Pressidium Hosting Review and Pressidium Pricing with 6 Interesting Facts

Over three months have passed since we began using Pressidium as the web hosting provider for our WordPress website. Suppose you are unfamiliar with this hosting provider. In that case, we will provide you with a Pressidium hosting review of the Pressidium managed WordPress hosting provider in this article, which you can read here.

Pressidium Hosting
Thousands of organizations use our industry-leading infrastructure to scale their business, including large digital agencies, media outlets, tech startups, universities, and Fortune 500 companies.
$21.00 $28.00
Go annual and enjoy 2 months free, or try out with a 60-day money-back guaranteed monthly plan.

Choosing a WordPress hosting company that will ensure that your website runs smoothly on the backend is essential if you want to host a WordPress website. Pressidium is a premium managed WordPress hosting, and below, we have written a detailed Pressidium hosting review to understand all the facts better.

Sharing hosting is an excellent starting point, but you will not manage your website after a short period. Afterward, you'll require something like “Pressidium Hosting.”

Pressidium Hosting Review

Engineers and developers founded Pressidium Hosting with extensive experience in the field. The team comprises four colleagues who previously worked together at a large telecommunications and media company in the United States. The group contains computer experts, software engineers, and seasoned developers with various backgrounds.

Their global approach has resulted in deploying servers throughout North America, Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia, and Oceania. The purpose of this post is to provide information on Pressidium Review.


Enterprise Architecture Hosting

Enterprise architecture means a fully dedicated job to optimize and innovate the hosting servers and the business, in general, to be robust, reliable, and offer the advanced features that premium hosting needs.

Pressidium Hosting Review: Every part of the data centre is monitored and optimized specifically for WordPress sites.

That’s why the company creates custom hardware infrastructure and lots of changes to make the server WordPress compatible.

No matter if the hosted site is a small blog or a popular website, the speed is the same fast all the time, and the server response time is always fast because of the well-built infrastructure of the web hosting.


Perfect Managed WordPress Hosting

Pressidium was founded in 2013 by John Andriopoulos, Andrew George, Giannis Zachariadis, and Filip Slavik as a collaborative effort between four friends. Pressidium's parent company is TechIO Limited, whose headquarters are in London, United Kingdom.

Pressidium Hosting Review and Pressidium Pricings
Pressidium Hosting Review and Pressidium Pricing

Now, the fantastic benefit of Pressidium Managed WordPress Hosting, if you did not already know, is that it has a significant advantage over shared web hosting. Thousands upon thousands of individuals share a single server, and we provide shared hosting to let you fully realize what you're getting with Pressidium.

As you might expect, you receive slower page loading and slower customer service. Many of you are aware of the drawbacks of using shared hosting. Although not all shared web hosting is awful, most do not perform WordPress hosting.

As a result, fewer users are on the servers, leading to significantly faster speeds and personalized customer support. It is one of the features you will like with Pressidium's Managed WordPress Hosting plans.


Pressidium’s Leading Support and Service

Pressidium Hosting Review Managed WordPress Hosting
Features – Pressidium Hosting Review

We have a lot of expertise with this aspect of our Pressidium hosting review. This company takes an entirely new approach to hosting support. Instead of dealing with first-level support agents who have no idea what they're talking about, they'll link you with an engineer who will take care of your issue from beginning to end.

There is no escalation of a problem to a higher level of help. The support team also fully understands your organization, allowing them to provide high-quality assistance that is specifically suited to you and your use case.

Pressidium Logo

Pressidium Managed Hosting Speed Optimized

Pressidium offers high-performance managed WordPress hosting.
Excellent hosting with high-speed servers.

We had a lot of interaction with the support engineers before writing our Pressidium hosting review, and their marketing does not lie. These guys know what they're talking about from start to finish. There is no need to escalate any issues because the engineer knows how Pressidium's hosting setup works.

Tickets are opened in a flash and resolved as quickly as possible. We were impressed at how quickly they could identify a problem and provide a solution. For instance, their hosting maintenance occurs, resulting in a 503 error (backend).

