How to Become a Better Blogger in 2024 With 15 Proven Techniques

Nowadays, bloggers continuously strive to become better bloggers. Some people don’t start blogging because they think they’re bad at this, can’t be successful, or don’t know enough. What if we told you you could easily become a better blogger in 2024?

We are here to tell you valuable tips for becoming a better blogger. Trust us; we have been there; when we were starting, we had no idea where to begin from. And we had issues with grammar, sentence structuring, and vocabulary. We still don’t think we are good writers, but when we look at our old content, we realize how far we have come.

So we are glad to share some helpful blogging techniques that will make you a better blogger. Interestingly, blogging isn’t just about suitable topics or good grammar. Instead, there are some fundamental elements that the blogosphere needs to address because most bloggers aren’t discussing those points.

Either we’re after the keywords or Google AdSense revenues, which is why we sat down to talk about blogging techniques that will help you become a better blogger.

3 Reasons Why Blogging Will Boost Your Business

Building your business can be a difficult task. You can put hundreds of hours of effort into the company, but if you still don’t have essential components, you will not be successful. Today business owners realize that blogging boosts business. Blogs are typically only seen as unique places to express yourself and your views. However, blogs are also great places to reach people about your business or products. There are several ways to do this type of blogging.

The best way a business can use blogging to boost their business is by taking part in the blogs of others. You can easily create quality posts with your business in mind without setting up your blog. Try finding blogs that pertain to the area of business you are in. This will help you get started. With millions of blogs out there, you should be able to find some with no problem. Choose to post on all of them or the few that get the most activity. Then begin posting. When you do, you will see positive results come in. If you are still curious about how this can boost your business, check out these three reasons blogging enables business.

Quick Name Recognition:

The fastest way to get your business’s name out to the public is to inform your targeted marketing group. If you want to get your company’s name out to men who like fishing, you can find a blog about that. When you find blogs about this marketing group, post useful and intelligent information about topics that pertain to your company.

You might not want to sound like an advertisement. Think about responding to another comment and tagging your signature with your company’s website. This is a subtle way to get their attention. The more you post on blogs, the more widely known your company’s name will become with the select marketing group. Your consumer group will grow even more when they tell their friends and family about the site. This is a fast way to get started. You will have to invest some time, however. At least an hour a day can be used for this task.

Consumer Testimonies:

Your company might even think about hiring professionals to blog for your company. You can offer these employees products to try and give them the task of finding blogs where they can appropriately “praise” the product. Paying these people to do the job will provide you with the necessary work without spending much time. Consumer testimonials go a long way with other consumers. If these bloggers are productive enough, you will see an increase.

Building Relationships:

Smart business owners know that they can go further with the help of others. Their blog is a great way to connect and build relationships with other businesses. If you are a regular poster who values their business, they will be more likely to work with you. Working together with advertising is a great idea. You can swap ad space for no fee if you like. These are great things for business owners and are easy to get into when you blog regularly.

Blogging can be a great way to do business. It may seem like misleading advertising, and it is in some ways. However, free advertising does the same thing as a commercial on television does. It reaches a targeted marketing group, lets them know your company’s name and products, and sometimes offers an endorsement.

Overall, it is an effective way to get your business out there. When people have no idea who you are, they will not feel comfortable working with you. The better your reputation is, the more likely they will trust you. They will not trust you when you have no reputation at all. So, even if you want to use blogging to build your company’s reputation, it will be worthwhile. Try it and see what results you can get using these tips.

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3 Most Effective Blogging Techniques

Most Effective Blogging Techniques - How to Become a Better Blogger
Most Effective Blogging Techniques – How to Become a Better Blogger

Content creation requires a lot of trial and error. Despite putting in much effort and creating plenty of blogs, you can go wrong and attract little to no traffic. To make sure that does not happen, follow these three best practices in your professional blogging journey:

1. Always Choose the Right Topics

Choosing the right topic is crucial for engaging the audience and increasing followers. Writing about safe topics like beauty, health, skincare, etc., can be tempting, but your audiences will pick up on that if you have no interest in it.

