Jobscan Review – Explore 9 Best Facts About Jobscan

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Jobscan’s resume software uses an ATS-like algorithm to calculate your match rate based on skills, job title, education, etc.

Jobscan optimizes your resume for any job, highlighting the key experience and skills recruiters need to see.

Want to find the perfect tool to analyze how well your resume is tailored for the job and how well you can optimize your resume to land a more desirable job position? We are here with all the answers with an exclusive jobscan review.

Jobscan is built from algorithms used in top Applicant Tracking Systems ATS. Optimize your resume keywords and get more interviews.

Read Jobscan Review at last to get detailed insights about this platform.

Detailed Jobscan Review

Jobscan Review Explore Best Facts About Jobscan
Jobscan Review: Explore Facts About Jobscan

Jobscan was created in response to the frustrations that a job seeker experiences when attempting to find a well-suited job and failing to do so despite possessing all of the required qualifications.

Most recruiters use robust ATS portals when hiring new staff, classifying and filtering resumes using keyword-based algorithms to screen the best-suited applicants for the vacancy. Let's understand more in our Jobscan review.

What is ATS: The majority of large companies use Applicant Tracking Systems. 99% of the Fortune 500 companies use ATS to screen candidates. ATS software enables recruiting automation to spend less time reviewing resumes and more time speaking with actual candidates. Or so that’s the assumption. In reality, high-quality applicants get automatically rejected all of the time because of ATS.
Applicant Tracking Systems work by scanning the text of resumes and comparing the keywords it finds with those in the job description to see how closely they resemble. For example, if the job description asked for a master’s degree, the ATS would likely look for the words “master,” “masters,” or “master’s” in the resume text.

Knowing that everyone required deliberate changes for each application resume to achieve the ideal result, Jobscan created a more automated procedure to automate this process and construct a more suitably perfect resume that lands outside of the Applicant Tracking Systems in no time.

Jobscan assists in enhancing resumes and other job-related profiles by improving them according to specific job criteria to be hired by a legitimate recruiter.

Due to the reduction of difficulties associated with tracking systems, Jobscan allows job seekers to be more independent by offering more interviews and open opportunities for work than in previous decades, thereby increasing their independence.

For Whom JobScan is Helpful? Jobscan Review

  • It is beneficial to anyone looking for work or attempting to obtain their desired position. Although there is nothing better than a Jobscan for people in desperate need of a job, for people with technical expertise in specific fields, and so on, there is something better than Jobscan for everyone else.
  • Jobscan optimizes all of the technical keywords required for some specific industries, employees who want to work from home, and employees who want to work from anywhere in the world due to the massive amount of vacancies currently available to which aspirants are no less than that for this role.
  • Jobscan aids in ranking resumes being scheduled and interviewed, ultimately selecting the desired position.

How Does Jobscan Work?

Jobscan Review: Jobscan depends on two things,

  • Your resume
  • A complete description of the job you want with its URL(optional)

If even one piece of information is missing or includes less information than is necessary, it will not obtain the ideal results.

To apply for a job position, you have to either copy and paste the content of your resume into the section present on Jobscan's website or upload a resume file, which is the better option because Applicant Tracking Systems use duplicate files when scanning them. You also have to include the complete description of the job position you wish to apply for, which Jobscan examines and analyzes to provide you with the requirement for the post.

Jobscan Analysis Score

After entering the necessary information to run the analysis, a score will be generated, referring to the percentage of matches between the resume and the job description.

This score is calculated by Jobscan and is based on various factors and algorithms to determine the level of optimization your resume possesses. It determines whether or not the resume you created is truly useful and up to the task of reaching out to potential employers in the end.

Keywords and Skills

The delicate and hard skill comparisons are doing exactly what it appears to be doing: they compare the abilities for the responsibilities listed on a resume. A comparison of one-word terms found in the description to those found on the resume is made using keyword comparison software.

Latest Jobscan review
Hard Skills – Jobscan Review

The ATS considers recurrence a factor, which means that the more frequently a keyword or skill appears, the greater the significance of the match rate reflected by the keyword or skill.

Jobscan places a much greater emphasis on hard skills than soft skills or single-word competencies.

Keywords. You'll achieve the best results if you concentrate most of your efforts on developing hard skills for your resume.

On average, each corporate job posting attracts 250 applicants, often thousands more. Jobscan perfectly tailors your resume so you get noticed in a crowd.

Jobscan Review

Jobscan gives you the option of removing the skills from a report by tapping on the dim “X” that appears next to skills. It is a convenient feature if the skill is misrepresented on Jobscan or does not apply to your industry. After removing skills from your character, you can re-run the scan. This element causes you to revise your resume to make the most of your previous experience.

Jobscan optimizes your resume for any job, highlighting the key experience and skills recruiters need to see.
$49.95 $56.00
Jobscan’s resume software uses an ATS-like algorithm to calculate your match rate based on skills, job title, education, etc.

