Best Recurring Affiliate Programs to Earn Passive Income

Do you want to make money while you sleeping? That’s actually what we called as passive income. Moreover, it’s possible through recurring affiliate programs.

First of all, there are a lot of ways to make money online. It might be AdSense (Google Ads), drop shipping, affiliate marketing, and so on but in terms of passive income, affiliate marketing has a separate fan base.

Earning money from the online business is good, but the recurring income from that business is best. In the meantime, no other online money-making platform gives recurring commissions except affiliate programs.

Ok, what is your online money-making stream? Is that anyone from below?

  • YouTube Channel
  • Blogging
  • Paid Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Social media accounts

Whatever it’s, to be frank, affiliate marketing is the king of all passive income streams to earn more money. So, in this detailed article, we’ll see what is recurring commission affiliate programs and also the best and higher commission recurring affiliate programs to choose from.

What is Recurring Affiliate Commission?

Recurring Commission: When you work one time and the money will come for a lifetime.

When you refer a product to buy and if the purchase was done through your shared affiliate link means, you’ll get the affiliate commission. Also, whenever the buyer renews the product next month, you’ll get the commission too.

For example, consider you are promoting a product that is $20/month and the affiliate commission is 40% ($8). So, when the buyer purchases the product in September means, you’ll get a certain amount of commission as $8.

Now, consider when the buyer renews the product in October, it means you’ll get another $8 as recurring commission.

Therefore, as long the buyer renewal the product, you’ll get the commission every month continuously. This is how real passive income works in affiliate marketing.

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Best Recurring Affiliate Programs

Here, let me list out some of the best recurring affiliate programs. If you’re planning to start and promoting affiliate programs, then pick any one product from the list and shout out.


SemRush is one of the high-paying recurring commission programs for affiliates. It’s used to manage SEO, and site audits for bloggers.

For affiliates, it offers a 40% recurring commission. Moreover, the notable feature is cookie duration, it lasts for 10 years.

  • Commission Rate: 40%
  • SemRush: Click here.
  • Cookies Duration: 10 years.
  • Payment Mode: PayPal or Wire transfer.


Aweber is an email marketing software, which is responsive and usable to every online marketer.

You can make a 30% recurring commission for every sale. The payment can be done every month and also there is no cost to sign up for affiliates.

Furthermore, the duration of the cookies is 365 days, if the user never cleared the cache on their browser.

In the meantime, when the user cleared the cache on his browser on the very first day after your affiliate link means, it’ll expire.

  • Commission Rate: 30%
  • Aweber: Click here.
  • Cookies Duration: 1 year.
  • Payment Mode: PayPal or Check.

Elegant Themes

The elegant theme offers the most popular WordPress themes for bloggers and others. It provides a variety of designs to attract viewers.

50% commission for every purchase you made. Also, if they renew the product, you’ll get a commission of 50% again. To be honest, they are giving half of the money if you make a sale.

  • Commission Rate: 50%
  • Elegant Themes: Click here.
  • Cookies Duration: 60 days.
  • Payment Mode: PayPal.

Thrive Themes

Another great theme to make colorful websites. For a less price thrive theme has plenty of features to attract the site owners.

The commission rate is 35% per sale (for the first sale) and 25% commission for recurring sales.

  • Commission Rate: 35% for the first sale and 25% for recurring sales.
  • Thrive Themes: Click here.
  • Cookies Duration: 2 years.
  • Payment Mode: PayPal.

Social Pilot

Social Pilot is the best social media management tool for online marketers who are ready to expose their business to a wide range of people.

30% recurring commission rate is more than enough to earn decent money. The minimum payout is $50 and the payments are done through PayPal.

  • Commission Rate: 30%
  • Social Pilot: Click here.
  • Cookies Duration: 60 days.
  • Payment Mode: PayPal.


One of the trustable web hosting services since 2001 is RoseHosting. Today a lot of hosting services are available for online services but only a few of them remain trustable. It’s happy to hear that, RoseHosting is a recurring affiliate commission program.

You can make a 10% commission for a single sale and it will increase to 15% if you make 30 sales.

Also, if you make 10 sales in a month, you will get $50 as a bonus. In case you make 30 sales, then the bonus would be increased to $300.

  • Commission Rate: 10% to 15%
  • RoseHosting: Click here.
  • Cookies Duration: 30 days.
  • Payment Mode: PayPal.


Convert kit, another Email marketing service for marketers to hold their audiences. You can consider convert kit as a competitor of Aweber also. If you like to choose this product to sell, then kindly compare the features with Aweber and choose the best one.

The recurring commission rate is 30% and to know more about this product kindly read here.

  • Commission Rate: 30%
  • ConvertKit: Click here.
  • Cookies Duration: 60 days.
  • Payment Mode: PayPal.

Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach is an influencer marketing service. Furthermore, it’ll filter and find out the influencer insights based on the target topic.