Once you choose a niche or topic you want to write on, you can research and create insightful content.

2. Quality vs. Quantity

After deciding what to write, choosing how much to write is vital. These days, the most successful blogs are about 1,700 to 4,000 words long.

Longer articles correlate with success, so writing quality stuff sufficiently for a target niche audience is better. You can also create shorter infographics that generate more interest on social media.

3. Rewriting Old Blog Posts

Updating and republishing old blogs is an excellent way to get more traffic and engage existing readers.

Republishing blog content can be an extremely effective strategy for driving traffic and building awareness because content can become outdated. You can repurpose your old blog content for new social media posts to keep your audiences engaged.

What You’ll Need to Become a Better Blogger?

Blog Content Strategy - How to Become a Better Blogger
Blog Content Strategy – How to Become a Better Blogger

Becoming a professional and better blogger has become more popular than ever, especially since many people have started to work on earning passive income. Many companies also invest heavily in content marketing because it’s the best way to get more links to their website.

  • Profitable Niche: To become a blogger, you must ask yourself what you are most interested in and passionate about. It is where the blogging process begins. Don’t create a blog until you’re confident that you have a unique perspective on the topic.
  • Domain Name: Your domain sets the stage for your blog; it is your blog's first impression and name. Additionally, your domain is your URL means your web address. For example – (
  • Blogging Platform: This platform allows you to create and publish content on the internet using a blog. Try finding a platform that has customizable templates.
  • Web Hosting: Web hosting refers to companies that store all of the files for your blog and send them to your users when they type the name of your blog. Use a host that has excellent customer support, resources, and uptime. Your blog won’t be available to the public if you don't have a host.
  • Blogging Tools: Tools allow you to manage your content effectively, uncover new trends and share content on social media. You can create an excellent content strategy that engages your users, drive traffic, and track your growth as a blogger.

Best Tips to Become a Better Blogger

Professional bloggers are individuals or small teams who blog for a living. Blogging is their primary means of income. They put the same amount of work into growing their blogs as someone would with any other full-time job.

Very few skills are required to become a successful blogger, but they are all essential. Let’s look at these in a bit more detail.

1. Write When You Want to Write

Our top advice for becoming a better blogger is not to be too hard on yourself. If you start writing your blog posts when you want to write, you’ll notice a massive difference in the quality of your content. Plus, you’ll be more productive this way.

Write Engaging Content - How to Become a Better Blogger
Write Engaging Content – How to Become a Better Blogger

Most bloggers write blogs because it makes them happy. So happiness has a vital role in blogging, but things change when we come up with different motives.

You may want your article ranked on the first page of Google or more social media shares, which is a good search ranking factor. Whenever specific goals are attached to blogging, the focus doesn’t remain crystal clear.

There is no harm in making the most of your blogging work, but when you start to push too hard, it affects the quality of your content. We also know that there are deadlines that we need to meet, but you may not want to disappoint your readers with crappy content. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, change your timing, location, or food, and see the difference in your routine.

2. Don't be Afraid to Seek Help

For bloggers just beginning their journey or have a full-time job already, it can be hard to do everything themselves. Software tools and plugins allow bloggers to automate tasks, such as scheduling posts in advance on social media. It means you don’t need to spend time sharing your content when you should be writing instead.

AI tools such as Jarvis can rapidly accelerate your blog writing by helping you better organize and expand on thoughts you might have for blog post topics. Tools like this are helpful but shouldn't fully replace your expertise since AI will never be as intelligent as an actual human expert.

Another option would be to hire a Virtual Assistant or VA. These helpers are helpful if you want more people working on bringing visitors back to your website by commenting on other blog posts or outreach efforts like guest posting opportunities.

