.


  • The freemium version is quite good.
  • There are over 100 servers in over 20 countries.


  • Because of the ads in the free version, the app occasionally freezes. It also saves IP addresses while you’re connected.

13. Hotspot Shield

Another iOS VPN app that has garnered excellent ratings in the App Store is Hotspot Shield. When you initially open the app, it prompts you to sign up (or sign in). You may skip this step if you don’t want to create an account. The software supports over 80+ locales.

Hotspot Shield is best for security, thanks to military-grade encrypted traffic between the servers and the connected device. It’s also connected with 1Password, one of the finest password organizers, to make it easier to manage your passwords and keep them safe from prying eyes.

However, take in mind that Hotspot Shield’s free version is limited. Subscribe to the pro version to utilize all the features without limitations (one-year plan: $7.99/month).


  • It has 1Password integration with military-grade encrypted traffic.


  • It has one of the slowest VPN servers.
  • It also requires some learning curve.

14. Ultra VPN

Ultra VPN, formerly HexaTech, is a user-friendly program that does the job. You don’t have to register to use the service, and connecting to the VPN server is simple and quick, requiring only a single button press. The program (like many others) links you to a VPN server based on optimal performance by default.

It allows you to connect up to 5 devices at once and browse the web safely on any of them. It’s also second to none when protecting your sensitive data from trackers, thanks to military-grade encryption. It’s worth noting that Ultra VPN doesn’t have a fully functional free plan. So, if you want to use this VPN app without restrictions, you must pay $7.99 monthly.


  • It quickly establishes a rapid VPN server connection for you.
  • Premium members have unlimited bandwidth and uptime and can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously.


  • There isn’t a full-fledged free plan available.
  • The premium option is a little bit pricey at $7.99 per month.

How Do You Set Up a VPN on Your iPhone?

The VPN service you’ll use will significantly impact how the VPN is set up. To assist their customers, most suppliers give basic installation instructions. The following is a basic outline for any VPN.

  1. To utilize, find a reputable and reliable VPN provider. Any of the listed ones should be compatible with any iPhone model.
  2. After subscribing to a plan, you can download the app or install the browser extension on your iPhone.
  3. Log in to the VPN service with your credentials once installed.
  4. Connect to a server and begin browsing the web.

What’s The Catch With Free VPNs?

VPN is an excellent choice to use now and then. For example, you can use it to unblock the inaccessible websites in your area, or you can also use it to protect your data when using open wifi. It’s impressive as you do not need to spend a single pie from your pocket. Well, a free VPN has a few disadvantages too.


Free VPNs don’t always keep you as safe as they may be regarding internet security. Some do not adhere to stringent no-logs policies. It implies they can provide your ISP and other third parties access to your personal information upon request, which is the exact reverse of what a VPN is designed to achieve.

It’s horrible that some VPNs use outmoded encryption, which reduces your chances of being secure. Some even sell your private data to third parties as it is an excellent earning chance.


VPN services that are provided for free are usually somewhat limited. Because of bandwidth and speed limits, you may be unable to utilize them for streaming or torrenting. You’ll almost always suffer buffering and lagging as a result of this.

You may also discover that your server selection is limited, preventing you from connecting to all the countries you desire.


Free VPNs are not as compatible as premium ones on iPhones or iPad. You may find installing a free VPN on your iOS device complicated. Premium VPNs include specialized apps, allowing you to use one VPN across several devices.

VPNs are relatively safe as long as you use a high-quality one. On the other hand, most services that promise a no-log policy keep their word.

VPNs, on the other hand, are legal for online security and privacy. In reality, many firms employ VPNs in their daily operations as VPNs give access to almost everything on the internet; it is banned in some the countries like North Korea and the United Arab Emirates.

In other countries, such as China, there is no clear and fast rule prohibiting VPN usage on an iPhone. Instead, the government sees it as a tool to get around its internet use rules, so it governs how VPNs are used. And, despite all of the positive VPN uses, some people still use them for malicious purposes. Among them are:

  • Hacking: VPN has both advantages and disadvantages. If anyone uses VPNs to hack computers, it is illegal. Beware of these hackers, and never indulge in these unlawful activities.
  • Cyberbullying and stalking: Because VPNs provide anonymity, users believe they can bully and stalk others online. It is not the purpose of VPNs and is a misuse of their capabilities.
  • Trading on the Dark Web: The Dark Web has been designated a forbidden area of the internet by many countries worldwide. However, people use VPNs on the dark web to buy and sell drugs. It is a prohibited method of using VPNs.

FAQs About Best Free VPN Apps for iPhone

Here are some frequently asked questions about free VPNs for iPhone and iPad that might help you with your queries.

  1. Do Free VPN Providers Keep Log Files?

    Most free VPNs store no personally identifiable information, but some track your session times and approximate location in a log. They use this data to track server performance and, in certain situations, to deliver advertisements.

  2. Does a VPN Impact Speed?

    Most free VPNs limit your bandwidth, and others reduce your connection speed on purpose, causing lag and buffering. Premium VPN plans they provide limitless bandwidth and lightning-fast servers, ensuring lightning-fast connections no matter where you connect.

  3. What is the Best Free VPN for iPhone?

    The best free VPN for iPhone is ProtonVPN. This VPN allows users to browse as much as they like because it provides unlimited data. However, it only has servers in three locations and has unpredictable speeds, making it impossible to unblock geo-restricted services. Instead, you may purchase a free trial of a premium VPN and use its top-notch features. Users can try ExpressVPN for 30 days to see if it meets their needs.

Summing Up on Best Free VPN Apps for iPhone

Free VPNs could be pretty valuable in terms of service, but you should never ignore internet security. You pay for what you receive; your privacy is worth the investment.

Many premium VPNs include free trials and money-back guarantees, allowing you to try their services for free for a limited time. You can give them a shot if you like.

We hope you enjoyed our article and learned something new from this. We are always looking forward to hearing from you, and please feel free to let us know if we missed something to add up here.

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