You can earn a 20% recurring commission by ninja affiliate and the minimum payout is $100. Likewise, the payment method is PayPal.

  • Commission Rate: 20%
  • Ninja Outreach: Click here.
  • Cookies Duration: 6 Months.
  • Payment Mode: PayPal.


InstaPage helps to build landing pages and promotional ads for online businesses.

For the affiliates, the first sale makes you a 50% commission and a 30% commission for renewal plans. Moreover, the duration of the cookies period is, 120days.

  • Commission Rate: 50% for the first sale and 30% for the recurring sale.
  • InstaPage: Click here.
  • Cookies Duration: 120 days.
  • Payment Mode: PayPal.


A great online marketing solution software is GetResponse. It contains email marketing and online campaign tools for online marketers to increase their sales.

The interesting thing is they offer two kinds of commission rates for affiliates. One is $100 per referred account (which is a one-time payment).

And the other is 33% of the recurring commission from the sale.

It’s up to you to choose the best option from these two and I recommend you choose the recurring commission option.

  • Commission Rate: 33%
  • GetResponse: Click here.
  • Cookies Duration: 120 days.
  • Payment Mode: Check based on your region's pay-out mode.


Shopify is an E-commerce platform to make more money. But many of them have less idea about it.

It’ll pay you $58 for each sale and also $2000 for each plus referral. Moreover, the recurring commission rate is 20% of the sale.

  • Commission Rate: 20%
  • Shopify: Click here.
  • Cookies Duration: 30 days.
  • Payment Mode: PayPal.


Torguard VPN is an online protection service system. It encrypts internet access and moderates the original IP address to anonymous. Hence the user can browse safely.

They offer a 30% lifetime recurring commission with a 60days cookie duration. Torguard set the minimum payout as $50.

  • Commission Rate: 30%
  • Torguard: Click here.
  • Cookies Duration: 60 days.
  • Payment Mode: Bank transfer and Bitcoin.

Click Magick

Click Magick helps to monitor and optimize all the marketing sales in one place. They come up with three different plans for users.

35% recurring commission through PayPal and the minimum payout is $50. And the interesting thing is, they pay you daily if you meet the minimum threshold.

  • Commission Rate: 35%
  • Click Magick: Click here.
  • Cookies Duration: 1 year.
  • Payment Mode: PayPal.


SpyFu is a competitor keyword research tool. It’s useful for bloggers to get the searched domain organic and profitable keywords.

It offers a 40% recurring commission payout and the duration of the cookie is 365 days. Moreover, they’ll pay you twice a month through PayPal or wire transfer.

  • Commission Rate: 40%
  • SpyFu: Click here.
  • Cookies Duration: 365 days
  • Payment Mode: PayPal or Wire transfer.


Payhip is used to sell digital things online. They sell the customer’s e-books, music, software, design assets, and many more in the form of digital.

Payhip gives you a 50% recurring commission on each sale you make. Your affiliate amount will be credited to your account every month.

  • Commission Rate: 50%
  • Payhip: Click here.
  • Cookies Duration: 30 days.
  • Payment Mode: PayPal.


TimeDoctor is a time-management tool for big organizations to maintain their employee’s work-from-home operations. It will manage the time you spent on your device. Moreover, their commission rate is also as amazing as the product.

In addition to that, they frequently add new sales banners, emails, and other marketing tools for affiliates. Their quick support team has done their work if you’ve any serious questions. Among all, anyone can be a TimeDoctor affiliate, they won’t filter or reject anyone’s application.

  • Commission Rate: 30%
  • Merchant Focus: Click here.
  • Cookies Duration: Infinite.
  • Payment Mode: PayPal.

CSS Igniter

CSS Igniter is another WordPress theme for websites to craft sites with beautiful themes. Plenty of themes can make your eyes cool.

The commission rate is 50% for a sale and no doubt it’s a recurring commission. The minimum payout is $100 and the duration of the cookie is 180 days.

  • Commission Rate: 50%
  • CSS Igniter: Click here.
  • Cookies Duration: 180 days.
  • Payment Mode: PayPal.

Provide Support

Provide support is a live chat tool. In today’s internet world, everyone needs customer solutions. To make that solution easy, we need a live chat application like Provide Support.

30% recurring commission for every customer you refer to. Also, easy affiliate tracking systems help to increase your sales. The payment mode is PayPal.

  • Commission Rate: 30%
  • Provide Support: Click here.
  • Cookies Duration: Till browser cookies are cleaned.
  • Payment Mode: PayPal.

Conclusion on Best Recurring Affiliate Programs:

As a result, I would like to say, these lists have come from deep research, so if you haven’t started any affiliate and are ready to begin or looking for a new start, then kindly choose any topic from the above lists. Moreover, I’ll update this post with new affiliate programs, therefore kindly bookmark this post for your future reference.

I hope you enjoyed and had useful information from this best recurring affiliate program post. In case, you have any doubts then let me know in the comment section.

Isabelle Merlin
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