WP Engine Hosting Review – 8 Pros & Cons of WP Engine with Detailed Data

WP Engine's WordPress Digital Experience Platform, which is the first of its kind, helps your sites load quickly. This WP Engine hosting review will cover everything you need to know about this WordPress-focused provider. Read on to learn more about its pricing and plans, performance, features, customer support, and more in WP Engine hosting review

WP Engine is by many experts considered the best in WordPress Managed Hosting. They offer automatic security updates, daily backups, one-click restore points, automatic caching, top-tier security, free CDN and SSL Plus free site migration.

We will try to cover all aspects in this WP Engine hosting review.

WP Engine is not cheap compared to another WordPress hosting, but you get what you pay, and WP Engine has the best support and performance by the top WordPress experts, so you can be sure your website will be handled by the best.

Read some Excellent thoughts.

WP Engine Hosting Review

Is WP Engine Hosting Good for WordPress? WP Engine Hosting Review

Yes, WP Engine has one of the best VIP Managed Hosting for WordPress users and is considered the best WordPress hosting in its class. Because of its security, speed, and best technical support, WP Engine is not a cheap hosting but relatively more expensive than many alternative hosting.

Still, it's worth the money if you are a business owner or hosting many sites for your clients where you don't want to be bothered with sites going down or some technical aspect. WP Engine is your best solution if you are looking for hustle-free WordPress hosting. Let's continue with WP Engine hosting review.

Thoughts on WP Engine Hosting Review

Hundreds of thousands of new websites get developed every day in today's world. Mainly these websites are hosted on the WordPress CMS.

However, if you do not pay adequate consideration to the hosting service you choose for your website before launching it, it can cause significant problems for both your website and yourself. So that's why we are here with WP Engine hosting review.

There are many hosting providers on which you can rely. We featured some of them below:

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Wp engine has gained a great deal of recognition in the world of WordPress web hosting services. For anyone considering using WP Engine to host their new blog or website, the information in this WP Engine hosting review may assist you.

Although not many of you have likely utilized a WordPress-specific host, WP Engine is an excellent option that offers managed plans that are fully customized.

Even though WP Engine faces intense competition in managed WordPress hosting and generic hosting, WP Engine remains at the top of the market because of its extensive feature set.

Why Should Choose WP Engine for WordPress Site?

Why should you use WP Engine for your blog or website? Here are some of the main reasons., WP Engine hosting review:

When hosting a WordPress website, you have various options to select between different hosting providers.
  • Security – WordPress security issues are effectively taken care of with WP Engine.
  • Speed – Using the WP Engine, the scaling can be up to 10x faster.
  • Support – The WP Engine offers you a handy, WordPress-specific support option.
  • Tools – There is a multitude of WordPress-specific tools available.
  • A Staging environment – With the WP Engine, you can easily spot mistakes before your customers do.

WP Engine Hosting Main Features

Let’s read through some of the features of the WP Engine, which makes it a fine choice for WordPress websites in our WP Engine hosting review:

  • Over 500,000 digital experiences are powered by WP Engine today.
  • A minimum of 5% of the users online have at least one experience with WP Engine daily.
  • WP engine blocks over 2 Million attacks every day.
  • It has a trusted customer base of more than 120,000 customers spread across 140 countries chosen by WP Engine.
  • Thanks to WP Engine's CDN, your web pages will load much more quickly.
  • It comes with some magnificent and premium WordPress themes for you.
  • You get a no-questions-asked 60-day money-back guarantee.

Of course, today, many companies promise the best-managed WordPress hosting services. But are they all capable of delivering it? Well, frankly, No! Let us cover this in detail while continuing the WP Engine hosting review.

However, many trust WP Engine because it has a 150+ strong support team with your back 24/7/365. Further, the research and the development team associated with more than 100 WordPress experts are working day in and day out to ensure that the servers of the WP Engine are constantly running fast and your websites stay safe and secure.

WP Engine also delivers new tools and integrations to ensure that you are getting the perfect WordPress experience.

WP Engine Hosting Review

It removes the headache and hassle of WordPress hosting from the customer. The trained technical support staff of the WP Engine is there to help the customers at all steps along the way.

WP Engine Managed Hosting

The WP Engine can provide the assistance you need without any hassle from small to top-level companies.