Our agency spent approximately an hour on our end attempting to figure out what was wrong. We contacted them, and they quickly determined that the issue was not due to an error on our end but rather to ongoing maintenance. They built a patch that allowed the end-user to continue adding products to the backend while their cluster was undergoing maintenance.

Support has also contacted us via several websites with suggestions for improving the speed and performance. It was proactive and never requested by anyone on the team, but it was beneficial and resulted in better website loading times for visitors.

Pressidium Hosting Review

Finally, the assistance is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and because our team works around the clock, we've contacted these guys on Sunday at midnight and throughout the week. Whatever the case, we were partnered with a skilled person who resolved our issue as quickly as possible.

This service is world-class, essential if you're a huge corporation or agency in charge of a mission-critical website.


Speed and Uptime

Pressidium is not just a hosting service, but a company with a first-class infrastructure that includes data centres and servers in multiple locations, including:

  • North America
  • Japan
  • Europe
  • Southeast Asia and Oceania
Test LocationLoad test 1Load test 2Load test 3
 Dallas, USA0.68s0.61s0.61s
Sweden, EU2.10s1.55s1.43s
Melbourne, AU4.44s3.70s3.75s
Pressidium Hosting Review

Pressidium provides users with complete flexibility as well as high uptime and reliability. The servers themselves are impressive, and they can handle virtually any amount of traffic.

Pressidium Review on Uptime

Pressidium offers some pretty impressive service uptime records. Its servers have shown stable status for a long time with barely any downtime, and no significant outages have happened.

Because the company has data centres in various locations around the globe, you can choose where you want your site stored to attain minimum latency.

Pressidium guarantees a minimum of 99.96% uptime to all clients, no matter which hosting plan they use. The company is aware that uptime is crucial in building good relationships with customers.

We have collected their uptime data from last year to the current date. We got tremendous results as Pressidium succeeded in providing the guaranteed uptime.


Important Comparisons

WordPress Installs131025
Storage (SSD)5 GB10 GB20 GB30 GB
Let's Encrypt+ $10/moIncludedIncludedIncluded
CDN + HTTPS+ $10/moIncludedIncludedIncluded
Staging SitesYesYesYesYes
Auto UpdatesYesYesYesYes
Pressidium Hosting Review and Pressidium Pricing

Features and Ease of Use

To get a quote, you can submit a request for one of Pressidium's five fully managed WordPress hosting plans, as well as one of their customized enterprise plans (capable of scaling up to 10 million visits per month and more). The following features are included in the company's five WordPress hosting plans:

  • 1 to 50 hosted WordPress sites
  • 5 GB to 40 GB SSD storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Let’s Encrypt SSL
  • Automatic daily backups

We guarantee that Pressidium will be available at all times (99.95 per cent). If your uptime falls below that threshold, Pressidium will provide you with a credit equal to 5 per cent of your monthly fee for each hour of downtime.

It makes use of a load-balanced, fault-tolerant HA (high availability) architecture to ensure that your website is available at all times without interruption. The company's file system uses a combination of asynchronous and synchronous replication, which helps improve your site's overall performance. You can also check WP Engine hosting features.

WP Engine Hosting

$23 $37
Take advantage of automated updates, managed upgrades, and daily backups.
Choose the best WordPress hosting solution for your business.

With Pressidium, it is simple to scale your infrastructure vertically and horizontally without causing service interruptions for your website. Staging allows you to create a replica of your site on which you can run tests and make changes without affecting the live version of your website.

CDN (content delivery network) provisioning via ticketing is also available to ensure that your content is made available to your target audience as quickly as possible (mainly if your site contains many media).


Say Goodbye to Stand-alone Servers

Pressidium Hosting Review Features
Pressidium Hosting Review Features

Just say no to stand-alone VPS, Containers, or Servers with pressidium. Every site hosted on Pressidium runs on a fault-tolerant, multi-node server cluster.

