Nexcess Hosting Review with Pros and 3 Cons of Nexcess Web Hosting

This Nexcess hosting review will discuss Nexcess's managed WordPress hosting in detailed features, price, pros, and cons. We hope these key points will help you decide to choose Nexcess hosting.

Nexcess is a premium managed hosting solution for businesses. This Liquid Web brand offers plans in managed WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, and cloud hosting with world-class features. 

The demand for good and managed web hosting is increasing day by day. The Nexcess has a lot going for it, including its perfect price balance with features, performance, etc., but it has a few drawbacks.

Read this Nexcess hosting review till the end and decide whether you should choose them or not.

Detailed Nexcess Hosting Review with Pros and Cons

GTmetrix Performance GradeA
Free SSL
Uptime Guarantee100%
Money-Back Guarantee14-day Free Trial
Live Chat Support
Starting Price$9.50
Details – Nexcess Hosting Review

Overview: What is Nexcess?

Nexcess (LiquidWeb's sister company) is an American web hosting company specializing in shared Managed WordPress hosting, WooCommerce hosting, Magento hosting, Cloud hosting, and Enterprise hosting. The products are available on the website, accessible worldwide. Nexcess is the growing hosting company in users powering over 47,000+ websites.

Liquid Web focuses on enterprise hosting services, including VPS, Cloud, and dedicated server types. At the same time, Nexcess mainly targets online stores and companies with managed hosting plans.

Like many hosting companies, Nexcess operates data centers in the United States North America. It owns data centers in US Midwest, Southfield, MI, and US Midwest, Dearborn, MI. Apart from the US, they have servers in Europe (UK & Netherland) and Asia Pacific (Sydney).

Being a LiquiWeb brand, the Nexcess is well priced. However, its snob value, features, and capabilities are unparalleled, which we will discuss in detail in this nexcess hosting review.

Let's dive into more details with the Nexcess hosting review:

Main Key Features and WordPress Hosting Overview

PHP Workers:Base 10 (Scalable to 20 max)
Uptime Claim:99.99%
Free Domain:No
Website Transfer:Yes
Control Panel:Custom Dashboard
Free CDN250GB
Free SSL:Yes
Moneyback Guarantee:14 Days Free Trial
Plans Names:Spark, Maker, Designer, Builder, Producer, Executive, & Enterprise
Pricing:Starting at $19 per month (renews at $19/mo)
Detailed Nexcess Hosting Review

Nexcess WordPress Hosting

$9.50 $19.00
Make your digital commerce experience better.
Power up your WordPress site with custom-built technology to improve the digital experience.

What Managed WordPress Hosting is?

The easiest method to create a blog or a website is WordPress software. It is the most popular platform that acts as an open-source content management system.

WordPress is free, and all users can use or modify WordPress without any cost. 

WordPress is a content management system that allows users to manage crucial aspects like content layout and arrangement, colour scheme, overall appearance, etc.

However, with it, you can do all these without any prior knowledge of programming. The websites developed using this software are accessible to everyone.

A managed WordPress hosting is a dedicated web hosting product that allows WordPress-initiated websites to work seamlessly.

Such hosting products are pre-configured to the website's nuances and, as a result, are automatically compatible with any WordPress-generated websites. 

The main reason is that one definition fits “WordPress Hosting.” Simplicity, security, and speed are the three S's of WordPress hosting.

A managed web hosting software complies with all three aspects and lets business owners handle the work more effectively.

There is no defined structure of a WordPress hosting program. As a result, it differs from company to company. It is a simple software that supports PHP/ MySQL. 

An intelligent WordPress hosting company will carefully deliberate what will make the product secure. It is also imperative to ensure that your website loads instantly and has a user-friendly interface.

The idea of developing an intuitive website is to enable anyone with limited knowledge about the internet to navigate the website and find results quickly.

Features of Nexcess Managed WordPress Hosting

Features Nexcess Hosting Review
Features – Nexcess Hosting Review

A WordPress hosting plan pricing depends on the user's estimated number of visits or installs rather than the resources dedicated to making a website work.

Apart from this, when a business owner signs up for managed WordPress hosting, it implies that you agree to your hosting provider “managing” different aspects of your site and server.

Their architecture automatically scales resources and accelerates content delivery through built-in optimization tools. There is real-time security monitoring to find and block any cyberattack from the root level. From free expert migration to fast technical support, Nexcess assists you in each step to manage your online business and achieve heights. 

Some of these features include: 

  • Updating your website to the platform's core while integrating plugins and themes 
  • Ensuring a secure backup for your website 
  • Optimized performance such that the page loading time is the least and your customers can access your website conveniently.
  • Assists in server configuration if the client is on a VPN or any other dedicated plan 
  • Around-the-clock assistance during the time you stumble upon any incomprehensible features 

By using managed WordPress hosting, you can get yourself some cutting-edge features.