WP Engine has partnered with several big market players like Amazon Web services and Google Cloud Platform. These will help you provide an exciting and affordable range of enterprise-grade solutions which assure a blazing fast, highly secure, scalable, and reliable experience.

WP Engine continually ensures that your hosting is configured correctly for your business. It is necessary to ensure that your website supports real-time security and is capable of threat detection. Further, you get free to Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates, the Ever Cache proprietary caching technology, along with a global CDN.

Just like for SMBs, WP Engine is incredibly useful and assures a breakthrough experience for enterprise hosting.

WP Engine Hosting Review

With the help of the open-source framework of WordPress, you can customize the CMS, keeping in view the needs of your business. Further, WP Engine helps you increase the productivity of your team given features and power-packed tools such as Dev, Stage, and Prod Environments, SSH Gateway, and Git integration.

The WP Engine is extremely helpful for the developers at every step while catering to their WordPress projects. It comes equipped with an easy setup, fast builds, smooth launches, and effortless maintenance. Further, developers can quickly launch their products with the accelerated WordPress development kit.

WP Engines Hosting Features

It will include optional object caching and regular website caching for caching database queries.

  • Content Delivery Network (CDN): All of the Engine’s plans come with CDN access at no additional cost.
  • PHP: You get the ability to switch between PHP versions.
  • HTTP/2.0: Reduce latency.
  • SSL: You get a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate. Further, you can even import your own certificate or buy one through WP Engine.
  • SFTP: You can create multiple secure FTP accounts to access your site to edit and upload the files.
  • Server file manager: There is no online file manager. All you have is FTP access to your server space.
  • Database access: phpMyAdmin can be used for accessing the WordPress website database via a browser.
  • Email service: Sadly, there isn’t any email service on any of the plans of the WP Engine.
  • WordPress website management: All the software updates of WordPress are installed automatically. However, you can also defer an update for 2 months.
  • Plugin restrictions: WP Engine has disallowed plugins, including the caching, backup, and optimization plugins that can interfere with their hosting optimization.
  • Security measures: There are certain security measures included to keep your website protected from external threats. For this, the website is scanned for the safety issues like malware, and the support team of the WP Engine will take the requisite action if anything untoward is detected.
  • Datacenter locations: The WP Engine has several data centers across the globe. You can opt for a server of your choice across the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Further, all of the servers come with Google Cloud Platform.
  • Staging sites: All of the plans of the WP Engine include the staging and the development environment along with the production environment using the easy site transfer between the different environments through the user portal interface.
  • WordPress website migration: With WP Engine, you get a free plugin using which you can migrate your WordPress website to the hosting platform of WP Engine.
  • Visitor analytics: At all times, with WP Engine, you can easily view the data on your website traffic and allocation usage via the user portal dashboard.
  • Uptime checks: At all times, the front end of your website is monitored for downtime. On the other hand, the back end of your website is monitored to ensure that the overall health of your site is maintained.
  • Support channels: On all the plans of the WP Engine, a 24/7 live chat channel is available. There is also 24/7 phone support available on all plans except for the entry-level StartUp plan. There is also 24/7 ticket support.

How to Migrate Website to WP Engine?

Those who already have a WordPress website, but are planning to move from another hosting provider to WP Engine, can do it for free. WP Engine provides the complete section which will offer you the step-by-step migration guide through snapshots, videos, and easy-to-follow instructions.

However, if you don’t want to do it all, you can use the WP Engine Automated Migration plugin to automate the entire process for you.

WP Engine Automated Migration WordPress plugin WP Engine Hosting Review
WP Engine Automated Migration Plugin – WP Engine Hosting Review

WP Engine Automated Migrations allows you to migrate your WordPress site easily to the WP Engine platform.

All you need to do is provide the plugin your WP Engine SFTP credentials and let the tool do all the heavy lifting.

WP Engine Hosting Review
  • This tool will provide you with a quick way to migrate sites, allowing you to work on your other projects while the plugin does all the heavy lifting.
  • No need to worry about searching and replacing values in the database. The plugin does it for you.
  • You can migrate multiple sites easily.

If you have any queries and need one-to-one assistance, you can contact the WP Engine’s support team, and they’ll help you in the migration of your WordPress website.

WP Engine Security Solutions

With the WP Engine, you get Global Edge Security. It is a high-performance advanced security solution with DDoS protection and a Web Application Firewall (WAF).