Don't worry about outsourcing these things; there's no shame in asking others for help. The hidden secret is that virtually all successful bloggers have a team to support them. That's true for us as well.

No matter what the aim is for your blog, getting more people to see it and improving what you do will never be a bad thing. A few simple steps can make a difference.

3. Start With Your Favorite Topic

One of the best ways to become a productive blogger is to start writing on your favorite topics. We faced this issue a while ago and weren’t excited to start. Then we realized that starting our day by writing something we enjoy might help us get through this.

It worked like a charm. We felt so good, excited, and passionate about blogging that we got more done than on regular days. We learned that happiness matters in blogging productivity. Now, we always try to write something we enjoy and switch to other writing jobs.

Ditch your publishing schedule once in a while and see what happens. You might adopt this habit because it makes your blogging more efficient and consistent. We always prefer the blog post topics we are interested in, which helps fight procrastination.

4. Workstation Environment

You might think that we are joking, but we are not. Workstation environment means your surroundings. We learned that if you want to focus on your writing, consider choosing your workstation wisely. You can’t sit down to write if your siblings are playing Play station next to you or your kids are jumping on you.

Therefore, the workstation environment consists of everything you can feel and see. Make sure there are no disturbances, noise, or distractions near your desk so that you can focus on writing.

Above all, if your room or home office is messy, it may creep you out. So consider cleaning up your workstation before sitting down to work. We feel more productive when adequately dressed up, as we can’t write content in Pajamas.

5. Comfortable Seating

It may seem weird, but you can write your blog if your seating is uncomfortable. We pay attention to our postures and comfort when we sit down to write a blog. We don’t hesitate to grab a cushion when we work from home or ensure that our seat is perfect.

Of course, you can’t do much about your seating at work, so we always buy a comfortable chair. On the other hand, we experiment at home to see the most comfortable seating available.

So don’t ignore the impact of comfortable seating when you’re working on your blogs.

6. Create Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is content that people will keep coming back to repeatedly. For example, if you write about relationships or love, dating topics, something like “how to make someone loves you” will never get old or out of style.

Recipes for the holidays are evergreen, as they will be searched for repeatedly as other topics. Of course, you can write niche opinion posts as and when required. But if improving traffic is your aim, evergreen content is essential.

7. Avoid Writing During Fatigue

If you just came home from a long drive or an event, don’t pick up your laptop to write a blog post. Instead, rest and sit down to work the next day. The purpose is that you shouldn’t write a blog post during fatigue. It’ll never help you write good content.

You can’t develop great ideas to share with the audience when physically and mentally tired. It’ll be better if you take some time off blogging. You can return to work once you start feeling fresh and relaxed. Blogging is about sharing thoughts, ideas, and solutions with the audience. Therefore, a tired body and an exhausted brain can’t produce great content.

8. Begin With Storytelling 

You’ll notice that we often start blog posts here on with some stories. There’s a good reason for that. People relate well to stories. We connect with other people’s narratives and can become the heroes and heroines of other people’s stories.

You don’t have to write a novel or tell a true story. Consider creating hypothetical scenarios to help your audience understand your perspective or topic.

Of course, you can also tell your customers’ stories with their permission. Interviewing someone who has benefited from your knowledge can help you convert more blog readers.

9. Don’t Ignore Physical Fitness

A fit body has a sound mind. There is no doubt about it. If you aren’t feeling well, we can guarantee that you can’t write or manage your blog. So physical fitness is essentially essential to become a better blogger.

If you’re neglecting your exercise, medication, or healthcare, stop procrastination and do the right thing. Join a gym, visit your doctor, or do whatever you should to be 100% fit. The whole point is to take care of yourself to enjoy blogging.

10. Create a Writing Schedule

Goals are reasonable, but schedules are better. The reason is that creating a schedule could lead to building a habit, which is the best. We highly recommend making a writing schedule. For example, if you’re like us, a freelance writer and blogger, you’d have to create a plan for both freelance work and personal projects.