However, since now you know what managed web hosting offers, it will only make sense once you read through the Nexcess hosting review. 

Shared Hosting Pros and Cons:

Nexcess Hosting Review – Some of the upsides to shared hosting include:

  • Affordability
  • You can often host an unlimited number of sites for one flat monthly cost
  • There usually isn’t a hard cap on traffic

But it also comes with its fair share of drawbacks:

  • Slower site speeds overall
  • Activity on other sites can impact your site’s load time
  • Things like backups and updates aren’t automated

Managed WordPress Hosting Pros and Cons

Managed hosting is more like a concierge service, taking care of the little details with more personalized attention and TLC for your specific website.

Managed hosting from providers like Nexcess offers a great range of benefits you won't get with a typical shared hosting plan.

  • Server architecture explicitly designed to accommodate WordPress sites
  • Built-in caching
  • Automatic WordPress updates
  • Automated site backups
  • Security features like firewalls and malware scans
  • Access to a convenient, intuitive management dashboard
  • Ability to create and use a staging site, so you can test out significant changes without the risk of messing up your live site
  • Access to knowledgeable customer support agents 

As with anything, there are a few cons as well.

  • Higher monthly cost.
  • Stricter limits on traffic caps than you’ll find with shared hosting mean that your hosting costs will go up as your traffic goes.
  • There may be restrictions on which plugins to use to ensure good site performance.

While managed hosting costs more than shared hosting, the investment is worth it, especially if your site is already generating some solid revenue. 

Nexcess is a top-tier managed web hosting provider. If shared hosting isn't giving you everything you need, we can't recommend Nexcess enough.

The cloud platform at Nexcess is designed to handle everything from a basic blog to a high-traffic online retailer and everything in between. 


Nexcess Hosting Best Features

Start building your site that loads ultra-fast with instant auto-scaling and visual comparisons.
Try Nexcess Managed WordPress Hosting free for 14 days. No Credit Card. No risk. All reward.

Nexcess Hosting Speed Tests


GTMetrix showed an LCP of 1.1s. 

Nexcess Gtmetrix Results Nexcess Hosting Review
Gtmetrix Results – Nexcess Hosting Review


Pingdom showed a 2.0s load time.

Nexcess Speed Check Pingdom Nexcess Hosting Review
Pingdom Speed Test – Nexcess Hosting Review

Google Page Insights:

Google Page Insights showed 100 scores for both Desktop and Mobile devices. 

Nexcess Google Page Insights Desktop Nexcess Hosting Review
Google Page Insights Desktop – Nexcess Hosting Review
Nexcess Google Page Insights Mobile
Google Page Insights Mobile – Nexcess Hosting Review

Nexcess is quick web hosting with fast server responses from different page speed providers.

Features of Nexcess Hosting

Nexcess offers a 100% uptime SLA statement on its hosting services. It's true based on our experience.

This cloud hosting is scalable, secure, super-fast, and perfect for WordPress and digital commerce platforms.

The basic entry-level plan is just not affordable but contains enough resources. 2TB bandwidth, 15GB storage, and 10 PHP Workers are pretty higher than its competitors.

On top of that, every customer gets priority support. They have one of the best and most knowledgeable teams in the industry.

Managed Hosting

Nexcess Cloud infrastructure automatically keeps your WordPress website + WooCommerce store updated & secure.

Once you create an account on their Managed WooCommerce hosting, they'll ensure your store stays open so you can continuously accept orders and build your business.

Dedicated Support Team

Support is available 24/7 by phone, live chat, email, and ticketing system. Technical support on live chat is available only during business hours but through tickets 24 hours.

For emergencies, you can call on their phone numbers to resolve issues. The United States-based customer service is quite good, knowledgeable, and helpful. 

Beyond this, you can access Knowledge Library for tutorials and how-to material for self-help.

14 Days of Free Trial

Sign up for a 14-day free trial and experience the difference between Managed WordPress & WooCommerce. There is no need for a credit card.

You'll get two weeks to explore a dashboard or portal interface and site that loads at ultra-fast speed, with auto-scaling and automatic plugin and platform updates built-in, so you can focus on what you do best.

Website Migration

Once your account is active with Nexcess, they will move every file on your website. Request a migration through the portal.

Website migration can take 2-5 days depending on the complexity of your website and based on first-come, first-serve.

A lot of Premium Freebies

When you sign up for a plan with this company, you get many premium plugins as freebies. The premium plugins include iThemes security pro & Sync, Performance Monitor plugin, Astra pro, Qubely Pro, Elementor, Ninja Forms, etc.

Inbuilt Caching

NGINX Accelerator comes by default in all plans. It accelerates content and application delivery. The NGINX Cache is a micro-cache that compresses and stores static content in memory for short periods.