They designed Global Edge Security to ensure that your sites always stay secure. Further, the security benefits include two-factor authentication, managed core updates, and daily backups with Global Edge Security.

So, as a customer, you can get full advantage of the built-in expert rule sets from the combined intelligence of Cloudflare and WP Engine. Together all of it will work to keep your website free from all the emerging threats.

Moreover, with Global Edge Security, you get the best in class security protection against DDoS attacks, OWASP security vulnerabilities, and compromised data, which might black out the performance of your digital business.

With more threat types than whatever existed back then, it is also critical to ensure that at all times, your website and business stay protected for it to grow to its full potential. You can best achieve this with the multi-layer security offered by the WP Engine for all of your sites.

The adequately managed WAF includes rule sets tailored and managed to protect WordPress by mitigating threats at the edge. However, it can do more than just block specific IP addresses or ports.

It will inspect the web traffic for signs of XSS or SQL injections. Furthermore, they perform upgrades automatically to respond to evolving threats and reduce the danger of hacking by utilizing new and improved tactics.

WP Engine Hosting

$23 $37
WordPress hosting for fast & secure business websites.
Power your creativity on the number 1 platform for WordPress.

Global Cloudflare Anycast network will absorb all the highly distributed attack traffic to maintain your presence online. The origin infrastructure of the network is protected by dropping and detecting the volumetric attacks at the edge. Further, the shared intelligence spread across 10M websites is beneficial in proactively blocking all the known bad signatures.

Global Edge Security is extremely capable of caching both static and dynamic content, including CSS, high-quality images and video, and javascript. Together all of this will assure you an improved customer experience.

Where are WP Engine’s Datacenters Located?

Choosing a data center located in geographic proximity to most visitors can increase site speed, benefit your SEO, increase security, and help simplify data management.

WP Engine has data centers located all over the globe through both Google and AWS. These data centers are in:

  • South Carolina
  • Oregon
  • Belgium
  • Taiwan
  • Tokyo
  • London
  • Frankfurt
  • Sydney
  • Montreal
  • Virginia
  • Ohio
  • Ireland.

Premium WordPress Themes with WP Engine Plan

WP Engine has acquired StudioPress, and now you get all their themes with WP Engine hosting plan. Now, you can build an incredible digital experience for your WordPress site with the easy-to-use premium themes of StudioPress.

WP Engine Review User-Portal-WP-Engine
Premium Themes – WP Engine Hosting Review

With the Genesis Framework, all the themes of the Studio Press are search-engine-optimized with locked-down security features. In addition to this, every theme of StudioPress is Gutenberg-ready, which is incredibly helpful for you to simplify the content design and editing process even more.

Website Staging: WP Engine Hosting Review

Staging a website means creating a clone of the website. It means that you can test the themes, custom code, and plugin before making all of these changes live with the use of this.

With the website staging, you can preview the possible changes before going live. The staging site is not public, so you can try out all your website ideas before implementing them on your actual website. It is beneficial for testing out what will work for your website and what won’t.

Whatever be the mistakes concerning your website, they will rectify before your potential client or customer sees them.

With WP Engine, you get a “one-click staging.” which means that all you have to do is click a button in your hosting control panel and your staging site is ready.

One of the most precious assets for your business’s online presence is your website. It is the first and the foremost thing that your online customers will notice, and it is just as important as your physical storefront.

So, when you are using the staging function, it allows you to perfect the content before making it live. Thus, with WP Engine Staging, you have space and the time to make your website look better and test some revisions for your business.

WP Engine Performance and Load Times

Is WP Engine a fast-loading platform? Let's have a look and see in detail in our WP Engine hosting review!

It was a typical WordPress installation with dummy text and a few photos, running on the default WordPress theme for our testing purposes. Additionally, we installed a couple of plugins, such as SEO Press, Contact Form 7, and Akismet, for good measure.