Qualification Match

JobScan will review his CV through the eyes of an applicant tracking system (ATS) to determine whether or not he meets all of the requirements for the base capabilities necessary to land the job.


They will test the organization's ATS software at that point to determine whether or not it is being used. On the off chance that Jobscan has a prior relationship with the employer, he will use his knowledge of this algorithmic applicant tracking system to narrow the same focus given to the activity list.

How to Optimize Your Resume to Get More Interviews with JobScan?

Jobscan analyzes your resume against proven recruiter preferences and hidden requirements buried in the job description.

Optimize Your Resume Jobscan Review
Optimize Your Resume – Jobscan Review

Are you under an 80% match? Follow the easy suggestions listed on the JobScan website to boost your resume score and interview chances.

Type of Files

Microsoft Word document reports are the best group file format for a CV because they are easy to edit. ATSs prefer word documents over other documents. A small number of users also manage and like PDF file records, which are also available (Based upon how they were made)

  • Length Of File Name

Keep your file name pretty general. If you want to use any particular character, limit it to either an underscore or hyphen.

  • Recruiter Finding

This part centers mainly on your CV. Analyzing best practices depending on Employee Reaction Feedback, This segment is about the individual analyzing your resume and not for the ATS.

  • Number of Words

When the quantity of words on your resume exceeds the number expected to be approved by the professional reviewing it, this section displays an overall warning.

Nobody jumps at the chance to read and re-read lengthy resumes thoroughly. Individuals, HR chiefs need to discover the data they need as fast as possible because this is expected.

Exclusive jobscan review
Match Rate Calculation – Jobscan Review

it would be best to keep some sections of the carefully crafted CV as brief as possible. To the greatest extent possible without divulging sensitive information, except for scientists, executives, and some professionals whose CVs must be more comprehensive.

  • Length of Sentence

Individuals are less tired and take interest more when the sentences are short. It is particularly significant while scanning for a resume. Jobscan cautions users on the off chance that they find too long petitions. As per them, there are more than 30 words.

It doesn't influence or affect your score, and a sentence should be, once in a while, be marginally more and can get slightly longer. But Jobscan prescribes auditing the sentences you survey to check whether they can be improved or abbreviated.

Jobscan Review: Features Worth Additional Mention

Jobscan review anlytics
Detailed Analytics – Jobscan Review

A writing guide, examples, and templates are provided: Job seekers can get assistance with resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and cover letters. To ensure that their materials reflect industry best practices, it is clear that Jobscan has enlisted the help of recruiting experts to develop their materials.

Resume Manager, and Scan History, are included: These are handy tools for applying for many different positions because they allow you to organize and access the various versions of your resume on time.

Recruiters' Findings on the Resume Match Rate: This section is highly beneficial because it helps you balance out the emphasis on ATS by assisting you in making your resumé still shine when people look at it.

The Resources section contains a list of valuable resources: This section includes a Career Change Tool and articles that may assist those considering a career change. An interesting Companies Hiring Table provides information on which companies are hiring, freezing, or laying people off and information on which companies are freezing or laying people off.

Jobscan Logo

Jobscan: Boost Your Interview Chances Best Rated

Start by uploading your current resume. Then add a job description, or choose from a list of sample jobs to see tips for optimizing your resume.
Boost your interview chances today. Jobscan Review

Jobscan Review of Help and Support

The Jobscan Learning Center has resources on writing resumes and using Jobscan's features. If you have any questions, this is an excellent place to start, but you'll have to contact the company directly if you don't get a helpful answer. Unfortunately, the only way to do so is via email, which means you won't be able to get quick responses when you need them. It would be good if Jobscan also provided phone help, but for the time being, you'll have to wait for a response.

Jobscan Pricing Review

The exact prices are as follows:

  • The Quarterly plan costs $89.95 for three months and comes with a 14-day free trial.
  • The Monthly plan costs $49.95 per month.
Jobscan Review Is Jobscan Worth It
JobScan Pricing – Jobscan Review:

Curious job seekers can get five free scans before creating an account, but the Free Forever plan is fantastic. You’ll get five scans a month, your scan history for the last 20 scans, and access to the new Resume Manager and Jobscan Learning Center. You can always earn additional free scans by referring your friends to Jobscan.

Free Jobscan Plan

Is Jobscan free? No. But the number of features you can use without paying is impressive.

A free account will get you two monthly match rate calculations, keyword comparisons per month, and limited scan history. Plus, you can access the Learning Center and the Resume Manager.

You will get a free plan of jobscan for $0 for forever with the features mentioned below:

  • 2 Match Rate calculations/month
  • 2 Keyword Comparisons/month
  • Limited Scan History (2)
  • Resume Manager
  • Jobscan Learning Center

2 Weeks Free Plan

This package comes with a 14-day free trial that accesses all features except LinkedIn optimization. It becomes available after you pay $89.95 for the three months.

