TermsFeed Review with TermsFeed Pricing Details – 12 Latest Features and Cons

In this TermsFeed review with the TermsFeed pricing article, we will put the policy generator to the test and evaluate their documents for compliance, quality, and relevance. The results from our Termsfeed review test were excellent but perhaps a bit surprising.

Termsfeed is a simple, affordable document generation solution that offers instant legal compliance at a fraction of the price of a professional attorney.

But will their policies make your site compliant and protect you from potentially disastrous consequences? These policies are required by law in every country. You cannot take the risk.

TermsFeed Overview

TermsFeed is a document generation solution that streamlines the creation of high-quality legal documents for e-commerce stores, websites, web and mobile apps, Facebook pages, SaaS companies, and anywhere else people need legal agreements.

Free hosting: TermsFeed hosts all your policies for free so you can integrate anywhere (WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, etc.)

If you can follow a simple process, you’ll have personalized legal documents in a matter of minutes and for thousands of dollars less than if you’d hired professional lawyers.

And instead of monthly payments, TermsFeed charges only a one-time fee for creating legal agreements. That means you pay once, and your legal contracts are perpetually yours. As long as the law remains unchanged, you’ll never pay again.

But it’s not for everyone based on other reviews we’ve read, and you could run into issues if you use their free templates. We’ll explain in more detail in our TermsFeed review below.

Which Types of Documents Does TermsFeed Offer?

Termsfeed Review with Termsfeed Pricing
Types of Documents – Termsfeed Review

TermsFeed offers the following documents:

  • Privacy Policies
  • Terms & Conditions Agreement
  • EULA Agreement
  • Return & Refund Policy
  • Cookies Policy
  • Disclaimer
TermsFeed Logo

TermsFeed Policy Generator TOP RATED

TermsFeed regularly monitors regulations around the world and prepares legal compliance guidelines.
Compliance with GDPR, CalOPPA, CCPA, + more.

Here's how TermsFeed Works

TermsFeed creates the necessary legal agreements and policies for your online business.

The process is as quick and simple as filling out a form. TermsFeed created its simple software that you only answer a questionnaire and select the options applicable to your business. 

For example: Do you use Google AdWords? Tick the box if your answer is yes.
What about GPS information? If that’s a no, leave the box empty. Along the way, you’ll notice prices on some features, which means that if you want to add those clauses in your agreement, you’ll have to pay for them. 

After you’re finished answering and paying, you’re presented with the final product, a complete legal policy that you can have sent to your email, hosted on TermsFeed so you can link to it, or download it directly in your preferred format:

  • PDF
  • DOCX
  • HTML
  • Text
NOTE: TermsFeed, or any other similar online service for that matter, is not a substitute for an actual legal professional. Some issues that your business might be involved in, like prize draws or sweepstakes, need to be drafted by a skilled attorney. We also highly recommend consulting with a law firm if you’re a large enterprise or a corporation.

TermsFeed Reviews

Let's look at the TermsFeed reviews stated online.

TermsFeed Review with TermsFeed Pricing Details
TermsFeed Reviews

The ease of use, transparency of price, and simplicity of the process are all mentioned in most reviews. TermsFeed has received a few concerns about its relatively high upfront payment compared to competing services. It is, however, extremely dependent on the type of service you use.

Lets Understand in Detail How It Works: Termsfeed Review

Choose Your Customized Policy

TermsFeed creates customized legal agreements and policies for your website or app based on business needs. Your website or app is unique. Your legal agreements and policies should be special.

Select Your Platforms

TermsFeed customizes the policies differently for websites, mobile apps, Facebook Pages, and so on. Select the platform you're interested in, and they'll create a custom policy for you.

Just Answer a Few Questions

TermsFeed is extremely easy to use. Just answer a few questions, and you're done. It takes less than 5-8 minutes.

Download Your Policy or They Host it for You

TermsFeed hosts the generated policy for free. You don't need to create a new website page or app screen to display your generated policies to website & app users.

Regular Updates and Live Editor

TermsFeed regularly applies revisions to all policies and notifies you when significant updates are required for your policy. TermsFeed allows you to edit the policy text as you wish. You can download the policy or edit it directly on our website.

What is the Privacy Policy Generator?

Privacy Policy TermsFeed Review
Privacy Policy Generator -TermsFeed Review

The Privacy Policy Generator from TermsFeed is the world's leading generator of Privacy Policy agreements for websites and apps.

We were positively impressed after trying out the privacy policy tool by TermsFeed. It’s so intuitive that the process of generating our sample policy took us only 3 minutes. 

Peace of mind: TermsFeed regularly monitors regulations around the world and prepares legal compliance guidelines.