Here are the findings we obtained after testing the site from several different locations (we performed each test three times; the numbers you see below are the average values from the tests):

The following are the outcomes of the performance tests that we conducted:

WP Engine Hosting Review 8 Pros and Cons of WP Engine with Detailed Pricing Guides
WP Engine Performance – WP Engine Hosting Review
N. Virginia1.63 s380 ms1.70 s2.30 s
California1.00 s209 ms1.29 s1.82 s
Canada1.65 s430 ms1.64 s2.39 s
Frankfurt2.49 s712 ms2.11 s3.28 s
Paris2.35 s680 ms1.97 s3.02 s
Mumbai3.33 s1087 ms2.68 s3.90 s
Sydney2.50 s771 ms2.14 s3.19 s
WP Engine Hosting Review

As you can see, the results are outstanding across all testing locations.

Billing and Money-Back Guarantee

Please Note All new Startup, Professional, Growth, Scale, and eCommerce dedicated custom plans are included in the 60-day money-back guarantee. All other premium and custom plans are not included.

WP Engine does not lock customers into long-term contracts. They allow you to choose a monthly plan that will enable you to cancel your plan every month.

Additionally, they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee for new customers. However, this refund only applies to hosting services.

WP Engine Hosting Plans

Hosting PlansFeatures List
Managed Hosting ($22.50/mo)Starting and growing a website. 
Managed Hosting Plus ($25/mo)Additional ease of use. Adds automatic plugin updates with AI testing.
eCommerce Hosting ($27/mo) eCommerce hosting. Free WooCommerce store theme and templates.
Secure Hosting ($39.75/mo)Extra security. Additional DDoS protection and Web Application Firewall with automatic plugin updates.
WP Engine Hosting Review

Each WP Engine pricing plan includes a unique set of features, which you can read about in detail here in the WP Engine review. To help you understand the differences, we'll take a look at each plan and the significant features that each one has to offer:

Easy Account Cancelation Feature

Canceling a subscription service that you no longer need just became so much easier.

WP Engine Hosting Review 8 Pros and Cons of WP Engine with Detailed Pricing Guide
Cancel Account – WP Engine Hosting Review
  • 1. Log in to the User Portal.
  • 2. Select ‘Billing.'
  • 3. Click ‘Invoice.'
  • 4. Click ‘Cancel Account.'
  • 5. Select an appropriate reason for canceling.
  • 6. Check the box for: I acknowledge that I have downloaded the backups I need from any of the sites listed on the right and understand that after I close this account, I will not have access to backups in the user portal for this account.
  • 7. Click ‘Cancel Account.'

They will process your cancellation within 24 hours.


Managed Hosting Plan Plans WP Engine Hosting Review
Managed Hosting – WP Engine Hosting Review

Managed Hosting gives you the industry-leading speed, security, and stability that you need to start or grow your website.

Available features

  • 24/7 support
  • 10 premium themes
  • Free automated migrations
  • Daily backups
  • Free SSL and SSH
  • One-click staging site

Managed Hosting Plus Plan

Wp Engine Plan WP Engine Hosting Review
Managed Hosting Plus – WP Engine Hosting Review

Managed Hosting Plus gives you the ability to safely and automatically update all of your plugins to ensure your site doesn’t break.

Available features

  • Automated plugin updates
  • Plugin updates tested with AI including 3rd party plugins
  • Auto-rollbacks if issues detected
  • Choose which plugins are auto updated
  • 24/7 support
  • 10 premium themes
  • Free automated migrations
  • Daily backups
  • Free SSL and SSH
  • One-click staging site

eCommerce Hosting Plan

Ecommerce WP Engine Hosting Wp Engine Plan WP Engine Hosting Review
eCommerce Hosting – WP Engine Hosting Review

eCommerce Hosting has everything you need to build or migrate a WooCommerce store. Boost sales with easy store creation and Instant Store Search.

Available features

  • Instant Store Search (powered by ElasticPress)
  • One-click store creation
  • Optimized store theme
  • WooCommerce template
  • Automated plugin updates
  • 24/7 support
  • 10 premium themes
  • Free automated migrations
  • Daily backups
  • Free SSL and SSH
  • One-click staging site

Secure Hosting Plan

Secure Hosting Ecommerce WP Engine Hosting Wp Engine Plan WP Engine Hosting Review
Secure Hosting – WP Engine Hosting Review

Secure Hosting gives you all of the speed, scalability, and security in Managed Hosting Plus, as well as an additional layer of protection.

