Google Adsense Vs Affiliate Marketing: What is Best in 2023?


Google Adsense Vs Affiliate Marketing, Which is the best? This question must have come to the mind of all bloggers. Because the main purpose of all people whether they are bloggers or YouTubers is to earn money, even if they say that I am doing a blog or YouTube only for passion.

If you are starting a new blog then Google Adsense is the best for you to earn money from your blog because initially, you do not know about Affiliate Marketing’s meaning in English. Even if you know, then you have a lot of trouble understanding what is affiliate market is.

If we talk about Affiliate Marketing, then it works completely differently from Google Adsense. Where Adsense gives you money according to Ads Click, on the other hand in Affiliate Marketing you have to sell products, then you get money. That is why today I am going to tell you Google Adsense Vs Affiliate Marketing: Which One is Better.

Before this, we tell about some more questions which are in everyone’s mind such as,

  1. What is best in AdSense and Affiliate Marketing?
  2. What is the difference between Affiliate Marketing Vs Google AdSense?
  3. What is the difference between Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing?
  4. Affiliate Marketing Vs Google AdSense Which Earns More?
  5. Can I use AdSense and Affiliate?
  6. Which is better blogging or affiliate marketing?
  7. Can you make millions with affiliate marketing?
  8. How much does AdSense pay per 1000 views?

Apart from this, there will be many questions in your mind, I will try my best that after reading this article, Google Adsense Vs Affiliate Marketing: Which one is better this question will be completely over in your mind.

Affiliate or AdSense: Which Makes More Money?

Friends, all of you will know that there are two best ways to earn money from the blog. Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing. If what is Affiliate Marketing and how to earn money from it? If you want to know in detail about what is our article Affiliate? How to do Affiliate Marketing in 2021? You can read the article. For the sake of society, Google Adsense Vs Affiliate Marketing considers both of us in turn.

What is Google Adsense and how it works

Everyone will know about what Google Adsense is, whoever people are blogging. Google Adsense is an advertising program created by Google, which together with other big companies, advertises on blogs and websites. All the people who have the approval of Google Adsense, all those people put Adsense ads in their blogs. It works according to CPC (Cost Per Click).

Now let’s see how advertising comes to Google. How does Google Adsense work? Whatever company wants to advertise their products to Google, people come from the front and join the program and give their advertising banner to Google. Now the question comes that if the company gives a banner to Google, then how does Google give money to us, that is, how does the CPC decide?

All the people who join Google, join Google’s AdWords program, which contains the keywords of those advertisements, according to this, we get CPC. Meaning the company which will give more money to Google, will also get more CPC on the keywords of those companies.

Benefits of using Google Adsense

We already talked, and in Google Adsense, you have to put ads only once, later you will start getting money according to the click. Google has ads from all over the world, which are available with different types of banners and links. By using all these, you can earn a lot of money.

But still, we will have a question in mind how much does AdSense pay per 1000 views? Or how much can we earn from Google Adsense? 

See, there is no fixed rate because as we talked about Google Adsense works according to CPC. It depends on which topic you are writing a blog on and what kind of keywords you have used in it. If you have good traffic and you have worked on keywords with high CPC,

then you can easily earn 1 lakh rupees per month.

Disadvantages of using Google Adsense

See, all the products have their advantages and disadvantages too. Like nowadays Google’s policy is becoming very difficult day by day, if you violate any policy of Google, then all your hard work can be in vain. Because Adsense can also disable your account.

Another disadvantage of using Google Adsense is that it also slows down the speed of your site and sometimes users get upset due to more ads, which also increases the risk of traffic or bounce rate. Apart from this, the third biggest disadvantage is that you do not get any kind of support from Adsense.

How Affiliate Marketing Works?

How does affiliate marketing work? Affiliate Marketing works completely differently from Google Adsense. In Affiliate, you have to promote the product and when someone buys from your link, then you get a commission. Still, there will be a question in one’s mind is affiliate marketing profitable in 2023? Can you make millions with affiliate marketing? Or what is an affiliate marketing blog? If you want to know in detail Can you make millions with affiliate marketing? So how to make our article an Affiliate Blog? You can earn money by promoting the product.