Pressidium offers a network-based firewall layer as the first line of defence against malicious activity and Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. It is a low-level deep packet inspection layer that filters and inspects each incoming & outgoing packet for malformed requests and monitors the sanity of connections. If something isn’t right, it will immediately take countermeasures to protect your site.

You will get total control: Pressidium hosting review
Pressidium Portal
The Pressidium Portal provides complete management via out-of-band and abstracted access to the Ops-Layer. 
Designed Web Interface
Through its designed web interface, traditionally complex and technically demanding management tasks have been made fast and simple.
High Level of Automation
The portal takes full advantage of Pressidium Platform’s extremely high automation and built-in intelligence. It gives complete control of the enterprise-grade platform without requiring any technical know-how.

Pressidium Hosting offers several different plans to accommodate the needs of all customers, from beginners to business owners and everything in between. You should note that all of these plans are highly scalable.

Pressidium Hosting Review Notice:

Presidium hides its entry-level Micro plan on the pricing page. You need to click the ‘I Need A Smaller Plan’ option to see the Micro plan.
Pressidium Hosting Review and Pressidium Pricing Details
Micro Plan – Pressidium Hosting Review

When you first load the pricing page, it’s easy to miss that and assume that the cheapest plan is $42 a month.

Pressidium Micro Plan

Plans Pressidium Managed WordPress Hosting Micro Plan
Micro – Pressidium Hosting Review

Pressidium micro pan is a starter plan to host 1 WordPress website with low traffic. If you are going to start a new website, this could be perfect for creating your website.

Pressidium Personal Plan

Plans Pressidium Managed WordPress Hosting Personal
Personal – Pressidium Hosting Review

The personal plan is started from monthly $49.90 and $42 when paid annually. This plan is designed to take the traffic load of monthly 30k visits. In this plan, they provide 10 GB of storage space. You can host up to 3 WordPress sites on the Pressidium Personal plan hosting.

Pressidium Professional Plan

Plans Pressidium Managed WordPress Hosting Proffesional
Professional – Pressidium Hosting Review

This plan starts with $125/month if you pay annually and $149.9/month every month. The plan is designed for 100k monthly traffic. With this plan, you can get 20 GB of storage space and run up to 10 WordPress blogs.

Pressidium Business Plan

Plans Pressidium Managed WordPress Hosting Buisness
Business – Pressidium Hosting Review

The business plan of Pressidium WordPress hosting comes with 30 GB storage and is designed for 500k monthly traffic. The plan started with $299.9/month when paid monthly and $250 annually. It allows up to 25 WordPress sites.

Pressidium Business Plus Plan

Plans Pressidium Managed WordPress Hosting Business Plus
Business Plus – Pressidium Hosting Review

It is Pressidium’s most expensive plan – priced at $599 per month if you’re paying monthly. Pay annually, and your monthly cost will only be $500 per month.

You can host up to 50 WordPress sites with this plan, and it comes with 40GB SSD storage space. Its unlimited bandwidth also allows for up to a million visitors per month.

Pressidium Enterprise Plans

Plans Pressidium Managed WordPress Hosting Enterprise
Enterprise – Pressidium Hosting Review

The enterprise plans are for high-traffic WordPress blogs getting millions of monthly traffic. With this plan, you can get customized configuration and infrastructure needs and solutions, dedicated server cluster powered by our highly available & fully scalable architecture. This plan started from $790 per month.

In their enterprise hosting plan, you have to request a quote for your requirements. You have to pay depending on the necessity of resources.

Millions of monthly visits: Pressidium offers Enterprise plans designed to scale up to meet your needs. From millions of visits to tens of millions of visits or more.

VIP Service with Dedicated Account Manager: Exclusive-class VIP service for all Enterprise Partners. Your Dedicated Account Manager ensures that they meet your highest expectations, and we deliver on our promises.

Dedicated Server Cluster: Highly Available and Load Balanced server cluster, designed to serve your website from multiple servers.


In addition, Pressidium uses a proactive support system that consists of a set of surveillance devices to keep track of 24×7, seven-day, weekly tasks.

