13 Best AdSense Alternatives for Small Websites in 2023

Google Adsense is a top-rated and high-paying tool to make money online. If your website doesn’t approve in Google Adsense, or you want to earn extra money in addition to Google Adsense, this article's best AdSense alternatives for small websites are just for you.

Today you will learn about the high-paying best Adsense alternative ads networks. Let’s dive right into it.

High Paying Google Adsense Alternatives for Small Websites

Here is the top list of Google Adsense alternatives. The list includes payment details.

1. Media.net

Media.net is the world’s largest contextual advertising network. They have over 1300 employees in key operation centers in Asia, Europe, and North America. Here is Media.net’s traffic distribution by Ad spend/revenues (according to their website):

Media.net’s Traffic Distribution by Ad Spend Revenues
Media.net’s Traffic Distribution by Ad Spend Revenues

Payments Details:

  • Minimum Payout: $100
  • Payment Type: Monthly
  • Payment Gateway: PayPal & Wire Transfer.
  • Ad Formats: Contextual (Displaying relevant ads based on the page content and keywords).

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2. PropellerAds

This is another largest AdTech company like, Media.net. PropellerAds was founded in 2011 and is a rapidly growing company in the Adtech platform. No matter what kind of internet marketer or publisher you are, you can earn real money w/ them. They have 32K active advertisers and over 1 billion audience coverage.

Payments Details:

  • Minimum Payout: $5
  • Payment Type: Weekly (every Thursday)
  • Payment Gateway: PayPal, ePayments, WebMoney, Payoneer, Skrill, and Wire Transfer.
  • Ad Formats: Push Notification, OnClick Ads, Widgets, Interstitials, Smart Links

3. Amazon Native Shopping Ads

Bloggers and passionate affiliate marketers use the Amazon affiliate platform, but this is another excellent place to earn extra money with your website. They offer contextual ads. You will get a commission if someone purchases a product by clicking on your ads. The ads are pretty similar to Adsense but work like an affiliate program. You can easily visit their website to check the commission rates.

InfoLinks is the most popular ad network too. A lot of beginner bloggers use this network to monetize their websites. It offers an extra 20% off for six months—three steps to start making money with them. Sign Up >> Insert code to your site >> Get Paid. Pretty simple! Right?

Payments Details:

  • Minimum Payout: $50
  • Payment Type: 45 Days (After reaching the minimum payment threshold).
  • Payment Gateway: PayPal, Payoneer, and Wire Transfer (min. $400).
  • Ad Formats: InFold, InText, InTag, InFrame, InScreen.

If your website is based on commerce content, you can update your content with affiliate links automatically. You can easily exclude specific merchants and links from the page. And they do not overwrite any links. So… you can easily monetize your site w/ this ad network.

Payments Details:

  • Minimum Payout: $65/€55/£50
  • Payment Type: Monthly
  • Payment Gateway: PayPal and Direct Deposit (US, UK, EU).
  • Ad Formats: Automatically includes product links in your content.

6. ylliX

This is an incredible ad network. Why? Cause they offer daily payouts, and the minimum is just $1: automatic real-time optimization and dedicated support. No matter where your visitors are from, it’s a 100% fill rate.

Payments Details:

  • Minimum Payout: $1
  • Payment Type: Daily
  • Payment Gateway: PayPal and Payza (min. $1), eZCash and Bitcoin(min. $10), Payoneer (min. $50), International Bank Wire Transfer (min. $100)
  • Ad Formats: Banner Ads

7. Evadav

They also accept any location visitors like YlliX. Highest conversion rate with weekly payments. They offer better support & 100% safety for all publishers.

Payments Details:

  • Minimum Payout: $25
  • Payment Type: Weekly (Monday)
  • Payment Gateway: PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer, Paxum, ePayments, Webmoney, and SWIFT.
  • Ad Formats: Native Ads

8. PopAds

PopAds is an excellent Adsense alternative for small websites. They are the fastest and highest-paying ad network. How is the highest-rated they offer? Mmm…okay. Think your website drive 1000 unique US visitor daily; then you will get at least $4 daily. It’s enormous, Right?
Also, they have dedicated support. And the best part is you can request withdrawal anytime you want.

Payments Details:

  • Minimum Payout: $5
  • Payment Type: Anytime
  • Payment Gateway: PayPal or AlertPay (within 24 hours), Wire Transfer (min. $500)

9. PopCash

This is a popunder network. Over 50K active publishers are joining their network. To earn extra revenue with this popular network, join now. It took less than 10 minutes. They offer FAST APPROVE (take 1 hour in a business day & up to 12 hours on weekends) facility w/ daily payments. Awesome, Right?

Payments Details:

  • Minimum Payout: $10
  • Payment Type: Daily
  • Payment Gateway: Paypal, Payza, Paxum, Skrill, Bitcoin, Webmoney, Wire Transfer.
  • Ad Formats: Safe and Clean various types of ads.

10. RevContent

RevContent is another high-paying Adsense alternative for small websites. They offer 30-50% different rates than other platforms: 3% average vCTR and over 250 billion monthly recommendations. Join the biggest platform today.

Payments Details:

  • Minimum Payout: $50
  • Payment Type: During the previous cycle(s).
  • Payment Gateway: PayPal, Wire Transfer, ACH Transfer

11. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is one of the great Adsense alternatives for small websites. The ads are safe and device friendly. They can monetize websites, toolbars, extensions, mobile apps, searches, and domains. Also, they have a low withdrawal threshold facility.

Payments Details:

  • Minimum Payout: $10
  • Payment Gateway: PayPal, Bitcoin, Wire Transfer, and Check.
  • Ad Formats: Display banners, Popunders, Sliders, XML, Smartlinks, and Programmatic.

12. Adsterra

This network offers you the highest rates like other networks. Adsterra is a great Adsense alternative for small websites. Mobile optimized different types of ads like display, leaderboard, rectangle, skyscraper, etc. High-quality support and gets approved faster.

Payments Details:

  • Minimum Payout: $100
  • Payment Type: 2 times a month (dates are 1-2 and 16-17)
  • Payment Gateway: Paypal, Bitcoin, Webmoney, Paxum, Wire Transfer, and ePayments.
  • Ad Formats: display, leaderboard, rectangle, skyscraper, etc.

13. AdClickMedia

There have no minimum traffic requirements. Along with the website, you can earn money through email marketing. All you need to do is join their email PPC networks. It’s simple, go to their website and follow the instructions.

Payments Details:

  • Minimum Payout: $50
  • Payment Type: 2 times a month (for a newbie), weekly for premium publishers.
  • Payment Gateway: PayPal
  • Ad Formats: Display Banner Ads

Which Adsense Alternatives are Best For You?

Now it’s your turn. Choose one of them, and start making money. We use Google Adsense and a few affiliate networks to make money from home. As a beginner, you should use an ads network like PropellerAds, ylliX, or Amazon Native Shopping Ads.

You'll earn more money if you generate more traffic on your website. We use social platforms to generate real visitors. We recommend using Pinterest and Quora to generate genuine traffic or potential customers.

The FAQs on Google Adsense Alternatives:

  1. Should I use Google Alternatives for my blog?

    If you want to generate more revenue, you should use one of them. Google Adsense is best for starting but not making huge money. The choice is yours.

  2. Do Adsense alternatives hurt my website rank?

    Choosing lightweight and SEO-friendly ads on your website would be best. You can choose from the above list; most ads network provide the best quality ads. Do not overstuff the ads in a single page/post.

So… What do you think? Which AdSense alternative is the best for your blog? Leave a comment below because we like to hear from you.

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