Affiliate Marketing gives you money according to the click per action, which means that the company will be profitable only then you will get a commission. This commission can range from $5 to $1000.

Benefits of using Affiliate Marketing

  1. In Affiliate Marketing, you can promote by choosing any product according to the niche of your blog.
  2. Due to selling the product according to your niche, your conversion rate will be high, due to which your shortage will be more in less effort.
  3. You can even make $ 1000 dollars in a day.
  4. Even if 100 visitors come to your blog daily, you can still earn more than 1 lakh.
  5. You will not be banned like Google Adsense.
  6. At any time you will get support by email.

Disadvantages of using Affiliate Marketing

According to my, there is no disadvantage to Affiliate Marketing, yet I will tell about its few cons.

  1. You cannot easily earn money in Affiliate Marketing, for this, you have to learn Affiliate Marketing.
  2. You have to work in only one niche
  3. Here earning will be done only after selling the goods, not only by clicking.
  4. You have to have a good relationship with your user or else your earnings will be negligible.

Now you must have come to know about what is the difference between Google Adsense Vs Affiliate Marketing. Let us now know which of the two is beneficial.

Things to know: Google Adsense Vs Affiliate Marketing

  1. Anyone can join Affiliate Marketing, its approval is easily available. Whereas it is very difficult to get approval from Google Adsense and sometimes it takes even 1 month to give approval.
  2. In Affiliate Marketing, you can earn a lot more in less traffic than Adsense. You just have to learn once how affiliate marketing works.
  3. Adsense payment comes directly to your bank account, whereas most Affiliate Marketing company pays through Paypal.
  4. If your account is disabled in Adsense, then not a single rupee in your account is given to you, whereas in Affiliate Marketing, the account is not disabled, and even if it is disabled, it gives you your money.
  5. You will get an Affiliate company for all types of Niche whereas Adsense does not approve all types of blogs.
  6. In Adsense, complete control of your earnings remains with Google only, whereas in Affiliate Marketing you have complete control.
  7. In Affiliate Marketing, you can promote the product according to your wish, whereas in Adsense ads are given according to Google’s wish, if you tamper with it, then your account is banned.
  8. All the ads of Adsense are not so attractive that people click on them, whereas all the ads of Affiliate Marketing are attractive, due to which your conversion rate becomes high.
  9. If a user clicks on your ads in Google Adsense more often then your account gets disabled whereas there is no such danger in Affiliate Marketing.
  10. To earn more from Google Adsense, you should have more Organic Traffic, whereas you can do Affiliate Marketing with any kind of traffic.

Can you use AdSense and Affiliate Ads together?

Now after knowing the difference between Google Adsense Vs Affiliate Marketing, there will be a question in the mind of many people can we use Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing together? The answer is yes, you can use both of them together. Google allows them. If you use Adsense with Affiliate Marketing then your Adsense will not be disabled.

You can put an Affiliate link in your blog according to your post. If you keep putting affiliate links from place to place like Adsense, then it will also have a bad effect on your traffic and may also get penalties like Google. In such a situation, you have to add a link to any product according to your post, that too when you are telling about this product.

In this way, you can use both Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing together.

Final Word

All the big bloggers nowadays are earning more money than Affiliate Marketing. If I talk about myself, I also trust more on Affiliate Marketing more. Although some of my blogs also have this which is dependent only on Adsense. So according to me, both platforms are good in their respective places in Google Adsense Vs Affiliate Marketing.

But if you have come up well with Affiliate Marketing, then you should do Affiliate Marketing only because in this you can earn a lot of money with less effort.

To earn money from Affiliate Marketing, you will have to blog in English, because most of the big companies that give a commission of up to $ 1000, no one will buy their products in India. But nowadays the trend of online shopping has increased in India too, so you can easily earn money by doing Affiliate Marketing from Blogs too.

Friends, hope you have understood who is better in Google Adsense Vs Affiliate Marketing. That’s all in today’s article, articles related to Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, and Online Earning will continue to come on our blog in the future too. If You Have Google Adsense Vs Affiliate Marketing What’s Best? If you liked the article, then do share it with your friends and on social media.

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