Security Features Include:

  • PHP restricted
  • Installed WordPress installation
  • Chrooted environments
  • WordPress update level
  • Virtual correction layer
  • OWASP filtering
  • Malware and vulnerability analysis
  • Prohibition of brute force attacks
  • Immediate and automated backups

However, the company does not offer two-factor authentication, a security process that some companies find essential.

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Managed WordPress hosting that fits your needs.

Positives: Pressidium Hosting Review

  • All new plans come with a 60-day money-back guarantee that lets users determine if Pressidium is the right choice.
  • Accept all standard payment methods.
  • Pressidium provides very fast loading times.
  • The price at Pressidium is slightly lower than similar hosts offering the same WordPress service.
  • From start to finish, he oversaw the safety
  • Availability and reliability
  • Enterprise architecture for WordPress
  • It provides a bot filtering system that protects your site from all the known robots that can use your bandwidth or reduce the load time of your pages.
  • Review and exclusion of malware
  • DevOps supports WordPress engineers.

Negatives: Pressidium Hosting Review

  • The only potential problem with Pressidium is that customers bill for the number of visits to their websites. The more visits you receive, the more you have to pay.
  • If your website is not based on WordPress, you can not avail of their hosting services.
  • The packages are expensive in comparison to other hosting companies.

Although the prices charged by Pressidium are higher than those set by other web hosting companies, the high-quality hardware used on their servers and the quick response time provided by their customer service team more than compensate for the higher cost. If the website consumes more resources than anticipated, the company bears the financial burden.

Should you Use Pressidium?

Now for the essential question of this Pressidium hosting review: Should you use Pressidium or something else? That is dependent on the situation.

It is possible to find better hosting providers for your money if you have low-traffic, regular WordPress sites such as an online magazine or a small brochure website. That is not meant to be a criticism of their features or performance; instead, it reflects the realities of the pricing structure. In the case of a basic site, high-availability architecture or direct access to engineers through support aren't necessary, so you're paying extra for features that aren't necessary.


Frequently Asked Questions About Pressidium Hosting Review

  1. How Pressidium Counts Website Visits?

    A visit is a metric that indicates how much traffic your website receives in 24 hours. They add all of these together and count the number of visits you receive during a given month, and this is how they calculate your traffic volume. It is, in our opinion, the most accurate method of determining how many servers resources your site will require.

  2. What if You Get too Many Page Views?

    Unlike many other hosting providers, you need not be concerned because they will not charge you an overage fee if your site experiences a sudden increase in traffic, and they will not restrict your site in any way. If the amount of traffic to your site continues to exceed the limitations of your plan, pressidium will recommend an appropriate plan upgrade.

  3. Can you Switch Pressidium Plans Later?

    Yes, at any point in time. Plans can be easily upgraded (or downgraded) with pressidium's help. Using this method, you can begin with a Personal plan and then upgrade to a Professional plan as your site's traffic increases.

9.2Expert Score
Pressidium Hosting Review and Pressidium Pricing

Pressidium provides you with everything you need to manage and grow your WordPress websites to new heights, including the ability to automate tasks.

Money-Back Guarantee
Extra Fast Load Times
Bot Filtering System
Forms of Payment
  • Uptime is Superb
  • Great Speed
  • Efficient Customer Support
  • Daily Backups
  • Lots of security features
  • User-Friendly Dashboard
  • Limited starter plan
  • Prices are Slightly High
  • No Email Hosting

Pressidium Hosting Review Conclusion

Pressidium, even though it is a young company, has established roots in several different locations. With only dedicated WordPress hosting, the company can attract individuals and businesses committed to receiving high-quality services without giving a second thought to the cost.

Sign-up now and take advantage of their Special Annual Plan Offer with an impressive 2+2 months free!

Pressidium Hosting
Thousands of organizations use our industry-leading infrastructure to scale their business, including large digital agencies, media outlets, tech startups, universities, and Fortune 500 companies.
$21.00 $28.00
Go annual and enjoy 2 months free, or try out with a 60-day money-back guaranteed monthly plan.
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