17 Best iPhone Data Recovery Software of 2024

iPhone users usually ask us what the best iPhone data recovery Software is. How to recover Apple iPhone data, the best apps, and software to backup and restore iOS data for free, and today we will answer all these questions in this article.

The iPhone is one of the most used smartphones today. Its high camera quality, entertaining content, and many other features made it stand up on a top list. Nowadays, every individual is reckoned on their phones for everything, but what if there is any software fault, hardware issue, or accidental data loss?

It may cause you a significant loss but do not worry. Here we have a solution to this problem. This article will help you recover your lost data using recovery software and transfer apps for your iPhone.

What will you get?

  1. Free software to backup iPhone Data
  2. Best iPhone Data Recovery software
Note: The software listed here is shorted by researching user's experience & feedback data.

How to Choose the Best iPhone Data Recovery Software?

It would help to consider a few things before choosing data recovery software for your iPhone or iOS device. Here are some considerations that you have to keep in mind.

1. Reliability: It is an important consideration you must consider, as there is a chance of worsening the situation if you download any harmful software. So you must consider this before selecting any recovery software for your iPhone or iOS device.

2. Performance: Your iPhone or iOS device can open, create, and modify several file formats. Correspondingly, the recovery software you select for your iPhone or iOS device should recover every piece of information you need, such as photos, videos, audio files, documents, and file archives.

3. Compatibility: It is essential to confirm whether the recovery application you install for data Recovery is compatible with your iPhone to avoid specific issues.

4. Price: If the data you have lost is crucial, you need to buy a paid version of the recovery tool to get your data back. By this, you can get your lost data only in one attempt.

Top Best iPhone Data Recovery Software 2024

Here, we have identified the best software for iPhone data recovery based on features and recovery capabilities in different situations. Scroll through each to know which one meets best of your needs.

Now let us rush into the best data recovery software and transfer apps for iPhone.

1: Wondershare Dr. Fone

 Dr. Fone data recovery is the most famous recovery software which helps you get back your lost or deleted photos, videos, contacts, messages, call logs, voice mails, WhatsApp history, and many more. It is also capable of withdrawing data from iTunes or iCloud backups.


  • It has an easy-to-use interface.
  • It offers you many tips for your data recovery process.
  • A free trial version is available.
  • It has a high recovery rate across the world.
  • It has the fastest scanning speed.


  • The pro version is costlier.
  • It guarantees only seven days of money back.
  • You can preview only a few deleted files before recovery.

2: EaseUs MobiSaver

Data Recovery solutions by EaseUs MobiSaver have just no limit. It utilizes a 3 step process that allows all the users to recover, launch and scan all the data they have lost in just a few clicks. With the help of EaseUS MobiSaver, you can monitor your iPhone, restore all the missing or deleted files to the computer’s hard drive, or even draw out all the backup files from the copies you already have made in iTunes or iCloud before.


  • It is straightforward to use.
  • You can recover the lost data only in a few clicks.
  • Complete data recovery.
  • Both free and paid versions are available.
  • Prop up for data loss manifestations like sudden deletion, system crash, upgrade failure, virus attack, etc.


  • Slow scanning process.
  • The free version can restore only one file and five contacts simultaneously.
  • The program sometimes fails to detect the iPhone, even when the computer detects the device.

3: Fucosoft iPhone Data Recovery

It is easy and quick to get back your missed data by using Fucosoft iPhone Data Recovery. It provides enormous data recovery solutions for both Mac and Windows systems.


  • It has a clean interface.
  • Provides a complete manual for users to make the process easy.
  • Fucosoft has a fast scanning speed and a vast recovery rate.
  • It helps you recover files like photos, videos, messages, contacts, etc.


  • Full-screen customization or maximization is not possible.
  • While changing tabs, you need to click a start button.
  • The interface takes some time to load.
  • You must purchase a license to relish the features and recovery choices.

4: iMyFone D-Back

iMyFone D-Back is another famous recovery tool used today that helps you recover your lost data. It provides three different modes by which users can restore their lost data directly from iPhone or iTunes/iCloud backups. It cooperates with all iOS devices and iOS versions, including the brand-new iPhone max pro versions.