TermsFeed Review

You can use Termsfeed Privacy Policy Generator to create a custom Privacy Policy for your business. A Privacy Policy is required by law to be used for every medium that collects personal data from users:

  • Websites
  • Mobile apps
  • Desktop apps
  • Facebook apps
  • SaaS apps
  • Ecommerce stores
  • WordPress plugins
  • And so on

What is the Terms and Conditions Generator?

Terms & Conditions Generator Termsfeed Review
Terms & Conditions Generator -Termsfeed Review

TermsFeed certainly doesn’t lack mastery. The Terms and Conditions Generator delivers a “terms of use” policy for online businesses that want to define under which rules and regulations their websites and apps operate. The principal purpose of such a document is to protect your business from potential liabilities.

You can use the Termsfeed Terms & Conditions Generator to create custom Terms & Conditions for your business. While a Terms & Conditions agreement is not mandatory by law (unlike the Privacy Policy that is mandatory by law), it's highly recommended to have this kind of legal agreement for your business:

  • Websites
  • Mobile apps
  • Desktop apps
  • Facebook apps
  • SaaS apps
  • Ecommerce stores

What is the Disclaimer Generator?

Disclaimer Generator Termsfeed Review
Disclaimer Generator -Termsfeed Review

If your website, or any other platform you use for your online business presence, contains affiliate links, you need a disclaimer document. TermsFeed Disclaimer Generator provides just that. 

you can use Termsfeed Disclaimer Generator to create various disclaimers for your business, such as:

  • Fitness disclaimer
  • Affiliate disclaimer
  • Legal advice disclaimer
  • External links disclaimer
  • And much more
Start For Free
Legal compliance, a breeze with TermsFeed

TermsFeed regularly applies revisions to all policies and notifies you when major updates are required for your policy.

What is the Return and Refund Policy Generator?

Return & Refund Policy Generator Termsfeed Review
Return & Refund Policy Generator -Termsfeed Review

A return and refund policy is a must for eCommerce companies. It’s the most reviewed legal policy by customers because they want to know how to return the product to the shop. And this policy is a great way to foster trust. It should be written understandably for the customer, but it also needs to cover the essential clauses to protect your business. TermsFeed splendidly does that.

Depending on your jurisdiction (country and state), a Return and Refund Policy may be required by law. For example, a Privacy Policy is required by law in most countries worldwide.

Return and Refund Policy Generator from TermsFeed
Here's how you can use the Return & Refund Policy Generator to create a Return & Refund Policy for your eCommerce business:
Start First
Start the Return and Refund Policy Generator.
Complete Steps
Please go through the generator's steps so that Termsfeed can create a custom Return & Refund Policy for your eCommerce business. For example, you can select if you will use the policy for websites or mobile apps or both, or you can choose if your eCommerce business sells physical or digital items or both. Selecting the correct answer at this “What kind of products can customers buy from you?” question allows our generator to enable and add the necessary clauses for your policy based on the answer you provide. A Return & Refund Policy for physical items only does not need sections and clauses that govern the purchase of digital items.
Download Policy
After you have gone through all the required steps of the Return & Refund Policy Generator, the generator will create a custom Return & Refund Policy that you can link to (through the public link) or download to your computer.

What is the EULA Generator?

EULA Generator Termsfeed Review
EULA Generator -Termsfeed Review

Anyone can use Termsfeed EULA Generator to create custom End-User License agreements for your app business. While the EULA agreement is not mandatory by law (unlike the Privacy Policy that is mandatory by law), it's highly recommended to have this kind of legal agreement for your app business:

What is the Cookies Policy Generator?

Cookies Policy Generator Termsfeed Review
Cookies Policy Generator -Termsfeed Review

you can use Termsfeed Cookies Policy to create a custom Cookies Policy for your website.

A Cookies Policy is not mandatory across all countries worldwide, but it may be required if your business is from the EU or you have customers from the EU due to the EU Cookies Directive.

Regular updates: TermsFeed regularly applies revisions to all policies and notifies you when major updates are required for your policy.

An explanation of how and where cookies are used on a company's website is required by law.

Through this form, they need to offer a solution to gather consent from their users (which also means giving an option to refuse) and an option for users to request deletion of their collected data.

TermsFeed Pricing

First things first, there are several Termsfeed free agreements. When you visit the pricing page of the software’s website, the first thing you see is: Only pay for what you need.”

You pay once, and there are no recurring fees. But keep in mind that free service level agreements come with limited clauses. To get the complete package with additional terms, you must get the premium plan. 

TermsFeed insists there is no catch with this stipulation since you only pay for what you need. You can pay as low as $24 for some premium agreements and as high as $200. 