Faster Site with More PHP Workers

Nexcess offers ten base PHP Workers in the entry-level spark plan, and these PHP Workers can scale up to 20. Apart from this, we have reviewed Kinsta, too, which offers 2 PHP Workers in the Starter plan at $30/mo.

Daily Backups

The backup feature is available in the dashboard. You can restore your website any time within a click if any disaster happens.

Strong Security Features

All the Nexcess plans come with premium plugins, including iThemes security pro. So nothing is worrying about WordPress site security. It fixes all the website errors and vulnerabilities and removes malware magically.

You can activate local Brute Force Protection, Two-Factor Authentication, and a quick site scan in just one click. Also, a free SSL certificate for encryption comes by default.


Every plan has easy cloud auto-scaling to maintain the tsunami of user traffic. The first cumulative 24 hours of scaling for your site are free. After that, you will be charged $6/hour (billed in 30-minute increments).

Advanced auto-scaling is available in the dashboard for uncontrolled traffic, which will incur a $99 charge for enabling it.

Free CDN

Content Delivery Network (CDN) service is included in every plan. By default, it's 250 GBs without any additional cost.

If needed more, it is priced at $0.10/GB. Enabling CDN service improves load times for your website magically.

Developer Friendly

All plans come with a 1-click staging site. You can quickly get a staging copy of production to be able to test anything.

User-friendly dashboard

Nexcess offers easy to use dashboard that is loaded with many features. You can manage DNS, email accounts, MySQL, PhpMyAdmin, SSL installation (Owned SSL and let's encrypt both support), backups, FTP & ssh details, and performance tune-ups.

You can manage PHP versions like PHP 8 and monitor bandwidth usage and PHP-FPM from the dashboard.

Try Free 14-day Trial
Managed WordPress Hosting Plans

Try Nexcess Managed WordPress Hosting free for 14 days. No Credit Card. No risk.

Nexcess Support

The most cooperative humans back Nexcess in their venture to serve customers in the history of the web hosting world. The platform strives to provide stellar support to its customers worldwide.

The expert team deals with customers' queries around the clock and always remains on standby 365 days and 24 hours a day. With Nexcess, you will never have to wait to get your query resolved.

Support Nexcess Hosting Review
Support – Nexcess Hosting Review

The following are the options you can choose with Nexcess. 

The Help-Desk System: Clients can expect a response within 30 minutes of their query submission. If a user fails to respond within 59 minutes, you will receive a hosting credit in your account as recompensation. 

Phone: You can expect to have your calls answered within 59 seconds. Nexcess is not a company that will keep you waiting on calls, only to hang up without having resolved the query at the end. Again, if they do not answer your phone at the customer care center within 59 seconds, you will get a hosting credit as a sorry gesture. 

Live Chat: It is the most convenient way to address your queries. You can expect a response from an expert within 59 seconds of submitting the request. However, it must be submitted within the department that deals with the particular query. You can also answer pre-chat survey questions since some issues are so common that the company provides an answer beforehand to minimize the hassle. If nobody reptiles to your query over live chat, you will be entitled to receiving a hosting credit. 

Drawbacks of Nexcess Hosting

If there are Pros, then obviously, there will be cons too. We will not hide the cons of Nexcess. We will share everything that we have experienced.

No Free Domain

Nexcess does not offer free domain registration. However, paid domain registration is available.
The best part is getting a free subdomain that will instantly live your site.

Late Response from Support Team

After research, there are many complaints about support as they respond late on support-related issues tickets. However, the sales team is available around the clock. This company has an in-house team of technicians who work only during business hours. They could improve this.

After submitting a ticket, you can solve all the major issues by calling their phone numbers.

No Money back guarantee on Prepaid orders.

If you expect a standard 30 days money-back guarantee, you will not get it. The monthly options do offer a refund if cancelled early. The introductory annual prepaid offer is non-refundable.

No Dedicated IP addon

Yes, that's right. According to the statement by the sales team, Nexcess does not offer dedicated IP addresses on the lower plans of the Managed WordPress platform. They provide a dedicated IP address on the Producer plan and above.

It's a very disappointing thing.

Nexcess Pricing, Hosting Plans, and Key Features

The Nexcess managed hosting solutions are priced between $19 to $999 per month. The Nexcess WordPress Hosting is available in seven plans: Spark, Marker, Designer, Builder, Producer, Executive, and Enterprise.

Spark: This entry-level plan starts at $9.50 per month. You get one domain hosting, 15GB disk space and 2TB bandwidth, an SSL certificate, CDN, and unlimited email accounts.

Maker: This plan costs $39.50 per month. You get five domain names, 40GB disk space and 3TB bandwidth, an SSL certificate, and unlimited email accounts.