Available features

  • Protects from malicious traffic spikes (DDoS)
  • Security firewall for your traffic (WAF)
  • Automated plugin updates
  • Plugin updates tested with AI including 3rd party plugins
  • Auto-rollbacks if issues detected
  • Choose which plugins are auto updated
  • 24/7 support
  • 10 premium themes
  • Free automated migrations
  • Daily backups
  • Free SSL and SSH
  • One-click staging site
WP Engine Logo

Get WP Engine 3 Months Offer Fast and secure

The WordPress Digital Experience Platform.
Automatically migrate your site in minutes! Get the speed, security, and reliability your website deserves.

WP Engine Hosting Review and Ratings

WP Engine Pros & Cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of WP Engine:

PROS: WP Engine Hosting Review

  • With the WP Engine security, you are secured and safe.
  • WP Engine servers are optimized just for WordPress websites hence fast loading.
  • The proprietary front-end layer system of the WP Engine is extremely capable of handling the sudden rise in traffic.
  • WordPress Expert Support staff of WP Engine is extremely capable of handling your queries round the clock.
  • There is no doubt about the popularity of the WP Engine proof is the rave reviews that it has got from the agencies, companies, and customers.
  • WP Engine is well-optimized for WordPress users.
  • Simplified process of managing your website.
  • Provides solid, consistent performance.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Site staging is included as a standard feature.
  • Automated site migration plug-in.
  • Automatic daily backups and plug-in updates.
  • Malware scanning and firewall protection.

CONS: WP Engine Hosting Review

  • WP Engine has a list of disallowed plugins that you can’t install if you are hosting a site on WP Engine.
  • WP Engine is more expensive than some other hosting options.
  • Only managed hosting plans are available.
  • Traffic is caped with every plan (monthly visitors).
9.2Expert Score
WP Engine Hosting Review Summary

Managed WordPress hosting that grows with your business.

Built-in Caching
WP Engine PROS
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Enterprise-grade WordPress security
  • Positive
  • Free backups &
  • built-in EverCache caching
  • 24/7 support from WordPress experts
  • Free SSL and CDN (MaxCDN/StackPath integration)
  • Built-in development, staging &
  • production environments
  • Free access to Genesis Framework and 35+ StudioPress themes
WP Engine CONS
  • No email hosting included
  • Relatively expensive
  • Some WordPress plugins are blocked
  • No cPanel
Visit WP Engine

Plenty of Automation Removes the Hassle Out of Managing Your Website.

Should You Use WP Engine?

Overall, WP Engine is an excellent managed WordPress host. It offers:

  • Excellent performance
  • Top-notch support
  • All the managed WordPress features you’d expect like server-level caching, automatic backups, staging sites, free SSL certificates, a built-in CDN, etc.
  • Helpful developer features like Git deployment.

However, those advantages don’t necessarily mean it’s the best-managed WordPress host for you. You certainly won’t go wrong choosing WP Engine, but you might be able to get a better deal somewhere else. See some of the best in business below.

No posts for this criteria.

FAQs About WP Engine Hosting Review

  1. Does WP Engine Use cPanel?

    No, WP Engine has developed its unique control panel, which it refers to as the WP Engine User Portal. It is similar to cPanel, except it is more user-friendly.

  2. How Do I Cancel My WP Engine Account?

    You can cancel your WP Engine account from your user portal. Select ‘my account’ and then choose ‘cancel the account.’ You should download any backups of your website before initiating the cancellation process. They will process your cancellation within 24 hours.

  3. Is WP Engine a SaaS company?

    WP Engine is a leading SaaS content management platform for websites and applications built on WordPress. Founded in 2010, WP Engine is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and has recently launched in Tech City, London.

Final Words on WP Engine Review

Now that you have read through the detailed WP Engine hosting review and seen the various aspects, we have come to the final and the most crucial question. Is the WP Engine right for your website or business? Should I be hosting my site with WP Engine?

When comparing all the aspects of the WP Engine with the other hosting providers in detail, it is hard not to tell that WP Engine is one of the best-managed WordPress hosting providers.

WP Engine is a perfect choice if you seek a hassle-free experience to host your WordPress website. Be it for bloggers or high-end businesses, who do not want to waste any time on the technical aspects, WP Engine is just perfect.

Both regular users and developers will find the advanced features of the WP Engine very time conserving when they want to develop a WordPress site for their clients.

Choose the best WordPress hosting solution for your business.
$23 $37
Take advantage of automated updates, managed upgrades, and daily backups.
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