  • Prop up to retrieve more than 35+ file types like photos, WhatsApp, SMS, contacts, etc.
  • It is possible to preview lost data before recovery.
  • High recovery rate.


  • Low scanning speed.
  • It is not possible to retrieve lost data from an iPhone every time.

5: iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery

iSkysoft is another tool that helps you get your lost data back. iSkysoft is designed in such a way that it can retrieve lost data from the iPhone with or without backup. It can recover lost messages, contacts, photos, videos, call logs, and many more. It is cooperative with the newest iOS versions.


  • It is fully cooperative with the brand-new Pro Max versions.
  • Able to retrieve more than 20+ file types.
  • It has a new interface and effective recovery.


  • It takes a little more time to scan compared to other software.
  • Sometimes there may be a chance of crashing the software and failing data recovery.

6: iMobie PhoneRescue

If you are an Android user and lost the data accidentally, this tool will help you get the data back as it provides Android and iOS recovery services. It is more valuable than Android, and iOS users can depend on it to recover lost data.


  • You can recover more than 31 types of files.
  • It provides bit-by-bit guidance that makes the process easy.
  • iMobie PhoneRescue has a 60-day money-back policy.
  • Prop up to retrieve data from encoded iTunes backup files.
  • Cooperative with all iPhone devices, even the latest released brand-new iPhone versions.


  • To perform most of its functions, it should have iCloud.
  • If 2-factor authentication is enabled, it will not support recovery from iCloud.
  • You have to install many updated iTunes versions to make it work.
  • It is not possible to recover certain types of data.

7: Aiseesoft Fonelab iPhone Data Recovery

Aiseesoft Fonelab is an easy-to-navigate tool to recover lost data from iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Along with the iOS device, it can retrieve lost data from iCloud and iTunes backups. It makes this list due to its recovery capabilities. The Aiseesoft software can recover 19 kinds of data from iPhone, iPad, and iPod, including iMessage, WhatsApp, contacts, photos, notes, call history, etc. It may disappoint you with its inability to restore pictures and videos from your iPhone entirely.


  • Easy to use.
  • Recovers from iTunes and iCloud backup.
  • Recovers HEIC photos from iCloud.


  • The trial version does recover any file.
  • It may not always fully restore data.

8: SynciOS iOS Data Recovery

It is a robust software that helps you with data recovery and backup. Here you can preview and select the data you want to recover. Users also have the option to retrieve various files and can place them on their devices again.


  • It has an easy and convenient interface.
  • Rapid data scanning and high recovery speed.
  • As it offers a lot of tutorials and guidance, it is easily adapted even by beginners.


  • It is PC-based software and not compatible with the Mac system.

9: Stellar iPhone Data Recovery

Stellar iPhone Data Recovery is the best tool to recover your deleted files. It helps you retrieve all the lost photos, videos, contacts, WhatsApp, call history, WeChat, etc., from your iPhone. As it offers three modes, users can recover their lost files with or without backup.


  • Prop up to retrieve data from encoded iTunes backup files.
  • Easy and convenient to use.
  • Cooperative with Mac and Windows systems to retrieve iPhone data.


  • You can recover only specific files.
  • No preview for multimedia files.
  • It is impossible to retrieve deleted files from formatted iPhones with a quick scan.

10: Tenorshare UltData

You can use the Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery software to recover data from iPhone, iCloud, and iTunes. Besides having multiple recovery modes, the Tenorshare data recovery tool supports various file formats and data types, including voicemail, messages, app data, chat message attachments, video notes, photos, contacts, and more.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Tools for troubleshooting
  • Preview of files available before the recovery


  • It takes too long to scan
  • Does not fully recover data

11: Aiseesoft iPhone Data Recovery

Aiseesoft iPhone data recovery is another best quality for recovering all your lost data or files from your iPhone. The process is done only in 3 easy steps. You must select the recovery mode, scanning, previewing, and recovering the lost files. The app supports brand-new iOS versions also.


  • It is possible to recover almost 19 types of files.
  • Easy and convenient to use.
  • You will get fast scanning and high data recovery speed.
  • It offers automatic identification of iPhone and computer connection.