The plan includes unlimited scans and match rates, unlimited scan history, Jobscan cover letter optimization, predicted skills, and jobs that you match.

With this JobScan plan, you have to pay $89.95 every 3 months after a free trial with the features listed below:

  • Unlimited Match Rate calculations
  • Unlimited Keyword Comparisons
  • Unlimited Scan History
  • Resume Manager
  • Jobscan Learning Center
  • LinkedIn Optimization (after trial)
  • Cover Letter Optimization
  • Jobs that you match
  • Predicted skills
  • Resume Power Edit
  • Premium ATS & Recruiter Findings
  • ATS Revealed eBook
  • ATS Friendly Resume Templates
  • Premium Cover Letter Template

JobScan's Monthly Plan

The one-month plan contains everything in the previous subscription. The difference is that you pay monthly $49.95 instead of every three months. While the price is higher in the long term, it is ideal if you only plan to use the tool for a month.

You have to pay $49.95 every month for this plan and will get the features mentioned below:

  • Unlimited Match Rate calculations
  • Unlimited Keyword Comparisons
  • Unlimited Scan History
  • Resume Manager
  • Jobscan Learning Center
  • LinkedIn Optimization (after trial)
  • Cover Letter Optimization
  • Jobs that you match
  • Predicted skills
  • Resume Power Edit
  • Premium ATS & Recruiter Findings
  • ATS Revealed eBook
  • ATS Friendly Resume Templates
  • Premium Cover Letter Template

Jobscan Review: Is It Worth the Cost?

Absolutely. We recommend any job searcher invest in Jobscan. It is likely to significantly shorten your job search time since it has a proven track record of getting candidates more interviews.

Jobscan offers 5 matches per month for free, $49.95 per month ($359.80 annually) for unlimited scans.

$89.95 every 3 months after a FREE trial. Save 55%

9.2Expert Score
Expert Score of Jobscan Review

Jobscan is a tool that helps you tailor your resume to a specific job posting to increase the odds of your resume making it through applicant tracking systems and on the desk of employers.

Optimize your resume for free
Detailed resume-writing guide
Optimize your LinkedIn page
Jobscan pricing
Help and support
  • This website has existed for more than 3 years
  • Clear, actionable advice.
  • JobScan offers a free forever plan and a free premium trial.
  • Uses software similar to Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) used by many large companies
  • It helps optimize your LinkedIn profile
  • Scans resume and match you with an actual job listing
  • Some may view keyword matching as a cynical way to optimize a CV.
  • They put too much emphasis on the resumé match rate score.
  • Certain people will inevitably criticize the premium pricing.

Jobscan Review: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Jobscan Legit?

    Jobscan is a legit service, and it’s easy to find positive online feedback from users. Jobscan reviews are mainly good, with one user saying that starting to use the tool resulted in twice as many callbacks from job applications. As with anything online, there will always be people who find something to criticize, but we found no evidence to indicate that Jobscan is a scam or anything other than legitimate.

  2. Is Jobscan a Resume Builder?

    While the core function of Jobscan is to help optimize your resume for an applicant tracking system, they do now have their resume builder. If all you need is the resume builder functionality, you will find other less expensive options on the market. But if you are looking for a tool to help improve your resume for a specific job posting, then Jobscan is great for you.

  3. Is Jobscan Good for Freelancers?

    When applying for freelance positions, clients frequently request a resume. However, we believe that the amount of assistance Jobscan can provide you will be determined by the freelancing you perform. A good portfolio is probably more important for writers and designers than other professions, such as accountants and lawyers.

Final Words on Jobscan Review

It would be best to remember that no one-step tool or resource will guarantee you a job. Free scans from Jobscan are an excellent gift for job seekers, and we will continue to promote them to clients and our readers.

A resume created by a trained resume writer will not be helpful for every job you apply for, regardless of how much you pay. Similarly, a keyword analysis tool such as Jobscan will not create the perfect resume for you.

Assuming that you bear in mind that resume writing is a delicate balancing act between writing for software and writing for human readers, We believe Jobscan can help you get hired faster by removing most of the guesswork involved in keyword optimization.

Instead of wasting your time applying for jobs online and receiving no response, Jobscan can expedite the otherwise time-consuming process of analyzing job postings for keywords that can be used in resume writing or resume editing.

How much you value the monthly investment you're making and whether you're using Jobscan as a guide or a benchmark for how you should write your resume will determine whether it's a worthwhile investment.

Jobscan optimizes your resume for any job, highlighting the key experience and skills recruiters need to see.
$49.95 $56.00
Jobscan’s resume software uses an ATS-like algorithm to calculate your match rate based on skills, job title, education, etc.
Jobscan Review – Explore 9 Best Facts About Jobscan
Jobscan Review – Explore 9 Best Facts About Jobscan
$49.95 $56.00
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