Create a Writing Schedule - How to Become a Better Blogger
Create a Writing Schedule – How to Become a Better Blogger

We are not strict when it comes to schedules, but we value their importance of them. What we do is that we make small schedules, mostly daily. We map out the things for the whole day and often start with writing our blog. We also shoot or edit our videos. Then comes the clients’ projects that we are working on.

Later on, the last thing we often do is give some time to our eBook writing. The most important part of our schedule is that we get to write for our blogs at the beginning, which makes our day better.

11. Forget Viral, Be Consistent 

The word “viral” has taken on a somewhat mythic vibe. People want everything they write to “go viral” because such an occasion will guarantee financial stability forever and ever. Right? No, it is wrong.

One piece of viral content might give you a temporary increase in sales and traffic, but it’s not enough to sustain a business. Be as consistent as possible with your content in quality, tone, length, and depth instead of trying to get it into viral territory.

12. Do Other Stuff Too

Don’t be so hard on yourself; take time to do other stuff. It’s necessary to take breaks and do new things. We have found this extremely effective for productivity. We don’t know much about cooking, but we try cooking dinner twice a month.

Although 80% of the time, we screw up. We also feel refreshed and happy doing something different, like video editing or learning a new skill.

It removes all the stress and pressure you carry on your shoulders all day. If you want to be a better blogger, besides learning blogging monetization techniques and writing hacks, pay close attention to your happiness too.

13. Read Others Content

Blogging isn’t just about writing and publishing your content. Instead, it has many angles that one has to look at. Reading other bloggers' content is one of those things that a blogger must not ignore. Not only does it help you learn new things, but you also get to build relationships with other bloggers.

Moreover, you can look at others’ blogs and observe the patterns to take inspiration. Most bloggers try to share valuable things in their content, so focusing on the content is vital to building connections with them.

14. Keep Your Audience Coming Back

Wherever possible, encourage interaction: urge readers to comment on your blog and build a community by responding to people’s opinions and suggestions.

There are many reasons why people may not leave comments on your blog posts: you could be posting about negative topics people don’t want to discuss, or your site could be set up so that making comments is difficult. Make commenting simple and write about topics that encourage constructive conversation. If your blog allows visitors to interact with it, they will want to return.

Use analytics such as Google Analytics to track how people find you and how they arrive at your blog. Customize your blog posts to meet your visitors' needs while following which articles and topics get the most attention. 

Your analytics will also help you in calculating your ROI (return on investment) and determining the effectiveness of your social media activities. Keep checking your web analytics to make sure your blog is performing well.

Include “follow” badges on your blog wherever possible, even if it’s only a link to your RSS feed. Include links to your social media accounts as well.

15. Become a Book Reader

What can we say about book reading? We never thought that someday we become a book readers, but it happened last year. We randomly stopped by a local bookstore, and while leaving the bookstore, we came across a book named “A Little Life,” which changed everything. We bought that book the next day, which opened a new world.

We always say you don’t hesitate to try out new things. If it weren’t for trying out new things, we would’ve missed many valuable lessons we learned from reading books after that.

So being a blogger, we learn so many things from books and often share quotes from the books in our blog content.

Conclusion on How to Become a Better Blogger:

Becoming a better blogger is impossible without putting in the work. So we believe if you want to become a better blogger, then be ready to go through the process of improving your blogging skills.

We have seen many blogging tips posts that revolve around the blog’s niche, blog post topics, and keywords. Sure, all these things are crucial to becoming a successful blogger, but it doesn’t mean we should ignore the mental health, fun, and amusement of the work.

These techniques aren’t specifically about choosing the niche and selecting the blog topics. We wanted to discuss things that most bloggers ignore. More importantly, these blogging techniques have helped us become better bloggers, so we don’t have any doubts about these tips.

If you start to pay attention to these tips, we are sure you’d enjoy your blogging just like we do. What else would you think a blogger should do to become better? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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