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How To Arrange Pizza Party For Adults

This Article Was Originally Published On: March 4, 2018 – 8:17 pm

Want to arrange a pizza party for adults? But making homemade pizza dough can be a challenge- you need the right kind of flour, to have yeast on hand, and to knead it forever and ever in hopes that it will turn out half as good as pizza parlor dough.

If you are looking for an excuse to get together with your friends, then the pizza party is a great way to do this. Learn how to throw a homemade pizza party for adults with these simple tips. It’s fun, easy, and kid-approved.

How To Arrange Pizza Party

Many adults today are in a pinch when it comes to dining out. The idea of parties or taking turns at one another’s houses for meals on a Friday night is resurfacing once again. A great and fun way to breathe new life into that idea is by hosting a pizza party for adults to make and eat their pizza.

How To Give Invites

The best way to host an adult pizza making party is to send out invitations. If you are thinking of going economical, you can use your email for invitations. Make sure to let everyone know that you need him or her to bring certain ingredients, as well.

How To Arrange Pizza Party For Adults
Give your guests the full restaurant experience – How To Arrange Pizza Party For Adults

Once everyone responds, ask each guest to volunteer or assign him or her specific ingredient. You can supply the dough and the wine for the pizza-making party.

Choose Your Ingredients

Since not everyone likes everything on their pizza, once your guests arrive, have your kitchen tables set up with everything on it and ask one or two guests to make a simple cheese pizza for those who like things straightforward.

Prepare the ingredients and roll out the dough ahead of time, even refrigerate if needed. You’ll relax during the party and will have more time to hang out with your guests.

How To Arrange Pizza Party For Adults

Otherwise, have small sections of dough ready to go. Using smaller units of dough will make for miniature size pizzas, and you will be able to fit more of those in your oven. These also take up less time.

If you have a neighbour or two attending the pizza party, ask them to let you use their stoves for the finished product.

While sipping wine and enjoying conversation, have your guests get creative with everything from pineapple to anchovies on their pizzas. Olives, anchovies, red and green peppers, and mushrooms are great toppings. You can even boil some chicken, cut it up the day of the party, and have your guests add that, as well.

What About Food and Drink

How To Arrange Pizza Party For Adults
The good stuff, The toppings – How To Arrange Pizza Party For Adults

If your guests are the creative type, then perhaps you might want to consider having them create different kinds of cocktails to go with their pizza creations. You may even want to consider having different types of wines and have a wine tasting/pizza-creating event. The possibilities are boundless.

Add some of your favorite cooked meats. Experiment with other sauces, such a barbeque or pesto. Try going with a theme, like Mexican pizza beans, salsa, pepper jack, olives, cilantro, etc.

How To Arrange Pizza Party For Adults

Do not be afraid to get creative with this. Please do not make it about simple pizzas; try making a white pizza with fresh ricotta cheese or a Margherita pizza, pizza with salad on top, or pizza with pasta. You can make miniature pizzas or pizzettes, as well. Homemade pesto, fresh mozzarella, the pizza-making possibilities are endless.

It is essential, however, to get a clear and definitive headcount before you host your pizza party. So that you can sit down and make a list of ingredients that will be sufficient for you and your guests to enjoy your pizza making experience its best.

Final Words – Pizza Party For Adults

A pizza party is always a good idea. Who could say no to a night of pizza and good times? The best part is, you can include everyone in your pizza party by adding vegan and gluten-free options to your menu. Take your get-together to the next level with these how to arrange a pizza party for adults’ ideas.

Hosting a pizza party in your home is a simple dinner idea that will bring out smiles, laughter, and creativity. Whether you’re hosting a party for kids or adults, all ages will find this dinner idea to be a fun, interactive, and hands-on experience that will create lasting memories.

Some Extra Tips For Making Your Pizza Party Successful

  • Sprinkle on a layer of cheese after adding the sauce. It will keep the crust from getting soggy, and all of the beautiful ingredients will be front and center.
  • Bake your pizzas in a hot oven. The dough will cook faster and will have a crispy crust.
  • Add a simple salad, brownies, and a few drinks to complete the meal.

Now that you’ve learned how to arrange a fun pizza party for adults with a perfect homemade pizza.

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