  • Not possible to get back your deleted messages.
  • You need to pay before you realize whether it works.

12: Primo iPhone Data Recovery

This app helps you recover your lost data; nevertheless, you have iTunes or iCloud backups. It recovers almost all the lost files from your iPhone, like photos, videos, messages, contacts, call logs, etc. It runs through Mac and Windows platforms and assists the latest released iOS versions.


  • Very simple to use hence, convenient for beginners.
  • It offers rapid scanning and a high rate of data recovery.
  • Prop up to retrieve 25 types of data from iPhone.


  • Not possible to retrieve deleted Viber and Snapchat messages.
  • Not suitable if you need to recover only certain types of files.

 13: Enigma Recovery

This app will prove very helpful if you accidentally lose your data due to an iOS upgrade, factory reset, jailbreaking, etc. It works on Mac and Windows systems and cooperates with many iOS devices, including the newest iPhone models.


  • The interface is clear and very simple to use.
  • It allows viewing the retrieved files before saving them to the computer.
  • Rapid message recovery for iPhone.


  • Low scanning speed.
  • Limited supported data types.
  • To bring in the replaced data on your iPhone, you must need another iOS app.

14: FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery

It is another excellent app in this list; you must try to get back your lost files, including deleted photos, videos, etc. It is designed in such a way that it can retrieve a large number of files directly from iOS devices or iTunes and iCloud backups. The best point is that you can try it before purchasing the premium version, as it provides a free trial version.


  • Very easy-to-use interface users don’t need any technical knowledge.
  • Works on both Mac and Windows systems.
  • It provides complete safety hence no need to worry about data leakage.


  • Scanning is a time taking process.
  • Users must install the newest version of iTunes on the computer to use this app.

15: Jihosoft iPhone Data Recovery

If you are an old iOS user and have lost important data, then no worries; this app will help you regain your lost data on both the old and new iOS devices. Users can scan and preview their deleted data and retrieve it from iPhone, iTunes backup, and iCloud.


  • Prop up to retrieve more than 20 types of data such as messages, videos, photos, contacts, etc.
  • Cooperative with many iOS devices, including older and latest iPhone versions.
  • Easy to use interface.


  • A considerable scanning time is required.
  • Payment is necessary if you want to save the data to your computer.

16: Leawo iOS Data Recovery

It is another top-graded tool used to recover all the lost data on your iPhone, as it is available for both Mac and Windows systems. It can recover more than 12 files within 3 minutes with a full system scan. This app also offers you to search, preview and filter the files before retrieving them to your computer.


  • The interface is simple and convenient to use.
  • It offers search, preview, and filter options.
  • Fast data recovery.


  • Not possible to retrieve data from iCloud backup.
  • Not cooperative with all iOS devices.

17: iBeeSoft iPhone Data Recovery

It works on Mac and Windows systems and can retrieve more than 20 file types. It makes it the most desired option to recover lost data by many users. This app helps users to get back their lost data from iOS, iTunes, and iCloud backups.


  • It offers three recovery modes that guarantee a higher iPhone data recovery rate.
  • Quick scanning is possible as it provides two scan modes.


  • A little time-consuming process

Conclusion on Best iPhone Data Recovery Software

Nowadays, every piece of information you save on your device is handy. If you accidentally miss this critical data, you can use the above list of data recovery software and transfer apps to recover your lost data.

All the iPhone data recovery tools listed above have their fair share of pros and cons. Therefore, the best data recovery tool will depend on your specific needs. For example, Stellar iPhone data recovery provides the best opportunities and experiences to retrieve that data.

PhoneRescue is exceptionally efficient at locating lost data and has an easy-to-use and intuitive interface. FoneLab can recover data of different kinds, while Tenorshare can perform scans quickly.

FonePaw can be a handy software if you’re looking for a data recovery tool that can help you recover lost data from social media apps on your iPhone but don’t mind paying a little extra. On the other hand, Enigma recovery allows you to restore or import data on your iPhone easily.

Each iPhone data recovery tools listed above offer some advantages. It is up to you to decide which data recovery software provides your desired benefits. Once you determine this, you can choose the best iPhone data recovery software.

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