Designer: This plan is priced at $54.50 per month. Host up to 10 sites, 60GB disk space and 4TB bandwidth, SSL certificate, and unlimited email accounts.

Builder: This plan starts at $74.50 per month. You get 25 domain names, 100GB disk space and 5TB bandwidth, an SSL certificate, and unlimited email accounts.

If you have a heavy traffic website, then you might be like to check bigger plans from excess, which we mentioned below:

Producer: This plan costs $149.50 per month. You get 50 domain names, 300GB disk space and 5TB bandwidth, an SSL certificate, and unlimited email accounts.

Executive: This plan starts at $274.50 per month. You get 100 domain names, 500GB disk space and 10TB bandwidth, an SSL certificate, and unlimited email accounts.

Enterprise: This is the highest level plan, costing $499.50 per month. You get 250 domain names, 800GB disk space and 10TB bandwidth, an SSL certificate, and unlimited email accounts.

Full Price Info:

WordPress Hosting$19 – $999
Magento Hosting$49 – $849
WooCommerce Hosting$19 – $999
Cloud Hosting$49 – $849
Pricing – Nexcess Hosting Review

Which Plan can be Suitable for you? 

Nexcess offers almost similar plans. However, the one you would opt for depends on your organization's volume and budget.

Your decision could also be based on the bandwidth available but ensure that you are not punching above your weight scale and opting for a plan your firm doesn't need. 

You can also avail yourself of the 14-day trial period that Nexcess offers.

This way, you will be able to gauge the platform's performance capability and, at the same time, decide which plan you want to go for or if you wish to go for the platform.

Users do not have to enter their credit card details to start the Trial. A simple sign-up would be enough to log you in to initiate the trial process. 

9.1Expert Score
Nexcess Web Hosting Review

Nexcess promises superior loading speeds and server performance, particularly for Magento or WordPress websites.

Speed and Uptime
Ease of Use
Multi-Layered Caching
PROS: Nexcess Hosting Review
  • 14-day Free Trial for WordPress plans (no credit card required)
  • Automatic WordPress core &
  • plugin updates
  • No traffic overages or limits, with automatic scaling
  • Multisite site management dashboard and tools
  • Automatic image compression
  • Development tools such as Git, WP-CLI, and SSH
  • Free site migrations and Daily backups
  • Security and malware monitoring
  • Multi-layered caching
  • Amazing 24/7 technical support
  • Free SSL certificate
  • High-speed performance and zero downtime
CONS: Nexcess Hosting Review
  • No cheap hosting packages are available 
  • There are limited bandwidth and other hosting resources.
  • The hosting control panel is SiteWorx, not Cpanel or DirectAdmin. It can be problematic for new users.
  • Sub-Standard documentation 
  • No Free Domain

FAQs about Nexcess Hosting Review

  1. Is Nexcess good?

    Yes, Nexcess is currently ranked among the top web hosting services globally. Nexcess will give you the tools to launch your small business online successfully. Nonetheless, it provides a wide range of hosting solutions for bloggers, online shops, and other companies.

  2. Does Nexcess provide a domain name?

    Nexcess enables you to establish a free domain name for your unique and memorable website. More importantly, once you become a client, you can create up to ten addon domains with a single account, saving you time and money.

  3. Does Nexcess offer Windows hosting?

    Although most web hosting plans are based on Linux, Nexcess offers everything you need to suit your hosting requirements, including Windows hosting. However, remember that this hosting plan has limited support and features.

  4. Can I change my application if I change my mind?

    If you decide that your original application of choice isn't for you, get in touch with the Nexcess support team, and they can help you make the changes you need.

Final Words on Nexcess Hosting Review

Is Nexcess a good choice? Yes, we do recommend Nexcess for its excellent hosting.

This Nexcess hosting review clarifies that this hosting company has invested time and resources to offer exceptional managed hosting solutions to its customers. 

On top of that, Nexcess is the king of Magento hosting, and its Customer Support is available 24/7. To many of the more experienced users of web hosting services, this would be enough reason on its own to choose Nexcess without hesitating.

Their speed, uptime, and support were all excellent. Moreover, they offer plenty of valuable features with their managed hosting plans.

Also, they offer robust security options, excellent uptime, plenty of WordPress premium plugins, and multiple tiers of hosting packages suitable for different customers. The pricing starts at $9.50/month with our special discount.

Nexcess Managed WordPress Hosting makes things faster and allows more concurrent connections with 10 base PHP Workers given in the entry-level spark plan, which can scale up to 20.

Overall, Nexcess delivers decent performance and good value for your money.

Nexcess WordPress Hosting
Power up your WordPress site with custom-built technology to improve the digital experience.
$9.50 $19.00
Make your digital commerce experience better.
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