TermsFeed provides basic legal agreements free of charge — however, payment is required for premium agreements. The price you pay for your agreement will vary depending on the items you need. For example, suppose you’re generating a privacy policy. In that case, you’ll pay $7 extra if the policy is for a business (vs. for an individual), $6 extra if you plan to collect email addresses through your website or app, and $9 additional if your site is accessible to International users. These fees do add up — but in most cases, you will still pay much less than you might pay an attorney to generate your online legal agreements.

The price you pay for an agreement or policy depends on your business needs. All prices are shown during the wizard process. Here's an example:

Termsfeed Review
Pricing Model – Termsfeed Review

Before you pay, they'll show you exactly how much it'll cost. It's a one-time deal. If you use TermsFeed services, there are no recurring payments.

The Termsfeed pricing model is cost-effective and, on average, saves over $200 for their customers (when compared to lawyer's services).

Here are a few reasons why Termsfeed prices are cost-effective for your business:

  • You will only pay for what you need. The basis of the company does not pay for what you do not need. For example, suppose your website or app has user-generated content through its pages or app screens. In that case, your Terms & Conditions need a particular clause to cover all things related to user-generated content, such as liability, objectionable content, the right to remove content, and so on. If you don't need sections and clauses to cover user-generated content, you do not pay.
  • You will only pay once. You pay once to utilize the TermsFeed service when generating the legal agreement or policy you desire. Unlike other businesses that charge you a monthly or yearly subscription for a contract or policy that you do not frequently update, that does not require edits or regular reviews.
  • Additional features are entirely free. It's free to host and link to your agreement or policy. It's free to receive a notification when it's time to update your contract or policy because of a law or regulation change.

TermsFeed Policy Generator

$27.00 $32.00
TermsFeed hosts all your policies for free so that you can integrate anywhere (WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, etc.)
TermsFeed allows you to edit the policy text as you wish. You can download the policy or edit it.

Final Words on Termsfeed Review

TermsFeed can help you in simply generating all of the necessary legal agreements and policies right for your online business. And best of all, TermsFeed can create customized legal arrangements right for your website or application based on your application requirements.

It doesn’t matter if you need a free EULA generator or free terms and conditions generator for an online store, and you can trust TermsFeed. You will get simple, straightforward, and comprehensive, legally binding agreements. They will comply with COPPA, CALOPPA, GDPR, and other privacy laws of the United States and the rest of the world. All that’s left is for you to visit its website and start generating. 

FAQs about TermsFeed Review

  1. Is TermsFeed legitimate?

    TermsFeed is a legitimate service to create various documents, including privacy policy, terms and conditions, disclosures, and more. We have used it for several businesses, and it is easy to use with a lot of flexibility.

  2. Is TermsFeed free?

    TermsFeed has free options available, but you'll need to pay for clauses to be fully CCPA and GDPR compliant. The free documents TermsFeed has had no legal protection and are very simple with just the basic clauses.

  3. How much does TermsFeed cost?

    The cost of TermsFeed ranges from 0 to about $200. The average person spends about $40-$60 on it, enough for protection and full disclosure. You can have proper disclosures and documents for websites and apps at that range.

  4. Does one need a privacy policy even if they do not own a website?

    It is recommended to have a privacy policy to protect your business in case of complications. Even if you don't own a website, it will cost a minimal amount with TermsFeed.

  5. Do TermsFeed require a Login?

    No, TermsFeed does not require any login to generate your legal documents. You do not need an account to use TermsFeed. All our generators that can create a custom legal agreement or policy (Privacy Policy Generator, Terms & Conditions Generator, EULA Generator, Disclaimer Generator, and others) can be used without an account.

  6. How long does it take to set up a policy on TermsFeed?

    Depending on which policy you opt for, the process can take from 1 to 10 minutes at most. An average duration for a policy generation with TermsFeed would be 4-6 minutes.

9.2Expert Score
Ratings and Pros and Cons of TermsFeed

TermsFeed has one of the most intuitive user interfaces we’ve encountered in generators of its kind.

Ease of Use
Customer Service
Policy Update Notifications
Legal Compliance
  • Privacy Policy Generation
  • Cover all the legal policies needed for online business
  • You can customize the legal agreement
  • TermsFeed Create Legal Policies and agreement Instantly
  • Trusted Legal Agreements
  • 24/7 customer support
  • The free version offers limited legal document
  • Need some knowledge while reviewing the agreement
  • Pricey Premium Agreements
TermsFeed Services
TermsFeed is software created to help manufacturers of products and services make custom, legally binding agreements for their users.
$27.00 $32.00
The TermsFeed privacy policy is the best you can find on any confidential information-generating software.
Nicholes Henry
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